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I Love Edward Cullen!

I Love Edward Cu… Continue

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Twilight Stuff!



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Syrup Girl



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Team Johnny?

In my story, The Cullens Come To Townsdale High, a young human, Johnny Cotton, fights the emotional roller coaster of his girlfriend's death. If you have read The Cullens Come To Townsdale High, you know Johnny is a highschooler, that he has had a horrible past, but most important, he is a caring person. In the story, I never really said much about Johnny's apperance. He is eighteen, has a boyish face, is cute (although not a Greek god, like Edward), is pure blonde, has blue eyes, and he has… Continue

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Check this out!!!

This is so funny! (Sorry if you get mad. Tell me by putting a comment on my profile.) Here it is! Don't click here!

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Hi everyone! I want to tell you about my cool Fanfic, The Cullens Come To Townsdale High. It's really good! It's about the Cullens and some of my own characters! Also, in Fanfic I have a story, not about twilight, that's really good. It's called Alien Invaders: Aliens At War. It's about this rebelious kid that helps stop an alien planet from invading Earth. It's awesome! Please try my stories. If you don't like them, tell me what's wrong so I can make them better! Peace! -Erin… Continue

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Does Anybody In this Whole Social network Like The Group Rascal Flatts?

Dude! Anybody? I think they rule! Do you dare disagree? Do you like Rascal Flatts? TELL ME YOUR OPINION!!!!!!!!

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Do you really like Edward?

Sure, everyone says Edward's hot or cute, (which is totally true) but how much do you really like about Edward? Do you really notice his charming personality? Or do you even care about his intelligence and good decsion making? Do you see anything more in Edward besides his beauty? Well, I know I do.

Don't get me wrong, Edward is an attractive person, well, vampire, and that is totally awesome. It's just there is so much more about Edward people don't realize. I wrote this to show you,… Continue

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