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I fell on water in the cafeteria yeaterday and in mud after that and today i fell down stairs over a crack in the side walk a tree root named henery and air and after that I fell down a steep hill!

this goes to show no matter what color my hair is I 'm always going to be blonde in side.

word of the day~fumble~

1. fumbled action: an act or instance of fumbling

2. sports fumbled ball: a ball in sports that is dropped or mishandled

[Mid-16th century.… Continue

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my best friend

her complection is like cream and roses

her smile is so bright it's an up side down rainbow

her eyes are golden butter scotch

her hair is as blonde as sunshine like god took the sun's rays and molded every strand

her teeth are as straight as hue heffner

her body looks like god molded her himself out of clay

her lips are like a rose

her humor is as dry as oroville lake

she's more mature than a 20 year old salmon

she has the voice of an arch… Continue

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hot guys with flippy hair!! listen to me you look better with hair!! wemen you can save a guys hair just one compliment will save their hair!!

help the world, save your hair or you will be ugly people sprayed(it means to be sprayed with pepper spray-ugly people spray)

word of the day~intercedes


in·ter·cede [ìntər sd]

(past in·ter·ced·ed, past participle in·ter·ced·ed, present participle in·ter·ced·ing, 3rd person present singular… Continue

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small town happiness

when you can ride your bike to get a choclate bar when you want it
no gangs
ponds to swim in
you now every one
pitch forks
lots of horses
county fair
cow boy hats
coke a cola
stary nights
sheep shavings
going swimn' in the krek
and most importantly some where to hide

word of the day~entraciptian:
meaning~ a person who listens and intercedes on other's conversations

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happy thoughts

when you look at stars and think aliens are gonna get cha!

when you get a new pair of shooes and you keep falling down

jumping from a great hight and you land it

when all your friends have been contaminated by sex and you can make fun of them because your still a virgin and have no kids~ what a wonder full thought to contimplate at a later hour

shiny free things that you find at the beach

clean hair

finding some ones answers in the math book from the year… Continue

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bi polar santa

when I think of bipolar it makes me think of a bisexual santa because of bi lie bisexual and polar like the north and south pole just think about it ,it might come inhandy-

word of the day-conduction-

con·duc·tion [kən dúkshən]


1. physics transmission of energy: the passage of energy through something, particularly heat or electricity

2. transmission through a nerve fiber: the transmission of biochemical or electrical energy through a nerve fiber

3.… Continue

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the kangararat!!

the kangararat is a Kangaroo and Parrot put together it's use is to jump up nd down on your shoulder and squack at people and eat crackers it has kangaroo ears, tail and feet and has parrat wings and a Parrot beak it's suppose to be 3in tall and about 4oz because no one want's a fat thing jumping up and down on their shoulder while squacing it'll give you back problems so you can get a kangararat tred mil yep just get a hamster weel and call it a tred mill and feed it cackers and berries so it… Continue

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easy escape plans

you could shout some random big word it might confuse them long enough to run away-cower down and pretend to cry, vomit, choke or die-pretend to be or flaunt your abilities as being a girl they might not hit you if your a girl-wear reflective sunglasses and some kind of hat for a few weeks come up with a diffrent name and pretend to be their freind and some one else-fake a stroke-lick your self where they were planning o hit you-pretend to be a bush or an animal,hiss or bark at them and foam at… Continue

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any thing interisting that i did today

today i got up and decided tat i was gonna go to town today so I actually got up before noon and got dressed and decided it was time to do social experiments today i went to food max in floaty wings under my shirt in hopes that someone might think that I had mussles and I put a mole on my face dressed in all wight and gave my self a unobrow I had a lot of fun watching some peoples faces they were from discussted to creeped out to well I don't even know I think they were angry well I don't care… Continue

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when life gets' you down-

when life get's ya down Think of happy thoughts like- swinging as a child and taco bell or playing under the sheets as a young adult- talk to things that ain't there -say your favorite words- contimplate murder and most of all EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!!!!!


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