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Forks Wasshington - 7 : 30 ( Forest)


Edward:( moaning) Give me everything I desire....

Samantha:( groaned unhappilly) No..I don't wan to...Edward. I can't. Now, would you help me, get out of here?( -standing in her feet, trying to brake off from the shrubs)


Edward:( smiled and helped her out)

Samantha: ( smiled and pulled away her hand)


Edward: ( smile faded and a mad expression upon his face) 


- Carlisle and Esme…


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I'm feeling lonely

The day has ended and the world gives a lot of turns. I waited for the time to come and to take me away and let the world slowly eat me for what I've never done anything but never more ..Just a excuse and maybe I would never understand the earth but I never said I didn't love you or just that the world is against can't consume me but your breath agaisn't my skin send me shivers and nobody could tell when you leaned over and stab me in the heart

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Carlisle Attempts to Kiss PassionateLy" Not buying ThaT"

 " It would be better,"Esme says as she reaches over to struggle on Carlisle grip. 

" No..It would be exiting"Carlisle whispers as he leans over and kisses Esme passionately. " Though, not buying that"

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Show em that Edward can take humans and climb trees

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Emmet says HI

Says Emmett

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The Cullen Party

Every one is invited to come and chat or have fun with The Cullen's at The Cullen's house !  The latest funny movement of Jasper Cullen is available and it's access to everyone

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Edward just said: The Volturi are a powerful family

 Edward Cullen has immediate responce to everybody: The Volturi are a powerful family from our kind. Don't mess with them . The Olympic Coven Is…

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