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wudz up my homies & or folowers i dont know. im still in the middle of moving & it still sucks. i just wanna send a happy b day shout out to a really good friend of mine. happy b day colten!! u know i <3 u! :D entry way i guess thats it.

<3 kimberly

(a.k.a. i <3 edward more than u)

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ugh, moving sucks doesnt it? well i wold know because im in the middle of a huge one, at the last minute. all you can do all day is pack & you have to eat cheap take out every night. sure, you find things you for got you had,like that hat i got from disney world & a crappy jar i made when i was 5. but other than that , moving sucks. oh & being a vegitarian & eating out every night SUCKS!!!!plz comment guyz,…


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hey peoplez!!!

hey peoplez how u doin. me, great! in case u were wondering(which u probobly werent but i dont care im gunna tell u any way) im on my 5th capter of my novel & have gone through 1 1/2 weeks with out meat. im almost on my 5th time readin twilight series & STILL cant wait 4 breaking dawn!! well i geus thats it soo untill next time, toodles!! (p.s. please, please, please, comment!!…


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yay! im soo happy. i'm officially on my fourth time reading the series. im all ready on the part where edward & bella are in the medow which is my favorite part in the entire series. oh & i decided to start a novel today. another exiting turn of events in my life; i'm going vegitarian! for the 2nd time in my life. any way, am i like the only persom on this site who hasent seen any twilight movies yet!? i mean i was just going to dolike my…


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omg guys last night i had the wierdest dream. i wuz readin breaking dawn & i found this new chapter and edward & bella were in the middle east 4 sum reason, anyways it said that sumhow edward cullen died and i like broke out in tears and like totaly lost my kool, and then wen i woke up i wuz all like sweatin and i screamed edwards name and like woke every one up. bottom line: never fall asleep readin twilight.…


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hiya people

hiya people this iz my 1st blog like EVA. soo im just gunna cut to the chase. hi im kimberly saunders, im 13 years of age & love chocolate, Edward Cullen, and reading twilight over & over again. I just started like last summer soooo im only on my 3rd time through. Anywayz thatz allz i gotz to say soo until next time toodles.;)

<3 me



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