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I will b writing some short stories but im afraid that i will be stolen from so i don't know how im going to do this! but i will. i have a big story that im working on but i WILL NOT post it on here. its just to risky!!!!! so ya. they will be on discussions and i will like your comments and ideas!!
thanks again

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I don't know...

i don't know what to write... ummmmm...... on friday the lacrosse team (that includes me of course) are going rock climbing!!! im way excited and yesterday i bought my dress for sweet heart!!!! it's black with a red ribbon with a diamond in front of it. :) its not real of course but it would be so cool if it did!!!! my dance is on feb 13th of 2010!!!! i don't know where to go to dinner.... i like italian places

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Today Jan 19, 2009

Well today sucked!!! im sick and i didn't go to lacrosse today. there was nothing to do...

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Lacrosse Conditioning

Well we're two weeks into conditioning and two more to go :) Well there have been a couple problems and there still are.... the number one problem is attendence and tardyness. usally have of the girls are gone... and for the being tardy... the whole girl lacrosse (varsity and junior varsity) have to do sweet sixteens!! which are by the way arent sweet. wat you do is you SPRINT a distence. you run to the line and run back that is one. and you do 16 times and they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as a team we… Continue

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Lax Training!!!!

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT STARTS TOMORROW AND I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IF IM NEVER ON AGAIN... go find my grave!!

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Omg i'm so excited to start lacrosse!! i'm on the JV team at my school. it's my first year too :) i'm kinda scared of conditioning but i think i will survive.... partly

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Twilight reading ENDED

i finished the whole series!!!!!! its 11/30/09 WOO!!!!! I'm so proud of my self!!!! oh and when i got the first three books i read them in a week

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Twilight reading

I'm once again going to read all 4 books before the end of the month!!

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