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Taylor Swift has just been on The Paul O'Grady show (its british) and Paul asked her if the roumers about her and Taylor Lautner were true, she didn't give a direct answer, but she was saying 'well, what do you think' and all this and all that. Then she said yes, and that she will tell Taylor L that Paul said hi.


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True Blood???

What is 'True Blood'?

i know its a tv series about vampires, but its all over the sight!!! its all over face book and other sites im on.

it starts here in the UK in a few weeks, but is it any good? is it worth watching???

what do you guys think
r there any fit actors... that kina stuff

Plz comment XXX

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a revelation

okay here it goes!!! my dad never really got why i liked the twilight saga so much, he thought it was coz of all the georgous actors and stuff, even though thats partly it he still really annoyed me and what made it even worse if the fact that he couldnt stop laughing at me as i read all four books twice in the space of two weeks. this was going on untill yesterday when he went to see the new harry potter movie and saw the trailor for new moon. he now wants to watch twilight and go spoil my… Continue

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Bella and Jacob have an affair

in a fanfic i'm writing i am planning on all the cullens apart from Bella to go on holiday (bella didn't go 'coz charlie isn't very well) and i want to know what you guys think about Bella and Jacob having and affair.

what do you gguys think???

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No such thing as a happy ending

I absolutly loved the Twilight saga, but i was dissapointed by the end of Breaking Dawn, because my moto for book writing is "theres no such thing as a happy ending, it just means the story isnt finished yet"

Following this has given me an idea for another book for the serise. hope you like it.

No such thing as a happy ending

Chapter 1

Shortly after, Nahuel and Huilen left. It was odd not having other vampires in the house but in other ways I liked it. It… Continue

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