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Best Fake New Moon Rumors RoundupYou’ve probably heard that Drew Barrymore is rumored to be one of the candidates for director of “Eclipse,” but she’s also going to star in “Breaking Dawn”! She’s going to recruit Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz for the film, and they’ll play the Amazonian coven, Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri

How about miley as bella, zac as edward, the jbros as the volturi, and vanessa as tanya. vanessa and miley have a cat fight over zac then zac starts singing “bet on it” when miley leaves him for jacob who will be played by judge judy. : ) and in breaking dawn they replace miley with jamie lynn spears : ) renesmee is played by a hairless cat.

American Idol Judges will be in NM. Paula Abdul will be Leah, Simon Cowell will be Aro, Randy Jackson will be the new Sam, and kara says she wants her “perfect voice” in the soundtrack.

jackson rathbone to replace kristen stewart as bella…. edward falls in love with jasper, bella is edwards sister…. its a gay but hilariously funny vampire romance…

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Comment by ally on May 3, 2009 at 12:42pm
that is funny i told my friend as a joke and she thinks its true shes looking it right now!!!!!!!

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