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Its been hello!! :D

Hey guys, so i haven't been able to do any blog posts lately, as you are probably aware of scince you guys are the ones who usually read them. Anyways i've decided to only do a blog post once every week seeing as how I seem to having less and less time on my hands where I can do such a thing. For some of you, this might be a disappointment and for others you might not really care and thats ok. So this post will be a bit short, the topic is the new moon DVD, which came out a while ago, march…


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Hey guys so today's post is going to be quite a bit shorter than usually due to lack of time to get in a whole bunch of points in this topic. So if you haven't already guessed, my topic is going to be about the Eclipse movie.

So as many of you know Eclipse is due to come out into theatres on June 30th! Hooray!!! Only 3 and a1/2 months left to go! So I was just wondering which parts of Eclipse your most excited for? I would have to say that I have a couple scenes I'm really excited for, one… Continue

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New Moon!!!

Hey guys so this will be my third blog post, but I should really stop counting and mentioning what number of blog posts I have done!! So today I'm going to be talking about the release of the New Moon DVD.

Can you believe that the New Moon DVD will be releases in only 5 days!!??? Time has just gone by so quickly scince it came into theatres, which would have been about 4 months now. Only now does time begin to slow, most likely because we are all waiting excitedly in the wings waiting for… Continue

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Hey again!

Hey guys so this will be my second time posting a blog, hippie!! So I was at Walmart today and I noticed there were shelves with Twilight books and so I decided to go over here and take a look and guess what!? There were three different shelving units that had Twilight stuff on it and each unit had four different sides with different Twilight items on it! Unbelievable right! So one side had the books of course, the second side had Twilight and New Moon book marks and pins with Bella, Edward,… Continue

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Hey, first post ever!...Eclipse Trailer!

Hey guys so this is my first post yet. I've never really done this type of thing before but there's always a first for everything so here it goes. My topic is going to be what people have been talking about and waiting for for days, the Eclipse trailer!!

So have you guys seen the Eclipse trailer yet? I have!!...It was Amazing, it blew my mind! Probably because I've been waiting for it so long though, not necessarily because it was such a great trailer. [ which it acually was! :) ] I liked… Continue

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