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A New Path ~ Chapter Seven

"Get out." Holly yelled. I opened my eyes and saw Holly impatiently waiting outside the cab. I opened the door and grabbed my bag. I stepped out and saw a small, old fashioned motel. Holly hoisted her backpack onto her shoulder and stomped towards the motel lobby. I ran up to her and walked inside. The lobby was small, with a wood coffee table, two chairs, a desk, and a mini kitchen with a coffee maker. The woman behind the desk was a petite Indian woman with a purple maxi dress, her long…


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A New Path ~ Chapter Six

The airplane ride felt great. The view, which wasn't much after the takeoff, was still great. And yet, I felt like I had seen it before. But darker. And more... secluded.  But why? Why did I keep having these memories? Where was Adik and what was that building? Thinking of Adik, I gripped the bag. I hadn't touch the money, nor the phone, or anything else inside. After the "Ignore the memories" I hadn't dare touch any thing else.

"Man, you have got to stop…


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A New Path~Chapter Five

Holly rushed me into an airport. It was as modern as it was busy and large. Holly grabbed my arm and led me to a check in counter. She spoke quickly and rushed through everything. She payed in cash and hurried the man behind the counter. She rushed me to security. Everyone stared at us; no suitcases, crappy bags, nothing you'd usually see. I looked down. How can I not realize what I was wearing?! A simple, cheap black dress that came up to my mid thigh. A bright light flashed and I was in a…


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A New Path~Chapter Three

"You don't really think you're going to London, do you? How much did you forget?" A voice said. I whipped around. The person behind the newspaper... The voice was... a woman's. Pretty, but had an edge. The paper slowly floded back to reveal the persons face. It was a girl with short blonde hair and light, but bold make-up. "London? Paris? Italy? We're at a train station sweetie, not an airport. One train. One stop. It's mainly just to get people like you to leave." She chuckled.



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A New Path~Chapter Four

I got lost in the scenery. Ha. If you could call it that. More like nothing for miles. I mean nothing. I opened the bag Adik gave me. An envelope, a book, some unflattering clothes, a cheap cellphone, and other things. I opened the envelope. A large wad of money fell out with a blue sticky note attached. Didn't think we'd just leave you alone like that, did you? The note read. The hand writing was jagged and harsh. I put the money back in the bag, not counting it. I didnt…


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A New Path ~ Chapter Two

The weather was cold. Find out by myself?! Learn how to be a vampire?! Start a whole new life?! How?! I shook my head. I turned around. The door had no handle outside. Great. Wait! I punched the door. OW! I grabbed my hand and fell to the ground. Crap, that hurt. Check that off list of I may have those things from Twilight. Ugh. I Looked again at the world before me. Nothing but woods. And some more woods. And some more. wait... nope, just woods. Maybe I can...…


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A New Path ~ Chapter One

I looked around the pint sized room. Where am I? Who am I?How long have I been here? All there was a crappy bed and a broken mirror. And a door of course. I quickly qiggled the handle. It was locked. I plopped on the bed with a squeak. I looked at my pale hands. I gazed at my reflection. Grey eyes looked weirily back at me. My face was sclupted and calm. The door slammed open. A male figure with scruff and an edgy look stands in the doorway. I begin to open my mouth to speak, but he…


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Golden Eyed Girl ~ The final Chapter

I trembled with fear. Suddenly, a figure landed under a tree and began clapping.

"Congratulations.... You found me.." She smirked evily, her eyes bright with satisfaction.

"Jane, what do you want?" Edward asked.

"Like you dont know." she looked at me.

"Just give up. This is my family. Deal with it." I snarled. She flinted next to me and grabbed my face.

"We dont give up. We get what we want." She whipped my face around towards the house. "This will…


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Golden Eyed Girl~Chapter Six

The rest of the ride to Alexander's house was silent. The image of Claire and ..... everything replayed in my mind. It was strange how I never knew how rude people could be and the things they saw. In Italy, I guess no one has time to pick on others. I sighed. I looked up at Alexander. His eyes were focused on the road. Why didn't he flinch when he shook my hand? I looked out the window and saw that he was pulling up into a driveway.

"This is me." He parked the car and got…


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Golden Eyed Girl~Chapter Five

I was so glad that lunch was over. I had to eat and was worried where it would go. I fumbled my way to my next class, without Alexander. Yet, I had Claire. She walked and talked to me while on our way to the class. I heard multiple scoffs and rude comments.

