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Breadking Dawn Part 2

The movie opens with amazing images all freezing to ice and vice versa. The blood flows into Bella's eyes and she sees for the first time as a vampire. Then she sees her Edward. It was cute when she was a little too strong for him. It was such fun to see Edward in a proud light instead of such restraint, smiling when she throttles Jacob after learning he had imprinted on Renesmee, arm wrestling with Emmett. Their little cottage was perfect in the woods and when they entered the bedroom and…


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I was so totally impressed with the acting skills of Kristin and Robert.  They were so believeable as husband and wife and so very endearing.  At the wedding when they were kissing the first time and…

I was so totally impressed with the acting skills of Kristin and Robert.  They were so believeable as husband and wife and so very endearing.  At the wedding when they were kissing the first time and the screen panned to empty benches, if any of you remember kissing your love that you do feel absolutely alone.  I thought this was a real touch for a first married kiss, it was only the two of them.  The dream Bella had before the wedding was in the book but there was a baby I think sitting on…


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Breaking Dawn - Part 1

It has been a long time since I wrote anything and I saw Breaking Dawn twice today.  Both times were amazing.  The wedding was so beautiful and Bella was so gorgeous.  Her dress was perfect for her and the toasts were filled with humor.  The honeymoon was everything I expected.  Edward was so attentive and protective and to see Bella come out in the negligee and trying to make Edward want to have sex again was precious.  It was like a newlywed couple would behave and Kristin and Robert…


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Eclipse is winding down and I will have to wait for DVD to come out but seriously does Summit really think that Eclipse was a favorite book with everyone? This was not my favorite book but as I reread and reread it is a love story about Edward and Bella. How gentle and fierce Edward is and his love for Bella is so romantic because his love is really about making Bella happy. Bella is accepting the fact that she needs to be with Edward and that Jacob was important to her also when Edward left…


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I did see Eclipse again and this time I knew what to expect and was more atuned to what I wanted to see. It is really wierd though and what stood out the first time did not stand out this time. Really strange but I did see more of the leg hitch but it appeared too dark and was more detailed in the book. It is just too hard to bring everything from the book to the screen. The jury is still out but I did like it but I am just obsessed with Stephanie Meyer's words. The Edward/Bella love story…


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Eclipse was a good movie but I was a little disspointed if my memories have it right. I will keep them to myself until I reread the book but otherwise it was really a good story. It was more real than the other movies and you truly felt everything especially when Jacob gets hurt at the end of the fight. What Edward does to Victoria is about the coolest thing I ever saw in a movie. Your mouth just drops open. It had a great movie feel…


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Yeah "Remember Me' is out on DVD. Will buy this this weekend and cant wait to watch director's cut with Rob narrating. thank you Stephanie Meyer for writing the books that made me an obsessed twilighter, introducing me to a fab actor Rob Pattinson which I have watched all his movies so far and have become a true fan of his. Also introducing me to some really great music especially Muse. I have all the twilight soundtracks and have enjoyed these in my car blasting the really cool ones like the… Continue

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The MTV Awards was quite a show. It was so cool to see Rob and Kristin together again and did they ever look happy. They can leave their private life to our imaginations and we will have a great time imagining. Their chemistry is electrifying. The fantasy and magic of this series is the reason it is so popular. And what was that with Tom Cruise???? I never laughed so much over an award show in a long time. It was a bit irreverant with all the "%&#@" words, but that's cable. …


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Saw clips of Robert Pattinson on Ellen. Wasnt too impressed with new haircut until I found these pictures of him filming Water for Elephants. Check out pictures.

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The Fab Trio were so sweet on Oprah. Loved all the new pictures we were able to get online. Rob was so adorable going to fans homes but I almost cried when he wanted to stay and have supper with the last family. He sounded so endearing and he would have had a great time if that were possible. Kristin seemed a little off, maybe she is pregnant. She is such a method actor it would not suprise me for the realism of the project. I never realised that she was shy. She always seemed to be on top of… Continue

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Patienly waiting for Eclipse to arrive in theaters. Trying not to rush time because summer is so short here in wisconsin that I just can't wish the days to go fast. Expecting snow tonight. Yuck. Envious about all the twihards that were invited to see Oprah. That had to be exciting. Looking forward to watching him on oprah and ellen. Later.

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