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Gradution!!!!!\Talent show


my sisters grasduating from high school tomorrow!!!! i cant believe how fast time has gone by! its crazy man. good news and bad news: bad news is that its gonna be raining tomorrow.....HARD! good news is that i get to goet out of school to watch it! hahaha!

ok so tomorrow is the talent show tryouts for my school so some of my best friends and i kinda wanna dance to a funky song lol. the only problem is...we have no idea what were gonna do!!! lol so ill let you know how that… Continue

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:( sad day

hey everyone!

i hope you guys all had a great mothers day :) mine was super fun. :p haha i just realized that moms day was kinda long ago....oh goes on ;)

so today best friend and i got in a fight :((((( i hate when we fight...this is the first time in like a year. im sure we will get over it though....right??

peace out
-philly was here!

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Midnight sun!

WOOO HOOOO! its finnally may! and you guys know what that means!!!! MIDNIGHT SUN COMES OUT THIS MONTH! lolz

and new moon comes out in november...hopefully midnight sun will hold me untill then....probably not!

love you guys!
-Philly was here!

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Hey everyone! this is my first blog post! WOOT WOOT! .....ok celebration is over....;)

I just CANT wait any longer until midnight sun comes out! or ANY twilight update for that matter! lolz like i heard new moon doesnt come out until november!!??? what is this?! urg thats way too long...i dont have enough pationts for that!

anywho! after my outburts of frustration i realize how upset i would be if someone posted part of my own very famous book too. so...i suppose… Continue

Added by Jaeme Philly on April 16, 2009 at 5:53pm — 2 Comments

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