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Just wanna Read Twilight...

My duty's so tiring... I have two patients yesterday and I slept the whole day today... Now, I just wanna read my favorite parts of twilight (it's really a stress reliever)... I hope Stephenie could add up something more about the twilight saga, though not Bella as the first person speaking... :D WHEW!

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ECLIPSE Movie is Showing Tomorrow

I am so, so excited for tomorrow (though the ticket was pricey). I can't wait to see it because this is the first movie I'll watch after reading the book, many told me that I would be disappointed after watching it, but we'll see... ;D

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The Days are Ending

Time's really so fast, whew, Tomorrow is first day of our class... I felt like I'm real tired (since school was TOMORROW)... Well good luck for my dreadful day tomorrow...

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Rereading Twilight

I'm really appreciating twilight saga, it doesn't only turn my world crazy (with the perfect characters and perfect stories), it also actually makes me feel so much better, so much of hope, (just what might "perfect world" would do to a life). I maybe a bit tired of my own life now, but never would come to me to give up, or do something really crazy. Twilight were really my comforting words. So thanks a lot to Stephenie... Life would really, honestly suck without that perfect dream of yours.… Continue

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Just finished reading Breaking Dawn

I really can't believe it's the end of twilight saga... It is really amazing how Stephenie managed to explain the feelings of being a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a daughter, and a son... The Cullens were really a perfect family... Renesmee was really moving in the story (I hope, she will not be disappointing in the movie), I hope Stephennie would write something about the life of Renesmee after that, and more something about her abilities and the life of half-vamps for that matter… Continue

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