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I hate when people say;
1. "I hate this picture because Edward is in it." or "I hate this picture because Jacob is in it."
2. "Edward's a pedofile for loving Bella." or "Jacob's a pedofile for loving Renesmee." 
3. "Edward should of went and killed himself." or "Jacob should of went and killed himself."
4. "Renesmee should of been a boy."
5. "Jacob needs to control himself he should of never imprinted." e.t.c
6. "Renesmee should of never been born."

7. "They should of just taken the baby and left Jacob forever, he would of been fine."

Okay so.

Number one; Are you seriously that low that your going to just automatically hate something because one of them are in it? Jesus. Grow up. I'm Team Jacob but I dont hate things because Edward is in them. Thats how its supposed to be. Edward and Bella. Jacob and Renesmee. That's how it works. I love it.

Number two; Pick pick pick. Leave them both the hell alone. First off Jacob's like 17 at the end of the series and he'll stop growing at around 20, so if your going to pick on Jacob for that you should look at Edward too. He's 110. Come on people. I'm not picking on Edward. I am just stating a fact that you cant pick on one of them without looking at the other and getting the same answer. I know I'm going to be hated on for this but I dont think Jacob's situation is as bad. He's not trying to rape her. He loves her. Starting with a big brother figure. That's how it works. Shut up and enjoy the story.

Number three; No they shouldnt. Neither one of them. If one of them did the story would be ruined and nothing would be right. Because if Edward died, Bella would die too. We learned that in New Moon. And if Jacob died Bella would never be okay because then Renesmee's part of her would be crushed. And if Renesmee was still born, then it would be even worse because she would need him.

Number four; No she shouldn't of. That would also ruin the story. In the end everything comes together. It explains why Bella was drawn to Jacob, and why Jacob was drawn to Bella. It wasnt love. Jacob was drawn to Renesmee's part of Bella, not Bella herself. And Bella was drawn to Jacob because of Renesmee. Not because of her. Dont you remember at the end of the book Bella and Jacob are no longer drawn together. And Jacob was no longer drawn to Bella, but to the baby. 

Number five; He can't frickin control it. Get over it.

Number six; I've explained this one in  number four.

Number seven; Sigh. If they had done that it would of created a nother New Moon situation. Renesmee is as drawn to Jacob as Jacob is to her. If they had been seperated it wouldnt of just hurt Jacob (which I know most of you dont care) but it would of hurt Renesmee too.

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on September 17, 2011 at 6:28pm
i think everything you wrote is true everyone needs to back the BLEEP BLEEP up!!! and just go with the flow. the stroy was made for everyone toread what stephine thought of. just be glad that she let all of be able to experience it!! we take to much for granted when we complain about who did what and why this person did that. just be gald that we get to enjoy the twilight series!! imange that a life without twilight. boring? right?. so just be thankful for what stephine meyer gave us. so anyone who hates this comment can suck it!! HA!
Comment by Katie Williams on September 16, 2011 at 2:26pm
i love every character in all of the books and i think its gr8 that bella and edward have a baby and i think its even beter that jacon imprints on renesmee so that everyone finds somone and i agree with all of ure comments :D

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