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The Three Dogs

(Indian Sense)

A hundred years ago. There were three dogs. They were fighting over a dead a dead body. They were related to each other. They were brought up by three indians. The indians were brothers. The brothers names were Skinnyfoot, Longnose, and Dragtail, The first two dogs were fighting over a dead buffalo. While the third dog watched. The third dog got ran over by a herd of buffalo while the first two dogs died fighting. Then the three indians came along and saw the…


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War for Ultimate Power - Chapter 1

It was a very fine day on Earth. But what Earth's inhabitants didn't know was that a war was starting. Between God and Satan. Alexander Knight and his brother Lucifer Knight was in the Empire State Building in New York, They were discussing how the world was going to end. "Its all stereotypes," Lucifer said.. "Agreed, " Alexander replied, " But there is one possibility." He continued. "Whats that?" Lucifer asked. "The Holy War" stated Alexander. Then they heard a crash, Satan had appeared in… Continue

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