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I have meet twilight cast!!!!

When I got back to school after winter break.I went to my homeroom.And before class a techer came on and said I need Jordan Currin there is someone here for her.So I went to the teacherand she said they are in the gym.So I went to the gym and there they were waiting for me and they said are you Jordan T. Currin and I said yes i’m Jordan Currin.And they said because you are ourbiggest fan.You get to stay with the new moon cast and I get a lot of new moon thing that no one is going to have.So…


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My Story

One day this girl named Amber Howell. She was out on vacation with her family. And one morning her mother got up and their was blood all over the bed. Her mother yelled and Amber wake up and said why are yelling? She said it is coming from your neck.Then I yelled and she went into the bathroom and there was blood running down her neck. And so her mother helped her to stop the blooding from running down her neck. So her father and bother ran cross the street to get bandges and get medicies.…


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breaking dawn

Well me and my best friend went to see breaking dawn and it was cool thing every and we had very fun time.. And i can not believe that we have to wait a whole year for part 2 :( well i hope a lot of twilight went to see it and me and my best friend went to see it on november 18 and it was a lot of people and the movie did not start til 5 min after the time it was stated. And now Bella Cullen now are married and now a vampire!!!!



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hey.......What up????????will reading breaking dawn right's vey cool very so far.....And zoey and bear is playies andbear is licking my toes..... and we went to see eclipse and it's was very cool and very amsome......And my mom is over this moring and i am very boring...And I am just plaies on my computer and it's was very cool movie I can not wait til breaking dawn in november in 2011....

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Breaking Dawn

Hey everyone and i can not wait til breaking dawn part 1 and 2 comes out and i am going to the night movie and here a photo from breaking dawn part one!!!!!!




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Hey well with family and it is kinded fun here.Almost my cuz and brother and my cuz brcye girlfriend and it was a good movie.And my grandmother is going to see it cause I tell it was good.And I hope she like it cause I love it but it was scary.Well my cuz girlfriend stay with him cause I think he like her a lot and cause I think she likes him.So well my family is good so far sooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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eclipse and breaking dawn

Well I got eclipse for christmas and I will so glad when breaking dawn part 1 come out and I will watch it like housands of times.And when breaking dawn part 2 comes out in 2012 that I will watch it thousands of times and I hope that in breaking dawn part 1 or 2 that they show that Bella has a baby a little girl and she very cute here a picture of the whole family:…


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twilight huge fan!!!!

hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!Will my friends is over the nite and what to bed at 2:30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And we are plain' guitar hero and my friend is beating me very bad...Hope you guys are having a summer and I am so glad ecilpse is coming out!!!!!!!!Are you guys going to the minight show on june 29??????????Me and my friend are have a good time I hope you are having a good time.......And i hope you read it a lot......…


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team edward!!!!!

Hey everyone what up????Are you glad new moon is coming out today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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new moon

hey everyone what up??????????I am at my cousin house And we went to the mall again.........And we are going to leave my cousin house today she live in north carolina .........

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