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Put you i-pod on shuffle and answer these questions with the song names, no matter how silly it may sound!



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The Lie chapter one

My name is Erin Hallis, I am 15 years old, and I live on Crystal Island. My family is extremly rich, My dad owns the island and Im an only child. We all get along like peas in a pod. Sounds perfect right? Well its not. Because this is all an act. Its all fake, but its my life. 15 years ago, my father had an Idea. An idea that would get him rich and famous. An Idea that ruined my entire future. He decided to marry a woman and have a child. Not an ordianary child. A perfect…


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Secrets and Lies chapter 4

Secrets and lies

chapter 4

By Ravynsupham


Chapter 4



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No More Bonnie Taylor Stories

I don't think I'm going to write any more Bonnie Taylor chapters. I don't think anyone likes them or even reads them. Plz comment what you think I should do! Keep writing them...Or stop?

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Secrets and Lies chapter 3

Secrets & Lies

Chapter 3

Ravyn Su Pham


I don't even look up as Ian and Jakob approached me. Ian looked uncomfortable, like a long kept secret was out and he didn't know how to act. So Ian liked me. Loved me maybe. This whole time he…


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Truth part 6

Truth part 6

Ravyn Su Pham



She was so beautiful, cradled in his arms like a precious secret. He would never let her be a sacrafice. He would never let anything hurt her. He had known that since the night he saved her. He…


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Bonnie Taylor - Part 2

Bonnie gasped and looked down at herself. "A- a ghost?" How was that possible? How had her entire life changed in 5 minutes? She poked her stomache. Her hand went right through. She yelped and looked up at Blake. He was breathing heavily. "I'm dead." she whispered. He nodded and turned back to the edge of the cliff. "Why am I still here?' i asked quietly. "You are here...for me." he looked solmenly at her. "What?" I said and walked up beside him. My body was glowing lightly.…


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A poem by ravyn su pham

I still hold him inside of me

Forever watching him sink lower away

Never let go

He Whispered

Never let go

I had to leave

My soul ripped in half

Darkness under me

I'll join him now

Reliving the scene

Everyones gone

Everyones there but

theyre not.

All that remains is pain and


the haunting memory

their eyes staring

But nothing to see

When will it leave



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Truth Chapter 5



By Ravyn SU Pham


She screamed and screamed and screamed before realizing that she could get up and walk away from the fighting creatures. But this Ran person didn't look like a creature. At all. She got up. Her whole body ached. She felt a cold but soothing wind flow through her body. she looked up and saw Ran looking at her.…


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Secrets and Lies- Chapter 2

He raised his eyebrows and smiled, "So you DON'T want it back Ravyn? he grinned. Fury blasted through me. What a jerk! He knew I wouldn't ever kiss him in my entire life so that was exactly what he picked for me to do. But i knew what exactly what to do in this situation with Ian. "Ok.i said and crushed my lips to his,sending him backwards onto the floor. We landed with a thud and he grabbed me by the arm just as i tried to get up. He pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my arms around his… Continue

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Just so you know all you people who are thinking "Ooh cool story im gonna steal it..." Well my stories are all protected by copyright and i've already told alot of people about them and talked with publishers. Don't even think about it.

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Secrets and Lies- chapter 1

I walked into the classroom. All eyes turned to me and giggles were heard in the sudden outburst of talking and pointing. What was going on? I looked towards the teacher for help. Mr. Bernez looked at me in humor. "Well Miss Night, it looks like you have a secret admirer." He announced. And i thought he would help me- i thought as he handed me a dark purple rose and a black envelope. I blushed so hard i thought i would faint and walked to my desk in the back. I was the…


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Truth- Chapter 4

Truth- Chapter 4

By Ravyn Su Pham


When the beast finally stopped dragging Krissy they were across the building, they were at the bottom of a huge tower looking thing with stairs going up the front. It looked like a fancy pyramid. The sacrial tower!!! no!! she didnt want to be a sacrifice!!! "NO!!!" she screamed tears streaming down her face "NO! PLEASE NO!" The demon yanked…


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Bonnie Taylor-- Part 1

Bonnie Taylor was walking down a abandoned street with one single shopping back when she sensed it. The feeling that someone was watching her. She seemed to feel that alot lately.she glanced behind her and saw a shadow move. She walked faster. The feeling grew stronger and stronger. She was about to scream out of plain fear when something clamped over her mouth. She tried to scream and fight but Who ever it was held her tightly. She kicked as hard as she could at the figure and heard a yelp…


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The Gem Of Panmiin

The Gem Of Panmiin

By Ravyn Su Pham

It would be known as the war of creation, Truanne thought.

When the Aoenne side takes the Gem and saves man kind. But how? No one

would tell the young warriors in training how the Gem would save us from this terrible Country made of War. There were three sides in this war. the…


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Truth- Chapter 3


By Ravyn Su Pham

Chapter 3

Half Demon half Angel


Ran heard her scream. He heard it and then his heart melted. She was calling him. She was calling her savor. He was the one who…


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Truth Chapter 2


By Ravyn Su Pham

Chapter Two:


Krissy sat up. she was in a huge blue room completly empty except the couch she was laying on. She stood up. She probed her mind for some kind of power that could help her travel undetected through the house she was in. She was an Angel. The Angel. She was destined to empty the world of the Demons…


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Truth- Chapter One


By Ravyn Su Pham

Chapter 1:


Ran crept along the edge of the cliff and looked down.

Quiet. Darkness. And the delicious scent of wild life. No, he wasnt here to hunt. he was here for his mission…


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