The Twilight Saga

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Every Beginning Has An End... continued...

Chapter 13:

Bella’s POV:

My shield shot out as we smelled their scent. It was something I had never smelled before and so I wasn’t taking any chances. I saw everyone tense. Edward ran over to me and took my hand. He searched the field for Renesmee. She was running towards us with Jacob in his wolf form right behind her. The wolves were gathering in… Continue

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One Ending Is Another Beginning...continued...

Chapter 13:

Bellas's POV:

(While they're on their way to their house.)

"Edward, what's going on?" There seemed to be a lot of comotion about this little crush. I didn't understand why.

For the first time ever Edward looked nervous. "Well, umm... I don't really know how to explain this to you without getting you upset so here it goes. Rachael had more than a little crush. She's actually in love with… Continue

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One Ending Is Another Beginning

Chapter 1: encounter

Renesmee POV:

"Renesmee wake up!" I heard Uncle Emmett yell which was completely unecessary considering I could here him even if he was whispering and I was already awake anyways. I got out of bed and Aunt Alice was immediately in my room.

"Nessie, can I fix your hair?" Alice begged.

"I dont know why you even ask Alice. You can pick out my jewelry and clothes too if you would like",

I… Continue

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