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Wow long time I've wrote one of these, so how are you? I've came back form my trip with My Jacob, we have loads of fun where we went and i hope we can get to do that again. Will My family has been great my Aunt Rosalie told me I have a new member to meet so i can't wait to meet him but she told me as well that he does not talk. Will am go to get going to spend time with my mom and dad bye.

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My Life is something else but I have to live it you know what I mean.

 Mom is going to go away for a while, i hope she will get better soon …


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Jacob is here omg he is hurt  I was right all my visons were am so glud he is here so I can help. Jake I love you I will die for you

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Wow I found alot of family but there is two I need to find but there is one I think i found  am not sure. Am still worried about My Jacob, I hope he's ok

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My mom and dad are good am glud. I found Mom, Dad,  Aunt Alice, Grandma and Grandpa. I need to find Unlce Jasper, My Jacob, Unlce Emmett, and Aunt Rosalie. I know big family. mom got me a new journalI thought it was her but it was not. My family is the bust. jacob why can you hear me when a yell your name, am missing you so so much. I hope your ok

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Jouranl 2

School is boring but  I get good grades. Still no sign of my Jacob buy I hope he will come soon. Mom and Dad and my other family are still hunting I don't know why. Everyday, Everynight I have a vison that jacob is hurt and needs me help

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My writing Jornal

Things are slow. is slower then a snail.

I have not seen Jacob in a awhile and am worried about him.

One thing is hard in my life that i have two parents who are 

Vampires and I only half. When I…


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