"Stupid emo..." One kid said and Claire just whisped a hair behind her ear and lowered her gaze to the ground. I stopped.

"Excuse me?" I asked. The bot turned and smirked.

'Seriously? Man, you're to hot to be friends…


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Golden Eyed Girl~Chapter Four

I sighed. Yep. TV wasn't wrong about school I guess. I checked my map, and headed to my next class. The bell rang I hurried up. I reached the English class and I wasn't the first one there. Half of the class filled the room. I found a seat and quietly open my slouch bag. I found a binder filled with loose leaf paper.The bell rang and only three-fourths of the class was filled.

"Hello class... Today we will..... Oh! Right! Our new student! Class, this is Venus Cullen." She pointed at…


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Golden Eyed Girl~Chapter Three

I slipped into my silver outfit, and headed to the front door. Alice handed me a sliver slouch bag.

"Ah, yes. I was wondering if the famous fashionista Alice had forgotten my fabulous bag." I said sarcastically. She stared me down.

"It's your school bag. At least for today...." She began. I walked into the garage. "Oh yeah.... You'll be driving yourself..." Alice smirked and tossed me keys. Without turning I snatched the keys and stood there. I sighed.

"I'm not old…


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Golden Eyed Girl~Chapter Two

I sprinted down stairs.

"Edward? You called me?" I asked. I turned a corner. He was standing next to the white couch.

"Oh yes. Since you will be going to school tomorrow with a lot of humans, I think you should go hunting with Bella, Renesmee, and myself. Would you like to come?" He asked.

"Oh. Why yes. Always safe than sorry, right?" I said. He chuckled. I headed to the door and Edward followed me. Bella and Renesmee were waiting by the river. We caught up with them and…


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Golden Eyed Girl~Chapter One

* AUTHOR"S NOTE: If you haven't read the "New Born And The Cullens" series, you should before reading this series.*


I looked around the Cullen's home. My darker than chocolate brown hair got into my face. I swiped it away. I noticed all the changes. It had been a year since I scared off Cauis, Jane, AND Demetri. I was then dragged into the woods, and all of my senses were cut off by Alec. I was so drained and was probably the first person EVER to actually come out alive of…


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New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Twenty-Two)


"Bella, why are you sorry?" I asked weakly. I blinked a lot and looked around. I was in the middle of a forest covered in greenery. Where was I? I looked at Bella. She was…


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New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Twenty-One)


Alec dragged Venus outside. He yelled at her to shut up, and she did. She was limp in his arms and he dragged her more. We all sat there ans stared. I rushed after him and caught up with him in the middle of the lawn. I pinned him to the ground. My head whipped in Venus's direction. Her…


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New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Twenty-One)


I rushed outside. Alec was standing motionless over Venus, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She was sprawled there. Just laying there, her senses…


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New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Twenty)

"Cauis! I... I..." I stumbled.

"Am a liar? Am a fake? A phony? well, then yes, yes you are. And I don't like liars. Not at all...." Cauis grinned at me.

"She promised to do your dirty work and she saw what was right!" Alec interrupted.

"No Alec!...." I was cut off.

"Jane. You know what to do." Jane nodded and stared at him.

"It's not working!" She yelled.

"Of course it's not." Bella smirked.

"See! If you had killed her, the Volturi would be…


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New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Nineteen)

I began to run. I was finished breaking one tree into a million pieces and had to run. I suddenly stopped, two feet away from where I just was. I can't run away any more. I plopped down and lied there. I lied on the soft grass.

"Go get her!" I heard someone yell. I heard a bound to make it over the river and then wind passing by me. I then saw four paws next to me. I looked up.

"Hi Jacob. What's up?" I asked in a half tone. He sniffed then laid down next to me. He turned his…


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New Born and the Cullens (Chapter Eighteen)

I wondered around the house aimlessly. I had to find something to do. I wondered upstairs. Nothing. Downstairs. Nothing. I already wrestled Emmett and won, but now what? I got to the living room and sat there. As a teenager, I could be at the movies or the mall. Something like that. And sleep would've taken most of my day, which I now miss terribly. I looked on the couch and a new looking French book sat there alone. I sat next to it, quickly opened it without moving it, and read the first…


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