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"If I were"

"If I were as pretty as a barbie doll,

would you love me?? As smart as a scholar, or as cool as your friends?? If I was everything you wanted me to be, would you love me?? Or would you just find another imperfection??…


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"Do I Not Exist"

Do I not exist? It use to be, all I had to do was walk in a room, and POOF!! All eyes on me. (Do I not exist?) But since he's lost interest, seems like they have too. (Do I not exist?) So I put my theroy to the test. I walked into a store, and yes, all eyes were one me. (So I do exist) But as soon as I made contact with a pair, I would look away. Relization then hit me. Oh I exist, but not in his eyes. So I…


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"Save Them"

Save them! Save them! Please save them! They were here first, and now they're scarce. They protect and provide, and how do we reply? We just keep on destroying, till they don't exist.

Save them! Save them! They can't speak for themselves. But we just keep on demolishing like an addict with a craving. And after we're done with our crushing, we decide some should be left to live. But only for mere decoration.

But they…


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'Stand Alone'

"In the midst of the storm one flower remains" copyrigt 2010 Jade Write

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'Twi Frenzy'

Riding Home, from somwhere out in the world. My mom driving and I'm in the

passengers seat,with the window rolled all the way down. All I see are

trees, fast cars, and houses with people,no doubt asleep.

All I…


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