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You Interesting Info You Must Read

I know everyone is down because of doubt about midnight sun but there is some hope. Wikipedia posted this article which i have pasted below. Notice they said the midnight sun is on hold but not forgotton. Also take note that they said in interviews she might do a different perspective keep on hoping with me. Here is the article:

"Meyer originally planned to write a companion book to Twilight called Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun would be the story of Twilight told from the point… Continue

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The Best Twilight Character Quiz

To find out which character you are take this quiz by going to the site below......

Just to let you know I am Bella one of my friend has Rosalie and my friend's friend has Alice. Oh and take the quiz like 5 times than come here and tell me what you got the majority of the time and if you are happy with the result. Have Fun!…


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Mad @ Charlie

You know in the third book when Jacob kisses Bella? Well she punches him and cfomes home with a broken hand. She tells Charlie what happens and he's all like "good for you Jacob" What kind of father is that. jacob kisses his daughter, she punches him, and he congradulates Jacob. Where is the sympathy, yelling, and tears? I honestly don't know what to make of his reaction! :( So does any one agree with me? Sure it is a minor detail but i seriously think he would love to have Jacob marry Bella.… Continue

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Edwards POV

I read the draft of midnight sun and let me tell you it is interesting how Edward's brain works. First of all, he is the fastest thinker around within two seconds he has a plan to fix a disaster. Second, he thinks he is a monster and because of the impression he gives people he expects everyone to be afraid of him. Only problem is the draft is only available on the internet, which gives me headaches. But it is worth reading like 1 out of the 12 chapters to get an idea of his perspective. I… Continue

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I don't think Midnight Sun will be published. On her site i think she said she wasn't going to write it anymore. I can understand how her feelings could interfear with the outcome of the story but for goodness sake this is the best series most people have ever read. She should seriously continue but i have a hunch that she won't.

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