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First Anniversary Part 3

Part 3

We started our run home from the reservation. Renesme on my back, Edward at my right side, Jacob on my left. Sam, Paul And Jared in front of us, Quil and Embry behind us. Seth and Leah ran on Jacob's flanks. If it would have been possible for any human to see us what a sight we would have made. Two incredibly fast teengers running at lightening speed with a little girl holding on behind, surrounded by the biggest wolves imaginable. But there was no possiblity of anyone…


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First wedding Aniversary 2nd part

2nd Part to First Wedding Aniversary.

We ran together, the noise was getting further away from us but it didnt make me feel any easier.

"Edward, do you think alice has seen the werewolf? or do you think she will be blind to it like she is with the quilette pack?" Although I was running my hardest the words were not spluttered or panted out, again the perks of my new body still amazed me.

"Im not sure love. The blind spots in alices visions have applied to…


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First Wedding Aniversary- Fan fiction

First wedding Aniversary - A short story, opinions are welcome

The forest whirled past me as I ran. Up into the forest canopy I continued, my stride in perfect continutation. It was pitch black but I could see everything crystal clear, one of the perks of being a vampire. I felt perfectly intune to my surroundings, I had run in the forest many times, normally with Edward or my family by my side but I was relaxed alone, knowing there was not a preditor in the woods that could…


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