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Author's Note: Sorry!

Something screwed up and deleted most of chapter 3 while it was already posted so most of important key points in the story got messed Seth's girlfriend, Lindsay and Bella had a really important conversation with Anna. I am just gonna take down chapter 3 and 4 and re-write them sometime before Thursday. So sorry for the confusion, I have no idea what happened.

In a brighter topic, I hope that everyone is enjoying the story so far! I have many more ideas that I hope to… Continue

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"The Past Changes Our Future" A Seth Imprint Story Chapter 2.

Here's chapter 2! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

The look on Seth's face was priceless. He looked like someone had just punched him in the face. "Wanna say something?" I asked. He looked to Jacob. "And you didn't tell me because?" He said. Jacob smirked. "I couldn't wait to see your reaction." My mom was chuckling. "I'll be in the living room....with the adults. Jake, let your brothers in when they come." My mom told me about Jake's bond with his friends. They were all…


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"The Past Changes Our Future." A Seth imprint Story Chapter 1

Well, just as I promised! It's here!


"Don't be afraid. Please." He murmured. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. This kind of stuff just wasn't real, or so i thought. I wasn't afraid of him. "I am afraid though....of the consequences." I whispered. "Me too." he said.

We were both in danger, but I didn't care. I needed him, and he needed me.

Chapter 1

"Hey,honey!" My mom… Continue

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So It's decided!

I got in alot of suggestions for the story I am about to start in my blog. It came down to a story either being a Seth imprint story or an Edward/Bella story. I am a little bored with writing a vampire story so I chose a Seth imprint story. The story will be out by tonight but it is not definate because i still have some work to do!

The title is "The Past changes our Future"

It is basically about a girl who used to live in La Push but then her parents…


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Stephenie Meyer NEEDS to write "Midnight Sun"

I was heartbroken when I read the last word of "Breaking Dawn," yes HEARTBROKEN! It can't be the end! I am so crazy obsessed that every time I re-read any of the books, it leaves me hanging for more! Leave a comment if you agree!

Maybe if we start a petition or something, we could get her to write it? Just a thought what do you think?

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