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To all who read my story I'm really sorry I haven't been on this site in a long time. I promise to come on more often.

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Twilight Story Part 4

((Hee Hee Part 4!!))

Bella moved, pulling back looking straight into Edwards eyes. "E-Edward..." she whispered though was stopped by his lips against hers again. She went to pull back the second time but this time wasn't able to. "Don't worry Bella, I will take care of you alright? I love you." My eyes shot open at those words pushing him away gently. "Edward I can't...not right now...not after everything ok?" I whispered, terrified. He had admitted he loved me and that scared me…

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Twilight Story Part 3

I paced back and forth, it was 2pm on a Sunday Evening, the weather in Forks was the usual cloudy with rain. Carlisle had came in earlier telling me that his family was coming earlier then he had expected since tonight I would most likely be to tired to talk. I couldn't really say anything since that was true, my legs were fine, it was the top half that was hurt the most, mostly my heart. I looked out the window, I don't really know why I kept looking out the window since I didn't know what… Continue

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Twilight Story Part 2

Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and Alice sat across from Edward. "So wait, are you telling me that Edward wants us to stop acting like vampires at home because he thinks he found some girl he loves?" Rosalie asked harshly, slight annoyance in her voice. Edward smiled at how Alice completely had ignored what Rosalie had said. "Yes that will be fun, Bella is beautiful and plus I have a feeling she is going to be okay with our vampire ways." Edward was about to talk when Carlisle jumped… Continue

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Okay so Twilight, the lovely series that everyone is going nuts for. Though I must say Im not Edward or Jacob or Switzerland. I'm actually four other boys, I am Team Jasper, Charlie, Carlisle and Eric. I love them and I feel bad that they hardly get any recognition. I wish that Jasper..who is my true love would actually get some recognition. Okay lol I love Jacob and Edward though too. I mean the actors play such a large part of the story line, it's amazing and they do a great job. I don't get… Continue

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Twilight Story Part 1

((Alright, so here is the beginning of my first Twilight story. The characters might be a little OOC but please. It is after all MY story. Oh and different relations in the story :D))

Beep, Beep, Beep. The heart monitor kept on making that sound to motion that whoever was attached was well and breathing. I opened my eyes to look at my heart monitor and sighed. I had to keep telling myself that it was all real, my father and mother died in that car crash and I was alone and…

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