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Pov-marys grandmother


"Geez, mar-mar, you think you put enough stuff in these boxes?" I look over to my granddaughter and she looks like she is in total shock, with her mouth hanging so far open you could probably fit the ocean in there. I laugh at her expression. I guess my daughter never told her about poor old  grandmas house. Still laughing at mar-mar i tell her the same thing i was told from my mother, "You know what they say about your mouth hanging down like that for too long." She closes her mouth and looks at me with happiness for the first time. She had a puzzled look on her tiny face. "What do they say grandma?" I turn my head to the right to look at the setting sun and the ocean waves churning about like angry little things that want to come get anyone whos on the beach near my house. I look back at my little mar-mar and tell her the same thing my mother told me,"If you have it out too long you will end up keeping it that way." I give her a serious face and tell her "forever." She shuts it as fast as she could for it fell open again as she was staring at my little house insted of me. I laugh at her and decided it was time to go in the house. "O.K, mar-mar its time you get the rest of your stuff and get in the house. Oh, and please, don't forget to grab your blanket that i gave you."  I start to grab a box, when I hear mar-mar yell "OUCH!!" I lugh. Mabey I sould have told her that the lip where the door meets the car is  a little lower than the rest of the car. Oh well. I look to see if she 's alright and that she is o.k. She is staring at me with a glare tht that the saying" if looks could kill" i think that would happen. I shut the trunk and start to walk towards the house.  I look behind me to see if mar-mar was coming.. she was just grabbing a small bax and my balnket i gave her."You coming? I don't think that you are going to want me to un-pack all of your stuff, do you? I think i might find somehting i dont think you will like me to SEE." I see mar-mar look scared and then run to the front door to get infront of me. I laugh really heard. "O.K, here we go,let's get insid ebefore it gets too drak outside."I move the box that was in my hand to my left side hip so as to be free of a single hand. I open the door and step into the tiny hallway and turn on the lights that was just on the sid eof the wall near the window that you could see the in living room. I walk over to my firepalce and see that there was a slightly small fire burning no other lights were on in the house so it made it difficult to see. "Hmmn, seems  that someone is here or just left." I heard nothing so I decided that no one was in the house. I turn to get a light on in the living room when I heard the hallway floor boards creak. I whisper to mary that she needs to get behind me and remain quiet. "Sush, and do not say a single word." I hear her walk behind me with that tiny box and blanket with her. I hear the sound coming closer to the living room when I saw a shaow move in the house, I ran for it and punched it. "Mary, there's alight behind you, TURN IT ON NOW," the light comes on and i see who it was. It was a frightened Embry Call. I start to laugh. I heard him yell "OUCH" after i smaked him in the shoulder. "Geez, you gave me a run for my life there embry. I thought you were a killer or something. Is it so hard to use the door or give me a phone call, but no instead you have to scare m eand my little mar-mar to death!!" He looks at me and He says,"Um, Sara, are you seeing things, because the only person I see is you." I am frightened at this point. "Was ther someone else here with you?" While I ask him this,I am frantiaclly looknig everywhere for my granddaughter. I have my back to Embry when I hear mar-mar yell" LEAVE MY GRAN-MA ALONE!" and then a loud thud. I quickly turn around to fund my little mar-mar on top of Embry and about to smack him with her tiny little fist.  I stop her before something happens, and i don't want something to happen. "hey, mar-mar, can you get off of my friend there. Um, i hope you are not crushing him." I laigh at her expression. She looked scared at of her mind  but also had a warriors battle face on too. She slowy gets up and then realizes how big he is and runs to me. I giggle and when I see that Embry is o.k, I turn to my little mar-mar, and proced to tell her who the stranger was. "Mary, this is Em.," I was cut off by who i was introducing. "Embry Call, um, nice to meet you." He slowlys reaches his hand out to mary, after she shakes his hand i introduce mary to Embry."Embry, I want you to meet my lovely grandaughter, Mary Parkinson." I look between them and they are still holsing hands. "HUMM, you guys want to um let go of eachother?"  I laugh as they both snatch their hand away and I think that mary has found someone she can  trust other than me, I knew things are giong to turn out right!

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Comment by Patricia on November 1, 2011 at 2:46am
can't wait to read more
Comment by Katie Williams on September 20, 2011 at 3:05pm

 this is gr8

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