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I've been gone : (

Ok i've barely been to my computer for like a long time, but it's only because i've had to study for a bunch of tests, now that that's over i'm back yay. So while I was gone i also read just one book, how lame. One was on the biography of Queen Elizabeth I, it was pretty boring and i didn't even get the chance to finish it how sad. Well Elizabeth was REALLY smart she knew how to speak 3 different languages by age either 6 or 3. I'm pretty sure i talked about this book called… Continue

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It's been nearly a week since i've been without a book, but finally i searched one more time. Willingly i found another vampire book, it's no Twilight but it's cool i guess. Here's the deal the types of vampires that are in the book call themselfs silver bloods or blue bloods-red bloods are just humans. Blue bloods had already defeated the silver bloods long ago but now more attacks have come and some suspect it's the silvers blood work. The blue bloods went agaisnt one of who they call an… Continue

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I'm not a geek, books are just interesting :)

Other than readin the twilight series and the Uglies series I've also been reading this really cool book called Hallowmere. It's really good trust me cause i don't really like reading and most people can't get over twilight after they read the whole series. i've only read four out of the seven books that are out, but soon thre will be ten because the author is taking out more books in the serie soon. This books… Continue

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Don't forget!!!!

OK so i've also been reading some other books like the UGLIES, and NO it's not about a disease that turns everyone uglie!! This book is about the future and how in the future when you're born you are uglie and when you turn 16 you take a serious operation to make you beautifull, but remember with beauty comes a price. It's a really cool book and it is said to be made into a movie but no one really knows.

25"… Continue

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OK so i'm sure you've heard the rumors that th Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato want to write a song for the upcoming New Moon soundtrack, if you haven't then they do.

How 'bout that Vannessa Hugens and Brenda Song trying out for the role of Leah Clearwater?

Of course it sounds ridiculous but it's just what i've heard. So what is it with them thinking they can just go into twilight? Yeah HELLO, AIR HEADS? you already have your so called job in disney channel. It's not like your… Continue

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Drew Barrymore

Best Fake New Moon Rumors RoundupYou’ve probably heard that Drew Barrymore is rumored to be one of the candidates for director of “Eclipse,” but she’s also going to star in “Breaking Dawn”! She’s going to recruit Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz for the film, and they’ll play the Amazonian coven, Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri

How about miley as bella, zac as edward, the jbros as the volturi, and vanessa as tanya. vanessa and miley have a cat fight over zac then zac starts singing “bet… Continue

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