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Hey guys! I'm Back!!

That's like what, the third time I've said that? Okay, but for real this time, I am back. No worries. So who wonders what I was up to?

May- Final Exams and the what not


July-Dance camp, trip to ohio, then 4-h camp

August- Band camp is coming!!


Yes, I am a band geek, get over it. Yes, I am a dancer, get over it. YES I WENT TO 4-H CAMP......that's because I have no life. Heh heh(:



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So. Where have I been? This is a long story my dearies. And I fear my poor hands just wont be able to write it all. Short verison? Sure!!!

Octover- family busy...

November- Exams grrrr >_/p>

December- Holidays!!

January- Best month. Zac and I started dating(:

Febuary- My Birthday (Feb.14th)

March- Track

April- More track and other insane-ness

May-Well this month just started and no it has not been good.


Yupp. That…


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Forgotten Dreams: Discorvery

Three months I've been gone,it seems. I'm back! But where have I been? Umm well my dad was in the hospital for a few weeks in august and we've been helping him ever since. He's doing much better! Septermber came and I'm back in school. So I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. October comes and I'm caught up in my own little world with my boyfriend. I find out he's an ass and dumped him! November started and exams and NaNoWriMo have too. I'm so busy. I've had no time to…


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Forgoten Dreams: Someone

With what Jacob told me I headed to the Cullen house to tell them. It started raining pretty hard as I made my way up the drive way. I ran up to the door and threw it up. Everyone looked at me. Carlisle came up to me.

"Carlisle,I have something to tell you. It's important!" I told him quickly.

 He nodded and lead me into the kitchen. Edward was pulling a box of crackers out and handing them to Renesmee.

"What's going on?"

"I found something out. It's about Jane."…


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Forgotten Dreams---

I shall now answer the questions that many are asking.


1- Jacob did not lose his memory too. The Volturi doesnt know they exist. So there forth he still has his memory. All of the wolves have their memory. Yay! But Jacob does know that something isnt right with Bella and the Cullens'.Hmmm.


2-The Cullens' memories were taken too. Areil, Jane, Alec, and Felix went to hunt each of them down seperatly and take their memories of Bella. Only memories of Bella were…


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Forgotten Dreams; LaPush

Y'all remember when i did a staus updat about my FD disapparing!!?? Well, here it is. I'm re-writing it. but it wont be the same. :( oh well. this will do. And BTW im totally tried right now so if things dont make sense thats why!


Driving to LaPush was quick and easy. Finding Jacob was going to be impossible. I parked my car and walked down to the beach. The wind had started to pick up, so I shoved my hand into my pockets. I walked down the beach looking for him. I washoping…


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MY BLog---my awesome fails

I had 2 fails this week. Of course they were back to back.


On tuesday me and my little sisters were home alone, right? I heard a knock on the door and we didnt know who it was. We of course, freaked out!!!!!!! Me and my sisters ran into the lanudry room. We werent sure if someone was in the house or not. So I climbed out the window to see if the door was broken open from the out side of the house. WELL! Since I climbed out the window and almost fell I grabbed the side of…


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Forgotten Dreams: Possible?

HEY GUYS!!! So sorry I havent been on.I had no computer. But I'm back and her it is...the next chapter in Forgotten Dreams.


I sat on my un-used bed and wondered to myself why nothing seemed to fit together. People would greetme on the street and I would have no idea who they were.Why the Cullens seemed so fimilar to me. I questioned myself with these question each day. A constant rant trailing in my head: Who are these people?Do I know them? Wait,how do I know them? Hey,…


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My blog---June.9.2011

I'm writing these cuz there all short andstuff, but im writing a forgotten dreams this saturday! PROMISE!!!!!!! Just thought since people are saying im good at writing and i've seen a lot of good writing I want all of you to look at this.....


There is the website for the YOUNG WRITERS PASSIONTE WRITING CONTEST!!! I reallllllllllyyyyyyy  encourage all of you to enter. I did!  I'm excited to here…


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Blog Post..June.8.2011

Wow,its been awhile since I've been on.But I didnt have a computer to type anything.Soooo,YAY I'M BACK!!!! Any of those commets were from my phone lol. My blog,Forgotten Dreams will resume as soon as possiable.I'm still in school so give me a break haa.I wont be getting out till JUNE 17th...CRAZY! So what have you all been up to?Cant wait for my summer to start already how about you guys?What are your big summer plans?Well,I'm off,just thought I'd let you all know why I wasnt writing.Later LOVE… Continue

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My blog: May.20.2011

Hi people! I felt like doing a blog on my actual life..haahaa. Dont worry I'm still writing Forgotten Dreams! I just thought this would be a little interesting, you know? Okkkaaayyyy, well first......


