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Full Moon- Chapter 3

Willow's point of view


When the train station finally came into view,I almost passed out with relief. My legs were aching, my head was pounding, all I wanted was to sit and rest; which I could do easily on a train. Acantha steered me towards the ticket booth and bought two tickets on the 13:45  train to Seattle. It was only just turned one. I looked at my companion "So we've got time to kill." I stated. She rolled her eyes "we have absolutely no time to kill, we're late!" I…


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Full Moon- Chapter 2

Acantha's point of view

I sat awake for hours, waiting for the new girl to wake up. I sat gazing at the sun as it began to shine a pool of light that eventually flooded the tree house floor. Her eyes eventually fluttered open. her eyes squinted at the light.

"Morning!" I chirped, ruffling her hazel hair.

"Uh, okay" She said, confused.

"Don't say you've…


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Full Moon- Chapter 1

I awoke. Silence. Where was I? Whowas I? I didn't know. I strained my ears for some sign of life. There was none. After a few minutes, music started to play softly, but I couldn't recognise the tune. Suddenly, a loud voice spoke, making me jump "Hey boss, I think she's awake." then i was picked up in a fireman's lift and carried bodily into a painfully brightly lit room. Then i was set down in a chair. This was so confusing! "Who am I?" I dared to ask. I immediately regretted speaking, as…


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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter 3

They moved quickly, silently, with swift, practiced movements; impenetrable, and quite frankly, terrifying. A hiss escaped my lips before I could hold it back. Aro was the first to speak "Renesmee Cullen! How nice to see you again! How old are you now, fourteen?" I nodded, avoiding any conversation with him. "Well, hasn't your clan been in enough trouble with immortal children in the past century, Carlisle?" Jane spoke. "I think we should just kill her now!" She continued "May I do it,…


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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter 2

I panicked. Clearly Cherrie didn't know why, so I took a deep breath to calm myself, then slowly explained. "It's against the rules of the Volturi to create immortal children. The child and the vampires involved with the child are all sentenced to die." On that last sentence, I started hyperventillating. The horror on Cherrie's face was ominous, and wasn't helping me to calm down at all. Mom, Dad and the others returned from their hunting trip, and took in the strange sight; Alice still in a…


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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter One

The smell of blood was the first thing that hit me. The atmosphere was overwhelming. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet, Mom and Dad were crowding round the dining room table. I couldn't see past their marble bodies, but it was obvious from the anticipation that a transformation was about to take place. Jacob and I joined the group. "Who?" he asked. Rosalie answered without taking her eyes off the girl "We don't know- Bella found her in the street, like this. She carried her here.…


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Hey all you twilight fans! I'm a new member of this fan club, and just to let you know, I'm going to be blogging stories I have written from the point of view of some of the twilight characters- and some made up ones! Hope you enjoy! ~Emma<3

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