The Twilight Saga

(ill only be writing small parts of each chapter one by one)

we ran through the forest smelling. looking, and listening for the girl.we stayed together searching first later we would split up and search right now we needed Edward and Alice together.
"alice how is she?" i called.
"uh, shes okay shes still in the same place." she said."how is it possible for her to be part human and part vampire?"she whispered to herself.nobody knew the answer to that yet.
"did you get a glimpse of the creator Alice?" Esme asked.
"no not at all."Alice frowned.
"maybe we should split up?" jasper suggested.
"yes, but take a cell phone if anyone finds her call." Edward said.
i would, of course, go with Edward. Alice would go with Rose and Emmett and Jasper would go with carlisle and Esme.we broke into a run headed in different ways.we kept running going to through the forests but no luck.Alice said that she was going to stay in the same place, she wasn't going to move we all knew that.Edward tried to look for a thought that he knew was of a changing mind, even i knew that the only thing in her mind would be pain.we still couldn't find her it wasn't going to be easy we but it was getting late and renesmee would be waiting for us. then the sound that we were waiting to hear sounded the phone rang.
"hello?"i said.
"Bella jasper found her."Alice said quickly.
"jasper found her." i whispered to Edward. he held out his hand for the phone i handed it to him.he asked Alice where they were she told him then we were running again.when we arrived they were around someone, i looked around carlisle.and when i saw her it was amazing. she was very pretty she had a certain charm, her eyes were tightened with pain.jasper had one hand on her shoulder..
"what should we do?" esme was asking carlisle."we cant leave her here,"she added.
"we should take her back well have to explain to her what will happen to her,"he answered. i was instantly relieved, carlisle quickly had her in his arms we turned to run back home.we got there in no time carlisle set her on the living room sofa, i walked over to Jacob and renesmee Edward by my side.
"thanks Jake. you can head home if you want to," i said after i had explained what had happened.he nodded and got up he just said he'd be back tomorrow.renesmee was asleep i set her on the sofa on the opposite side of where we had set the girl.the girl hadn't moved at all she had a pained expression, carlisle sat next to her to try and get her to talk.
"squeeze my hand if you can hear me," he said to the girl.he had his hand in hers waiting to see if she could move a second later her hand slowly moved her hand until it was a light squeeze.carlisle smiled slightly i smiled she could hear us perfectly.i couldnt hide what i felt but i wasn't sure what i felt for the young girl.
"can you open your eyes?" carlisle asked i looked at the girl closely. Edward rapped his arms around my waist i smiled at him than we turned to look at them.her eyes became very tight then she slowly opened her eyes she had very nice eyes, when she looked at us she didn't look scared at all.carlisle introduced us to her one by one then he asked "con you tell us your name?" he said.she looked unsure but her mouth opened slowly " i-isabel'" she gasped she started breathing hard, holding back a scream.then at that moment Alice froze next to me "Alice?" i whispered then i felt Edward freeze beside me too "edward?" i whispered.


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Comment by isabel cullen on September 1, 2009 at 10:57pm
thanks ill try to post soon sorry i took long my brothers lad top broke i ll post soon
Comment by NessieCullen on August 25, 2009 at 1:14am
Isabel must be imporant i WANT MoRE
Comment by Audriana Moody on August 23, 2009 at 8:00pm
Wait, so who is the girl?

Very good plot, definately cannot wait to read the next edition to your story.

I wrote one and I hope you can check it out. It's only chapter 1, and still work in progress but I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It's called INTERTWINED.
Comment by Amani Ross on August 22, 2009 at 12:06am
OMG!! that was great you should really keep going

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