1. Taylor Launter is following me on Twitter...Good job, Jordan!

2. Passed math test...YAY!

3.Finished reading Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast....AWESOME BOOK!

4. Found my iPOD....I'm so happy B)

5. Published a…


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Forgotten Dreams; Alone

Edward,Renesmee,Emmett,Rosalie,Alice,Jasper,Carisle,Esme. These names were to fimilar. Edward and Renesmee have become very close to me, but the others. I should know, shouldnt I? Maybe there my friends? Or family. I needed to figure these things out. But I could tell it was going to take some serious time and thinking. Currently, I had no time. Edward was taking me to his house to meet his family. This scared me. His family was very classy and rich. I stood out majorly. My clothing was…


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Forgotten Dreams; Areil's Gift



"Aro, you must understand. Stop hearing every other word!" I shouted.

"You understand hearing other?" Aro said. He laughed, "That makes no sense!"

"Pay attention, Bella is regaining her memory. You havent even made the slightest attempt at bringing Edward and Alice here!" my patience was running WAY low with him today.

"Go get Areil!" he ordered. Felix left…


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Forgotten Dreams; Out

"Lease Ella!!!" Kelly whimpered. Since she was only three, she couldnt pronounce her words very well.

"Oh fine." I gave in. I grabbed the stuffed monkey I put up on the shelf and gave it to her.

"YAY!" she squealed and ran off. I smiled at her. Leaving the three-year-old room, I headed to the front desk. I saw Edward and Renesmee walk in.

"Wow, now thats a man," Lina commeted.

"I guess so,"

"You guess!" she exclaimed.

I laughed and went to meet them…


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Forgotten Dreams; Flash

"Renesmee, I think its about time I take you home." Edward insisted. He came over to pick up his daughter, but she wanted to stay the night.

"Bella tell him you want me to stay too!" she begged.

"Ness, I would love for you to. But you have school tomorrow." I reminded her.

"You can take me to school!"

"Renesmee, enough is enough. We're going home." Edward demanded.

"But, Dad!" she complained.

I sighed, "Edward she can stay, I'll take her to school.…


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Forgotten Dreams; Regain


  I walked into the daycare center where Bella worked. It had been a couple of days since we had first meet. And I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I feel like I've known her forever. Its weird, but its how I feel.

"Hey Bella!" I greeted her at the front desk. She was ruffling through some papers, looking for something.Also distracted.

"Oh, hey there Nessie." she says absently.

"You okay there?" I ask leaning on the…


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Forgotten Dreams; child

I opened the car door and climbed in quickley, to escape the strong winds and rain. I sighed and sat there, listening to the pounding rain on my car. Shoving the key into the ingtion, I noticed a little girl running down the road. She was about 13, maybe. Her hair was a bronze and curly. The little girl was beatiful. She didnt have an umbrella or coat. All she had was her Forks High sweat-shirt on, jeans,  and Converse. I grabbed my umbrella and got out of the car. She stopped and looked at…


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Forgotten Dreams Under spells


  What if your biggest fanasty was lost forever? What happens when your true love forgets you? Well, it happened to me. Me and Edward were perfect. I met him in high school when I moved to Forks, Washinton. He saved my life for times then I can count, it seems. He made me what I am today, a vampire. Taught me the ways of his family and world. We were married and had a beatiful daughter named Renesemee. A lovely life it was. It was my happily ever after. Now,…


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Silent Dreams: cahpter 4, Coven

The hours ticked by slowly that saturday night. Larain wasnt in our dorm, which was unusual. She promised she would be back by midnight. It was two a.m. currently. I became fed up with the silence of the rooms and turned on my iPod. I thought about cheaking my e-mail, to see if my mom had sent me any thing, but decied againest it. So I sat there in the darkness with the only light coming from the window where the moonlight spilled through and onto the floor. About an hour later I heard…


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Renesmee's New Life: Chapter 4 Party!!!

Nope, to dressy. I thought as I threw the dress over my shouler to the floor with the rest of my clothes. I had emptied half of my closet looking for something to wear to his party. Since I started school on monday, I had made new friends. I mea who wouldnt want to be friends with the new beatiful girl, right? I had so many clothes but had no idea what to wear. I was about to give and not go, when I saw a black dress pushed to the far left. I hadnt known I owned it. I pulled it out to see…


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