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Away for 2 wks!

I'm going on tour in NZ for 2 wks so sorry no updates and I can't even write chAps for when I get back. Won't be on at all actually but enjoy eclipse ppl I know I will! Ttfn!

Btw mrs sky Cullen u can finish changes chap if u want :)

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matters of the soul (new moon movie)

umm is it just me or, in the New Moon movie, did they cut the conversation about Edward's soul?

even if i am damned regardless...carlisle you couldn't be that why he wont change me?

i dont remember anything about the actual TAKING AWAY of the soul - which is Edward's belief - until carlisle asks bella to "consider the situation in reverse"

LOL i didnt notice till i watched the extended scenes and they had the whole "this-is-our-afterlife"…


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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

LOL i was watching Annie the other day and in the song "Let's go to the Movies" the lady sings about Fred and Ginger and i was like A 1920/30s MOVIE STAR IVE HEARD OF!!

it took me a while to remember where i've heard of it from but then i remembered this

"Edward and Esme spun around us like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers"

sound familiar?

it's from Breaking Dawn, at the wedding.

LOL random i know but it just goes to show twilight is…


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RAIN!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

over here in poor little Perth, Western Australia, we've had a drought that's lasted like....a hundred days, i think? more than that, probly. it was 68 or something before we started school...anyways it hasn't rained for a bloody long time.


it was MASSIVE and really destructive - hail was LITERALLY the size of golf balls. We had really bad poweroutages all over the district. my power was out for about 23+1/2 hrs. others no power out, some gonna b…


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news on Eclipse trailer!!!

according to TwilightersAnonymous, Summit has said that the first official Eclipse trailer will be shown before RPatz's Remember Me on March 12...looking fwd to it! not going to see movie...definitely seeing trailer though!!! YAY!

Added by TeamCarlisle+Esme on February 19, 2010 at 5:00am — 2 Comments

Harry Potter

hey i totally get the whole Twilight vs Harry Potter thing, some of you guys might think i'm committing total blasphemy, but I'm team switzerland on this one too. a little birdie gave me a link to the Deathly Hallows trailer and I was like YES!!

so here it is


2010 - Eclipse, Deathly Hallows pt… Continue

Added by TeamCarlisle+Esme on January 14, 2010 at 10:39pm — 2 Comments

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