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Please come and join my group: Make your own Vampire Clan and Wolf Pack!!!

Please come and help the group reach its big goal of 1000 people!!!
We're also trying to get the most people in this group!!! please help!!
It'd be really appreciated if you would just join!!!!
We have over 800 members so far. But It would be great if you people would just join!!!
Please help!!
In the group you can well make your own Coven!! AND a Wolf Pack!!!
Any way you want!! Have members, names, abilities!! Anything!!

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Join my group! make your own vampire clan!

Okay, so I'm gonna talk about my group! So as the name says, you have the ability to make you own clan. You can design it however you want. Get creative! Describe anything. Names, who's w/ who, human, vamp, or even wolf descent, anything! So below is the link to the group, just copy and paste it! Thanks! and please join :)

My group is well on its way to four hundred, maybe even five hundred members!! so help that number rise and… Continue

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I "DISLIKE" forwarded messages

okay, so don't we all dislike them? And besides, all they are is a waste of your time and they take up space in your inbox. They're like so dumb sometimes. All they're capable of doing is wasting your laptops battery and making you read them. Especially if they're really long. And it really sucks because where ever you go there's always going to be at least three forwarded messages in your Inbox. And you get sick of them faster if you have a cell and you text a lot. Because you get those ALL… Continue

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hahahha alright so if you saw my previous "Tip of the Day" it said " Don't trust red and blue unicorns or they'll take your kidney..." So I'm going to explain that. If you watch YouTube a lot you've probably seen the "Charlie the Unicorn" videos. Those are SO funny! I really like these videos. IF you watch the first video you'll know that Charlie loses his kidney. You totally need to watch it!

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