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Vampires Suck

Okay I'm sure you've all heard about Vampires Suck. The movie is about vampire's who eat humans, vampires who get mistaken for the Black Eyed Peas, werewolfs wearing tight shorts and dancing to "It's Raining Men'', and just like Twilight, a girl who's attracted to a hot vampire. Who wants to see this ridiculously hillarious movie??

~Baci a tutti!~

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Best Vampire books out there (:

The best vampire books that are out are; The Twilight Saga, Vampire Academy Series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd, and The Evernight Series. Alot of people haven't realized that books based on Vampires are the most read since Twilight has come out. Do you think it's still going to be popular in a few years? As some of you know I am NOT a fan of werewolves but.... The Dark Divine is the best book that isn't about vampires.... and is ALL about werewolves! But werewolf…


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Eclipse; fave scene?

Ok so Eclipse has been out for a weeks now. I bet we ALL loved! My favorite scene was the part when Edward gave Bella the ring (: ! And I have to admit the tent scene was HOT! (Literally!)... What was your fave scene?

~Italian Vampire~ Baci a tutti!

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Stephenie Meyer

We all know that Stephenie was supposed to write 'Midnight Sun', but after it illegally got posted to the internet she said she'd have to change the story. I recently did some research and Stephenie ISN'T going to finnish the book D= ! She said she wants to stop writing about vampires, and quit writing. She said writing the Saga was life changing. But thanks to Stephenie, who would've wrote about a vampire in a volvo or a teenager changing into a werewolf? If it…


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Edward or Jacob?

I think we ALL know about the totally hot vampire in a silver volvo, and the tan muscular werewolf. Edward is known for his charm and love for Bella, as for Jacob we all know him by his muscles and how badly he wants Bella to be with him. In Eclipse Bella is torn between Edward and Jacob... But we all know Edward is the one she loves... Who do you think is better for her? The vampire, or werewolf?

~Italian Vampire~ Baci a tutti!!

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Ok I think we ALL waited long enough for Eclipse to come to theaters! There are sooo many different things going on in this movie; Armies of New born vamps, Bella and Jacob making out, oh and Edward confronting Jacob about the kiss! Click this: <object width="545" height="327"><param name="movie" value="…


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Which Team r u on?

Ok so there has been a debate about being on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Vampire or Team Werewolf? There's a few more Teams u have to worry about now! Team Riley, Team Seth, Team Bree, and Team Leah! Riley and Bree are 2 new born vampires, who are in Victoria's 'Army'. They want to destroy the Cullen's, before the Cullen's can destroy them! And Bree wants to kill Bella, because of the scent of her blood. Seth and Leah are new in Sam's pack. And are helping the…


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Vampire Summer

We all know that this summer is going to be a vampire filled adventure. It first kicked off when 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' came out June 18. Now, the Twilight Saga continues June 30, Eclipse is coming out in theaters! You're going to be seeing new characters,blood thirsty new born vampires, and Edward's proposal to Bella! But the real question is does she love Jake or wants to be with Edward forever and get…


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