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April 21, 2010... 7:32 p.m.

Today I was bored. Very bored. Pretty much all day. *Sigh*. I'm waiting to get my iPod touch back... April 30. UGH!!! Nine days. Nine days of waiting. Nine long days of agonizingly painful WAITING!!! GAH! I'm not patient today. Obviously. These next nine days are going to be annoyingly long for me. What am i going to do for nine days straight? Read New Moon i guess..... I'm reading it for the seventh time. All my friends say i'm crazy, but whatever. They're just jealous..... jealous of…


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new moon

i am bored.....

i got the new moon dvd today! i watched it 3 times.

How many times have you seen new moon?

comment below

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Eclipse trailer

Oh My god. oh my GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!!! so amazing! comment if you think it was absolutely amazing.

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Breaking Dawn into 2 movies? Rated R???

I have found out recently that they are splitting Breaking Dawn up into two movies. I really dont think they should do that, but if they didnt, they would have to make a 3 or 4 hour movie, which isnt really possible. I just dont think its fair to make fans wait for a PART of a movie. Who ever's directing this movie, which i hope is Chris Weitz (fingers crossed!!!), had better make the first part good, so that fans will be willing to see the next part. Of course, every Twilight fan thats… Continue

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Chris Weitz directing BD?

I do think Chris Weitz directed New Moon very, very well. It was a better movie than Twilight in my opinion. Weitz did a great job of making the movie in the time he was given (and allowed). He should direct BD (fingers crossed that he will). He would do it excellently. And, of course, i can't wait to see Eclipse and BD, and when the soundtracks come out! I am so curious of what songs would be on them.

Everyone loves the teen love story of Bella and Edward, seeing their romance on the big… Continue

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Ok, first thing, WHAT!?!?!?

How many of you here knew about this and didn't tell me?!?!?!? Did you hyperventilate too??? Cause I was just at Kroger with my friend and we saw a magazine with the title in big bold letters: Rob and Kristen; ENGAGED???

I'm so happy! It's like Breaking Dawn all over again!!! What if they have a daughter named Renesmee? OMG i'm still in shock!!! I cant believe it, i ... am ... so ... going ... to ... DIE!!! I dont even know what to say; my friend told me to… Continue

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