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Mistakes-Chapter 9-Afternoon of Memories

I looked at all the paintings on the shed walls. They told so many stories. My eyes watered. Some paintings were so darl. Looking back the pictures told every emotion i was feeling at that moment. Normal people may not see it but i know my family will. One picture really brothered me though. It was a protrait of a a girl and she was smiling but in her eyes you could see her pain. It brothered me because i realized that the girl was me. Even though i drew it still brothered me because this is where i was once at. I went and touched the picture. I let the tears fall. I looked at the rest of my pictures and i stopped when i saw the protrait of the little girl. She was so beautiful. But i still didnt know who she was. But i still had that overwhelming feeling connection to her. I went and touched the picture. It instantly brought a smile to my face. I felt warm hands take my waist. I turned around and pressed my lips to Seth. I pulled away. "Hello?" Seth said. I smiled and looked at my angel. "Bonjour." I said back. He smiled which warmed my heart. His eyes looked up and i knew he was looking at the picture of the baby girl. I turned and looked back at her. "She really is beautiful." He said to me. I smiled. "I know" I said back. "She kind of reminds me of you." He said. I turned around and looked at Seth. He smiled. "She does, Yall kind of favor a little bit." He said. I nodded. "I have no idea." I said getting frustrated. Seth smiled probably at my face. I smiled back not being able to contain it. He picked me up and sat me on the couch with him. I snuggled close to him. The warm August air felt good. "Do you know it's almost been a year Seth?" I said realizing it. I looked at my promise ring. Seth moved and i sat up. He grabbed my face and looked me in the eyes. We stayed like that and i just felt the love flowing between us. It felt like everything he felt was coming to me. It felt amazing. I bent in and pressed my lips softly to his. He pulled away. "Janaila this has been an adventure but i would do it again anyday because i love you so much." Seth said. I looked at him and tears filled my eyes. "I love you so much." "Thank you for picking me." I said. I let the tears fall and Seth kissed them away. I laid back in his arms. I was truly in love.


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Comment by Katie Williams on September 16, 2011 at 1:28pm
this is gr8 keep me posted plz :D
Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on September 16, 2011 at 1:09am
oh this was so good i love this story . whish there was a book but hey who knows this might become a book!! i hope so :P

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