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new moon on showtime !

ok peeps new moon on showtime at 8:00pm set our reminders have a gd wkend

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Hey ladies how many out there has a husbend or boyfriend who is jealous of edward AnD jacob? Mines is he's so stupid really because i just enjoy reading the books AnD the movies so reach out AnD let me kno if u going through the same drama

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just finished watching twilight

Iam i the only one who watches this movie over
AnD over again iam sorry but i love that movie it seems like the more i watch it (Ü)The ☆ better it get .i can't wait 4 new moon 2 come out on dvd i know my husbend is going crazy.

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twilight wii game

Well everyone iam bout 2 play (Ü)The ☆ twilight wii game beat my husbend twice .lol It's fun

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hey everybody check out my new sight its called

its easy if u r a member of the twilight saga .com all u have 2 to is put ure user name and password and ure in so come and join .the sight is based on bella edward and jake but it is other topics 2 so tell ure friends to come join to the sight is called

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iam reading eclipse and i think that sometimes bella leads jacob on who else thinks that the case ?would love 2 know what u think

i sometimes think that bella knows what she s doing .for 1 she tells jacob 1 thing and then does another .what does bella really what can't she make up her mind edward or jacob

Added by laquever on January 1, 2010 at 1:38pm — 7 Comments

how many people here think that robert pattinson is hot?

I think that robert is (Ü)The ☆ hottest thing in movies right now since tom cruse .i just love any movie he plays in ,just so i can see his face. ²☆LL☆²
But that's just me who else feels this way?

Added by laquever on December 31, 2009 at 2:32pm — 1 Comment

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