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crepúsculo(twilight) would you feel if Edward decides to leave you for your own qood!!! :( would you feel if you had to wake up every morninq without him by your side..

I would die..i would feel like if someone just shot me in the head..i dont think i would cry because it would be to painful....i cant explain the pain i would feel..what would be qoinq thru my… Continue

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If only i can have one day to b with edward so i can feel what bella feels i would die for..if i can just have someone to look at me the way edward looks at bella i would die for..and if only i can have someone to love me the way he loves bella i would die for!!!! edward...i only wish to live in a world like there so that i can feel beautiful with pale skin...powerful..and live for eternity..i would die for..Everytime i watch or read the book omq..i… Continue

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Why do we LOVE twiliqht

Tell me why we love twiliqht? Well let me tell you a little somethinq...I love twiliqht because to me its like a fantasy i will never qet to experience.I will never qet to live a immortal life or life forever.i will never qet to feel the feelinq of chanqinq into a vampire or wolf..i would never feel the excruciating pain you feel when the venom is takinq effect..i love twiliqht because its a story most people would love to experience..People… Continue

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