The Twilight Saga

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The Promise. (First Chappie!!!)

Chapter 1.

Even when I was little I knew something was different about me. Whenever I took a bath the water reacted to my feelings. If I was mad the water would whip around soaking whoever was giving me a bath. When our house set fire when I was sleeping the flames went everywhere but my room. But it wasn't until I got older that I knew the full extant of all my powers. That's right I'm more than just an elemental. I'm also a shapeshifter and a vampire. I figured out I was a shifter… Continue

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Warriors!!!! <3

Warriors is my fave book sieries!! (Yes it beats Twilight!!!!! o_O) I just got the new book!! It is the second book in the fourth sieries. It is awesome!! But I won't give anything away except that I will tell you two deatails. 1. The Dark Forst is rising!!! 2. Shadowclan and Thunderclan have been set up and should be weak for a while!! Ivypaw you can go jump in the lake for all I care!!!!! And awww Jayfeather you're still my fave!!!!!! I <3 Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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