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Is Bella to Blame for Edward Leaving?

Is Bella to Blame for Edward Leaving?


Since this question came out of a different discussion that took place a while back, I believe some background would be helpful.

I started this by saying that I really didn't have any simpathy for the pain Edward endured because of Bella and Jacob's relationship, because all of it would have been avoided if him had simply never left Bella in the first place.

There were some that felt that I was being way too…


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Bella's Love Journey

Bella's Love Journey


The first time I read Twilight, I knew Bella was going to fall in love with Edward. I did read the back of the book. So I was waiting for it to happen and wasn't surprised when it did.

The second time through, I was struck by Bella's statement, “I'm here...which, roughly translated, means I would rather die than stay away from you.” I thought to myself, how on earth did she get to this point. In my humble opinion, this is still…


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How Imprinting Works

How Imprinting Works


I have seen many false assumptions about imprinting littering this forum, so I thought that would do was I can to set the record straight. During the course of this post, I want to make the following points:

  1. Shape shifter imprinting does not equal pedophilia.
  2. Imprinting is about procreation; therefore, a shape shifter would never imprint upon near kin.
  3. The imprinting wolf belongs to the…

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Let's Talk About It.

Several people have lamented that I have closed off comments on my blog entries. I addressed my closed blogs in the blog entry Why am I Doing This.

The basic idea is that I believe that discussions should be held in discussions. Most of my blog entries were either pulled from a discussion or sumarized from a discussion. My orginal intention was to annotate that discussion; so that, we could discuss it there. That was before I saw how quickly discussions vanish.

Since my… Continue

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Unfair Story

Unfair Story


Erin Meanley, one of Glamour's female dating bloggers, wrote an article Is Twilight Bad For Your Love Life?. Tina Scott red the article and felt that it was unfair. I read the article and thought that it was the same anti-fan drivel that I have seen posted and refuted over and over again in the forum. I took the… Continue

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Bella's Preparation for Marriage and Children

I was participating in a discussion about Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer was coming under attack because of Bella's teen pregnancy. During the discussion, I pointed out how very well perpared Edward was for marriage and fatherhood. I was asked what Bella had done to prepare. I wrote this article, but when I went to post it, the discussion was gone. So I decided to add it to my Blog.

Bella was prepared for the traditional roles of wife and mother. Bella had found a man to… Continue

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Jacob's Happy Ending

I have seen a lot of people comment that they were dissatisfied with the ending that Stephenie Meyer (SM) provided for Jacob Black. I personally think that Jacob has a very happy ending and bright future ahead of him.

He didn't get Bella, but if we are honest with ourselves, we knew that he was never going to get her anyway. I think that loving Bella would have lead to great pain and loneliness for Jacob. Here is what I mean. Human Bella would have died in 40 to 50 years. Maybe not… Continue

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Bella and Jacob's Love is Real

Bella and Jacob's Love is Real

Discussion: Calling all members of TEAM JACOB?!?!?!....please explain...


In this discussion, it has been argued that Bella doesn't really love Jacob in a lover's way. That her love for Jacob is completely platonic and never more than a very strong friendship. That the love that she has for Jacob is not even the same kind of love as the love that she has for Edward. It is my position that the love that Bella… Continue

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I have not yet begun to over dramatize. :-)

Just because pain is self inflicted doesn't make it any less real. Psychosomatic illnesses are real illnesses just ask anyone with an ulcer.

In New Moon(NM), Bella didn't just loose a man. She lost a best friend. She lost a family. And she lost a life.

When she first showed up in Forks, Charlie was the only person she knew. She made acquaintances in the school, but no real friends. Jessica is too petty and jealous to be a real friend. Angela is too shy to step up to… Continue

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Dragons Can Fly and it is Spelled S-T-E-P-H-E-N-I-E

Dragons Can Fly and it is Spelled S-T-E-P-H-E-N-I-E


Typical discussions is forums like the center around opinion. In matters of opinion, every one's is pretty much of equal value. Some opinions may be more informed than other, but that doesn't make them necessarily of greater value. We typically share opinions to explore areas of thought we have yet to explore. So in this environment seldom is someone actually wrong; however, it does… Continue

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The Path of Least Pain

I have a hard time finding fault with Bella because I can't think of what she might have done differently that would have caused anyone any less pain. Given that she was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward, she was going to forgive him when he came around. Once she forgave Edward, hurting Jacob was inevitable. It was only a question of when and how badly. She had always been completely honest with Jacob about her feelings or lack of feelings for him. (At least she was as honest… Continue

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What is Love?

Sometimes when discussing things with people, I find that we are talking past each other because we are using different definitions for the same word. So that, when I say the word, I mean one thing, and when they say the word, they mean something else entirely. Love is one of those words that easily lends itself to this kind of misunderstanding. When I say that I love my wife, I love my children, I love my sister, or I love chocolate cake, these words obviously do not mean the exact same… Continue

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Yes, Virginia, Vampires Can Father Children

Yes, Virginia, Vampires Can Father Children

Discussion: NESSIE WAS A ***S T U P I D*** IDEA. What was Stephine meyer thinking, when she wrote Braking dawn??


In my discussions, I found that some people felt deceived when Bella conceived Renesmee because they were certain that vampires could not conceive children. It was as if Stephenie Meyer (SM) had violated the very concept of vampire by giving Bella and Edward a child. In this blog…


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In Defense of Jacob Black

How many times have you read New Moon (NM)? Most people need to read NM more than once to get the full Jacob experience. The first time through many people are so traumatized by Edward's leaving that they read the chapters while he is gone in a Zombie like state and never get the chance to fall in love with Jacob the way Bella did. You only really see Jacob's true personality in NM. After that, he is under too much stress to be himself. One of the most appealing things about Jacob is his… Continue

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Why am I doing this.


I have been finding myself refering people to previous posts that I have made. I have been using discussion titles and pages numbers. The problem is that the page numbers change. My intention for this blog is to collect some of my most involved and often referenced posts here to make it easier to reference them.

My intent is to use this as an archive and not a home for discussion. So I have configured this; so that, only I can comment on these posts. Sorry, but that… Continue

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Why Stephenie Meyer may think that she is finished when so many of us think that she isn't.

Discussion: Over 21 with O.C.D

I have been doing some thinking about why Stephenie Meyer (SM) thinks that she is finished and why there are so many of us who were left feeling that it wasn't really over.

I remember finishing Breaking Dawn (BD) and feeling very unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong, I loved the book. My wife got me Twilight just before I left for a business trip. I bought New Moon (NM) to read on the way there. I bought Eclipse while I was… Continue

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