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Mibba stuff (no need to look at.)

Stuff that I am using for mibba.…


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Are theses my "Wisdom Teeth"?

Okay, I have a problem.

I am 13 and I possibly could be getting my wisdom teeth now. I think I feel three coming in (which by the way is killing me because it hurts). I searched on 'yahoo! answers' and read that people are experiencing the same things as me. Most people say that you start getting them when you are around seventeen. That's what gets me freaked out because I don't know if there is something wrong with my mouth. Someone also answered, that if you start getting as soon… Continue

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The Buzz from Paramore's official website, 6-15-09

in case you didn’t know. we have a new record coming out in september.

it feels like it doesn’t even exist! we have all these new songs that we love… and we’re so proud of. yet they’re on the back burner for now. i guess they have to be. i mean, it’s not like we don’t love playing our “old” songs, anyway. with the exception of a few that we might get bored with. for instance, “here we go again”. actually now that we’ve left it out of the set, i miss it….… Continue

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Middle school

I swear!!!

My seventh grade year sucked.

I hope eighth is better. I bet it will be :D

Sixth was okay. But, of course, isn't that just because it's your first year at school? I got embarrassed like 10 freaking times this year. I also always felt uncomfortable in all my periods except first and fifth because it seemed like this girl was always watching me. Or were we always watching each other? I don't know, but still. And...I was that emo-kid-in-the-corner… Continue

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Just curious...

What I don't get is that the Cullen family said they would give anything to be human. And...I'm just wondering if they would give their own family members up to be human. Maybe even Edward giving Bella up? I don't know but I am so curious. So if you know if they would or wouldn't do that, leave a comment.

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Midnight DVD release party

I'm going to be one of the first thousands of people to get a twilight DVD!!!!!!!!!

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