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Old Fashioned Feelings

I sat on the couch. She sat with me.

How could I have forgotten how love felt, how it was having a hand stroking your cheek, how could I forget what love was about?

I knew the answer to all that, and the answer was sitting next to me, she made me all this, she took all away, she left with my soul, and now she comes back telling me that she loves me, how can I dare to believe her.

I had.......anger.

I was furious, she took love, life, hopes away from me, and that…


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start & end

we will never know when a life will end while another one starts.
we can´t control ourselves but we can control our future, & our present, yes, life is hard but the only thing left 4 us is living it as it is.

life is ours

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i miss you

every time i look at our photos a tear is spilled in it

1 whole year withouth your presence

i can commit suicide if you don`t come back

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vampire entries ll

beethoven turned me nuts. so i turned it off

i parked my car in the forest entry.

my phone rang.

Mike, my best friend, again.

"What?" i said.

"Just assuring you, you are not going into the forest"

"I am in it, now. walking through it, wandering, admiring it, why you don´t want me in it?"

"There´s something you wouldn´t understand," i found deception in his voice.

"yeah, whatever that´s why i am turning 16 tomorrow…


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vampire entries

i couldn´t stay still. i knew something was coming for me.

i was way too, thirsty & impacient.

my cellphone rang, it was my best friend.

the message said, "Please, be careful, don´t go to the forest."

why shouldn´t i?

i got nervouss.

anyways, i took the car, the keys and left a message for my moom telling her i went somewhereout.

i drove with classical music, beethoven got me nuts, i turned it off......


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i love him

who would think that i would start to love him

i promised myself never to get in love with my best friend and he´s such a cute & handsome boy

i still wait for him, but he never does

i know he will but i can´t say when

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vampire memories

human desires seduces us. vampire desires are not so strong as human ones , we`re no longer alive, so what does it matter completing their desires.

the can`t satisfy with what they already have the need more, & more & more

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