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edward and bella

edward:so bella what were you going to do to emmit if he did not start talking about are sex life?

bella:well I would have tacaled him and beat him up.

(both edward and bella laugh)

bella:what would you have done to him ?


bella:well what ?

edward:well I would have sat there waching you take him apart

(we began to laugh again)

bella:I love you edward.

edward:I love you to love

(then they fall into each others arms and tangel up… Continue

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stop it

nessi:jacob are you ready
jacob:yes and why are you over here i am not to see you
nessi:ok bye
nessi: (music is playing i better get out there)
nessi:dad come on walk me down
edwared:ok nessi you ready
(i am skiping to the end)
carlilsel:you may now kiss the bride
nessi:love you
jacob:i love you to nessi
(and we lived happely ever after .... not exactly)

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the conversations

bella:jacob explane

jacob:i know you are very mad but you know i love her

bella:you are right about i know you love her but you are rong about one thing i am ferious

jacob:so you are ok?

bella:ya a little but the weding you know she is only six

jacob:but she thinks like a adult

bella:ok i am ok with this i am not shere about edward


edward:i am ok i know he loves her and they will be married in one week.



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