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Starri and Shawn: Chap 5

God u peoople musst dead. Here goes...


When i woke up, i saw that i was in one of the little beds in the hospital room Mama found. in another cot next to me, she was still asleep. she still had her rugged backpack on. i thought of the pistol she kept in there and shuddered. it gave me the creeps.

i looked around. there were a lot of people here. the two that caught mama and me, a short golden-haired girl that didnt look very old but twenty at the… Continue

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Starri and Shawn: Chap 4

You mite not comment, but I'm still blogging.


I heard yelling and screaming behind me. What was wrong with these souls? theyre not supposed to argue. And what are they doing in the middle of a freaking desert? oh well, i thought, doesn't matter now. theyll still try to take my baby.

Shawn kept crying and tried to hide it by burying his face into my shirt. i was crying too, but silently. Neither of us wanted to show weakness. what if we got… Continue

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Starri and Shawn: Chap 3

Ok fine, dont comment. Im still writin...


"Ahh!" shawn and i were screaming at the top of our lungs, as if that would help.

when the ground crumbled, shawn fell from my grasp. my frantic hands found him and a ledge at the same time. shawn was still yelling and was squirming so hard i felt him slipping. my pinky fell off of his shirt.

"Shawn stay still!" i tried calming him down. i couldn't hold on much longer. i strained as hard as i… Continue

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Hey! Hi! How r u?

O what was that?? I cant hear you. speak up...

No ones here? yeah they are i jus-

OHhh . theyre not talking! haha i knew that...

Seriously people, i dont have any messages, no ones commented on my page or stories except 4 one person. now come on! i know im not very popular and crap buut please. im glad we had this conversation. (that wasnt too rude was it???)

~Burns (from the Fire World where people talk)

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Starri and Shawn Chap 2: fanfic 4 the host

Greetings all bloggers! heres the next chap in my so...pls read!


Okay, lets get this straight. I am not Shawn's mom. I was freaking fourteen when i found him! but he was still my baby. Shawn knew i wasn't his biological mother too, but he still called me mama.

"You want something to eat? i got you favorite," I offered Shawn. God knew i was starved. he grinned with his grubby little face and and shook his head yes. that was my baby. And i… Continue

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Starri and Shawn Chap 1

So I'm bringing my fanfic to u fom my page at Shanks 4 reading and please comment!

K just a little refresher for the host: Souls have taken over our planet through our minds. They insert themselves (3 inch long worms called souls) into our brain. Seekers catch rogue humans. you know bout the cave in arizona with mel wanda and IAN!!

Chapter one: starri

They will nottake him away from me! i thought as i raced… Continue

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