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video vlog!!!??

hey guys! so i had 2 ideas! they are pretty pimpin'

1. renesmee having a video vlog, answer some of the questions that you guys ask about the storys i right and telling about how her day was and stuff

2. me having a video vlog answer your questions about my blog and stuff
 so go ahead and put which one you will like:) do a.s.a.p because i really want to do this

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jacob and renesmme's story final chapter! :)

JAKE! i yelled and i jumped into his arms and couln't stop hugging him

Renesmee..,,i missed you so much he said and he hugged me back

we are going home,and as in home i mean my house. jake said

really!yes!but how will i get out of here i asked

i got in here didn't i? it shouldnt be hard getting out. he…


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me thats all it is

first day of school-

 i walked into the school building and into the office there was one secretary weird at my last school there were 5.

hello i am annabelle vartson

oh hello dear i am mrs. nelle the secretary and here is your scedule (sorry idk how to spell she said as she handed me it

now i am…


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jacob and renesmee story final chapter part 3 of 4

As the lady walked out of the room Jessica turned to me

So let's go see new york! she said

are we even allowed to?i mean like boarding school are no fun.i said

boarding school? jessica asked  This is a music academy for braniacs for like instruments and being really amart and stuff.

that little dush. i said…


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me,that's all it is.


well let me just start out first,i seriously hate my life. my mom just dropped the bomb we are moving. we are apparently are moving to a small town in Indiana. cause my mom just wants to persuave a carrier as a bakery owner and just haves to the smallest im sitting here thinking of a plan of staying but nothing is coming to mind.yeah,im so lucky. we are moving next week, my mom bout a house already,so i…


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Jacob and nessies story final chapyter part 1 out of 4!!

This is a redo of the begining of the first.

Jacob just sent me a message saying he was coming to get me. My heart was racing. i dont care if my dad yells at since i allready got in trouble from my parents earlier that week. 10 mins later he said he wads ther i grabbed my bag i packed i go out my window jacob sat across me in wolf form i jopd on his backa nd we went off. my dad came running out the door behing i was soo scared he was soo close and before i knew…


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jacob and nessie's story part 12

I saw jacob sitting there in his wolf form. i hurried up and jumped on his back..and we were off! i could hear my dad coming behind i was soo scared.even with jacob heart was pounding.just a few more mintutes until we were at the treaty line. my dad was running right on the heels of jacob,he was so close to getting but he didnt make it. jacob kicked up running a notch. and finally we jumped right past the treaty line.i was safe. i looked at jacob.kmowing that he had…


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jacob and nessie's story part 11


Turns out my dad was wrong.the school called later that night and said that they decided to chenge it to 3 days of being suspened.great. i get to be with my parents. i longed for the days with jacob.i missed him so much i wanted to scream, but i couldnt when i would get ready to my throat would swell up. i didnt kno what time it was. but…


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jacob and nessies story part 10


i woke up in the morning and just stared at the ceiling. i had nothing to do today. then i jumped at the sound of a nock at the door.

Hello? i said

time to get ready for school. my mom said out side of the door.

Im not going. i answered back stubernly

yes u are u begged for school. she said. i got out of my bed and groaned.…


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A girl named braylin

Hey! im thinking about writing a story about a girl! :) im going to write a forword on it write now so tell me what u think and ill write more

i could here my parents fighting down stairs. i was trying to hold in my tears. my dad just came back from the bar he was drunk again. pretty soon my mom and my other to sisters will be leaving to go to my grandmas. i started to pack my bag for the next mom came up the stairs, crying.…


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jacob and nessies story part 9


my dad,carlise,emment and jasper were standing there my dad and emment where mad. Carlise just looked hurt. and jaser was here so he can calm things wasnt working. Renesme carlie cullen. get to the other side of the treaty line right now. my dad said feriously threw his teeth. But dad i..- he cut me off. Im sorry jake ill see you when im done being grounded. i said with a lump in my throat. he hugged me then whispered in my ear "ill…


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jacob and nessie story part 8


i just told jake that i chose him my heart ws pounding. "i knew you would choose me.. who wouldnt like me. he chuckled. ya.. i was just ..suprised..i said. "why dont you go inside. im gonna go tell sam. he said then he was off. i walked inside there house. it almost felt like my 3rd home now. all the lights were off. i could hear a light snoring coming down from the hallway. i tiptoed to the coach and turned on the t.v and turned it down to number 10. i…


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jacob and nessie part 7


im sorry jake but i dont feel the same way. you me? he said with a tone that made me shiver .it was so sad. No im sorry. i said. then i darted off running.i didnt know were i was going i didnt care. i was just running . after about 10 min i was on a cliff. should i jump?no. i sat down and looked the waves then it happend. i started to cry.not cry ball. i rolled on my side crying. i then fell asleep.…


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Jacob and renesmee part 6


The rest of the school week went fast. on friday payton dropped me off at my house after school. <3. So your going with us tomorow at la push? he asked when we pulled into his my drive way. Um ya my dad said yes. You said you wernt surfing right? iasked. Yea. he ssaid. me surfing is not a good idea. he laughed. Do you want me to pick you up? he asked. Um ya sure.what time?.iasked him. UUmmm he scrolled threw his phone. John says we will…


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Jacon and nessie part 5

Jacob dropped me off at my house he was still pretty mad.he woul get over it.i wonder why he was making such a big deal about it. but i couldnt stop thinking about it. why did i kiss payton on the cheek?. i like him only as friends.wait no.wait!i liked payton closer than that. then cam my dad bursting threw the door of the house. crap. why did i have to have a dad that reads minds?life being a teenager was going to be hard with him around. You did what to a boy at…


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jacob and nessie part 4


shut up paul! i yelled. he was making fun of me like i was picking nessie up from babysitting and how she might have found her high school sweetheart. what its true! paul snickered. I need to go pick her up. and by the way lay off those chips your gonna get fat.i yeled be hind my back.


i pulled into the school where i saw nessie…


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jacob and nessie part 3


i walked in the school my heart was thumping so hard i thought it was going to come out of my chest. i walked into the office. Ummm hello im renesmee cullen. i said shyly. O yes! said the secreatery looking up from her computer. ur the cullens other adopted child. she said. Yes i am. trying to keep the smile off my face. we had to tell the school that i was carlises and esmes other adopted child since i grew fast. Here is your class…


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do u need advice???????

hey all u ppls if u guys need advice send me a friend request send me a message and ill give you advice is to hard!!!:)

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Jacob and nessie part 2


i woke up in the morning and felt like it was going to be a different day. i had a dream last night that i was going to school and i was happy. thats when i really wanted to go to school.i got up and ran to my parents room. they wernt there they were probably with carlise and esme so i grabbed my jacket and ran up to the house.i walked inside and my parents were sitting i went up beside my dad. "no." he said in a flat voice. "what?" i asked . "no your…


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Jacob and Nessie Part one

Chapter one (JACOB)

"tag your it jake!"ness said witha big grin. "Yeah yeah you got me!" i said. Ness was about 10 years old now, she grew very fast.And she had very fast speed (like most vampires) "Jake you must be getting pretty old! you cant catch up with me!" she giggled. "Ahh no way! I would have got you in my wolf form!" i said out of breath. "yeah yeah what ever." she said with a smug voice and grin. A few mintues later out of the…


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