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Chapter One… Continue

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FAN FICS GALLORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey here's where ill update coming up stories!

Complicated Love by Jessica Cullen:…


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Rob's and Cristals b-day

Yesterday was rob's b-day and yesterday ,me and my family we're celebrating my sisters b-day. so a shout out to robert and cristal "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!! I LOVE YOU!!!". we had ice-cream by the way. mmmmmmmmm delicious!!! imao!!!

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Edward and Jacob in class

So this happened last year around september. I was talking to this friend in class (my only friend in my class, Kerry) a lot about twilight and i had to tell something to this boy named eric about news of rob i think i cant remember. so i yell "jacob!!! jacob!!!" and my kerrys like "what the heck?!" and he tells me that i called eric jacob. i started laughing, sure it was embarrasing but im not ashamed. so then i need something from this other guy in class, edwin so i scream "edward!!!… Continue

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it happened at recess, me and my friends were hanging out and then joshua forgot about a twilight thing so me and my friend anita attacked him. i punched him with my left had and i hurt it.i started jumping up and down in pain. this reminded me of ECLIPSE when jacob kisses bella and bella punches him and breaks her knuckle.i didnt break it ,i just hurt it.
AAAHHH!!! me and my twilight saga moments!!! AAAHHH!!!

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So me and my friend were going to my class after school and it was drizzling and when we were half way to my house, the clouds were coming and they were dark. we were like "i hope it rains" . we went into my apartment and i started hearing thunder ,i run to the window in my room and the sky was dark, it was foggy and rain was pouring. "c'mon !! its raining!!" i screamed at my friend . we ran outside without coats and let the rain drench us. for like 5 minutes it was raining really hard and we… Continue

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Baseball Scene

This happened 2 days ago. I had gym class and we were playing volley ball (i cant really play since im uncoordinated and all) . So me and this girl jumped in the air trying to hit the ball and we crashed into each other and fell. it happened the same way it happened in the movie i was like "oh my god, oh my god this happened in the baseball scene oh my god!!!" and i go to this girl who also likes twilight (likes does not love ,she is not obsessed like us) and say" this happened in twilight the… Continue

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TWILIGHT BOOK RECOVERED (the book in the previous blog)

So today i stayed after school to go to my friends house (she lives at 58th and my schools at 49th and i live at 4oth street so it deosnt make sense to go home then walk all the way to 58th right) and i went to my homeroom. my math teacher was there . "i still have johannah's twilight book. what do i do with it?" he says "give it to me! ill put back together and take care of ti i plead!" i plead and mr.john gave it to me. so now im gonna tape it back together . right now shes in intensive care… Continue

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It happend during math class today. My friend that sat behind my told to look at Johannah (a girl in my class) who sits at the next aisle on the left side of the room (i sit in the last aisle of the classroom) I did but i did'tn understand so I shrug my shoulders .He looked towards johannah without moving his head. I look at johannah again and she was giving janice (another girl in my class ,she sits next to my friend) and janice rips the twilight book in half in my face . "To bad it isnt her… Continue

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just ramdom stuff

Okay i know you all want a 6th book continuing the twilight saga.Well why not make your own? im comming up with something good ,ill post my first chapter as soon as in done with it.


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hey, i swear to edward cullen that i saw a red convertable one saturday.i ran five blocks to take a picture of it with my moms cellphone.i couldnt believe it.i was about to yell ROSALIE!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha ha.and also i saw a orangy 83 chevy truck once just like the movie.i think im sorta lucky cause theres a silver volvo parked across the street of my apartment it reminds me of a part in the movie when bella says the three things she was absolutely positive about you knoe "first,edward was a… Continue

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spill the beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! im sooooooo jelouse of those people that live in forks (i secretly want to go to forks high school for 12th grade when im 18 maybe ill find a guy that looks like edward ,i look like bella) because u got to go to the twilight movie release party and the prom party.if you went please tell me my ideas on getting to forks in three days didnt work out.ive been planing to post this message earlier but ......ive been busy .Anyway send me a message with all the details of the parties .i couldnt go… Continue

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