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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart


"Shh," my mother sooths me, tucking the quilt around me. "It will be alright. Think happy thoughts when you dream and it will go away."

I don't bother telling her that these weren't just dreams. Unless you can have the same dream every night for the past two years and call it a dream. Doubtful.

My mother bends forward to lightly kiss my forehead. "I'll see you in the morning, Vanessa. Good night,…


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For months after I was killled, people called me the "Lost girl." It wasn't until I'd been gone a year that people actually said my name again.

I remember that I was still moving when he- or she- dumped me in the river. I remember hitting my face on a jagged rock, the blood in the water, then nothing.

A shrill scream, blood-curling, pierced the night air, making my eyes fly open.

My face stung. I lifted a shaking hand to my cheek and pulled it back. My hand was…


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My father arived about two hours later. L-A-T-E.

"Daddy!" I squelaled, throwing my arms around him.

"Hey, princess." He chuckled, returning my hug. He let me go and stared at my new dress. Then he glanced at my mother, wating in the doorway. He pointed at me and said, "What the hell?"

My mother shrugged. "It's a big day, she should get a nice dress."

My father grinned and leaned nest to me to whisper in my ear. "Don't worry, Nay-Nay, I got you something you won't…


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People call me "Lost."

I"m okay with that. I don't remember my real name.

People started calling me "Lost" on my thirteenth birthday. The day I was taken.


"Mom," I complained. "I'm too old to have a party."

My mom shook her head, but her eyes didnt' leave the plate she was washing. "Thirteen is not too old. Most girls I know had birthdays until they were fifteen."

I groaned.

"Now, hush. Go upstairs and get ready.…


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srry peeps.

Look, so far, no one's been commenting on my book, and I wanted to get it done so I could start a new one, so I'm just gonna start on the new one.

srry if you liked it or something, but I'm bored waiting for the three comments.


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Dakota's Revenge- Chapter Three (continued)

Dakota's Revenge

"I'm sorry, Gabriel." I apologized.

Gabriel held up his hand.  "No harm done."

I'd been so excited to move on that I'd slipped on a loose stone and…


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chapter three Dakota's Revenge

Dakota's Revenge


"We've been walking for hours," I whined.

I saw Latasha glare at me over her shoulder. I shrunk back instinctively.

Gabriel nugded Latasha…


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Dakota's Revenge

Dakota's Revenge

My sister's feeble cries ringing in my ears, my mother's hatred filling my mind, I opened my eyes to this new life awaiting me.



No!" I scream as I run around like a deranged beast.…


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It has finally come! -Dakota's Revenge

Dakota's Revenge

"Mom!" I'd pounded on the door with all my might that cool, fall night. "Please! You have to let me in! Mom! Please!"

From inside the house, I heard my little sister, Fefe, cry and plead with me. "Mom!" she shrieked. "Let her in! MOM!"

My mother neither opened the door nor responded. I cried out when I felt two strong hands grip my shoulders. "Mom!" I shrieked once more…


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