The Twilight Saga

Dakota's Revenge

My sister's feeble cries ringing in my ears, my mother's hatred filling my mind, I opened my eyes to this new life awaiting me.



No!" I scream as I run around like a deranged beast. "No!" half-scream, half-enraged roar.

I already know my way out of the wood, of course, my scent had left a clear path back to the town. I could have easily been finished with my mother. But, I was a fledgeling. Weak, unskilled. An easy kill for a five year old human.

I need help. I thought. My manic running haulted. Help, and food.

  Where? I couldn't go back to town . . . not yet. I couldn't go to another town, I may be spotted.
I'll hunt for prey here. It will give me the strength to leave here. The strength to get the "help" I need.

Grinning, I leaned into a crouch and hunted. Taking down two small deer in the process.

Still weak, still an easy kill. Strong enough to leave though. I nodded to myself and dashed out of the woods.

Stop! I shrieked in my mind, freezing in place. Listen, I told myself.

Footsteps. Getting closer.

I sniffed the air.

Human. I sniffed again. Three humans, I thought to myself. Too strong. Can't fight.

I turned and ran away, hissing in anger at my cowardness.


I finally approached the last tree in the woods, some hours later, even with my new increased speed.

I sniffed cautiously. The nearest town was at least a day away. My energy was dwindeling, and I was losing daylight. Every fledgeling knows not to be about at night. An older, more experienced vampire could attack.

Of course, it wasn't safe to rest here. A sleeping fledgeling? Oh, I don't think so.

I'll hunt again. Then I'll rest. I wouldn't be able to fight if a vampire spotted me, but I'd be able to run.



I'd taken down only one small, baby doe. Scoffing at my lack of skill again, I lay down on a patch of wet grass and closed my eyes.

Footsteps. I heard about an hour later. I jumped up and sniffed the air. Vampires. At least two.

I turned to sprint, but, hearing their approach, one on each side of me, blocking, I cowared against the tree. A faint whimper escaping from my chest.

They stepped closer, into the light. One female, one male. Neither inexperienced fledgeling like me. They tilted their heads with confused expressions. They stared for a few more seconds before the male suddenly stepped foward and leaned down so our gazed were leveled.

"Fledgeling." he murmered to the female.

I heard the female sigh softly. My gaze was locked with the male.

"Hello," he greeted me, his eyes soft.

If it could, my heart would be pounding through my chest.

"I won't hurt you, little girl." he said softly, reading the fear in my eyes.

The woman scoffed.

"Never you mind her." he turned swiftly to glare at the woman. "I am Gabriel. The woman behind me is named Latasha." He hesitated. "And your name?" he asked politely.

"Dakota." I answered in a shaky voice.

"Well, Dakota." he smiled. "It seems we have much to learn from you. As you must learn from us. Would you care to join us?"

Say yes! Part of me thought. No no no! The other argued. I'll be better off on my own.

I could see Gabriel getting suspicios of my silence, so I made both sides shut up so I could think.
"Yes, thank you Gabriel."

Gabriel smiled and reached for my hand.









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Comment by Natalie B on August 6, 2011 at 1:33pm


I think this is good so far...I'm definitely interested about what is going on. You've done a good job of setting a scene, creating suspense, and introducing characters. Keep writing, this is good.

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