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I recently joined this wonderful group of people and very happy I did. I'm older than a lot of you and new to the Twilight Saga. I've just finished reading Twilight and New Moon and am now engrossed in Eclipse. I have yet to figure out why Bella keeps going to see Jacob when she has Edward. Most of us live our entire lives without anyone like Edward entering our lives. In fact, we dream of someone who could love us without reservation and unconditionally. Bella is, of course, still very young, so I guess that could explain it. She's got the Best of the Best and still yearns for more. Such a pity, and I hope she gets her head clear soon before she causes more problems for the lovely Cullen Family.


I also understand that these are JUST books written by a mortal woman, who had no idea what she created until after they were done. I've ordered Host her latest book about alien possession and am looking forward to it.


This Saga is teaching as well as entertaining. It is teaching both young and old more about tolerance of our fellew beings and their differences. There is something different about all of us, and at the same time, we are all the same. She does a very good job of helping us see that regardless of who or what we are, we are all family and must find a way to live together in peace. Stephenie is amazing, and am glad I finally found that out. Better late than never...


Well, I need to sign off for now. It has been a pleasure to write this little bit.



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Comment by Linda Grindstaff on February 23, 2012 at 11:17pm

Boy! Tammy, I copied and pasted all the books you spoke of. I didn't know there were that many series about  vamps, and will definately go trolling for more authors in a while. eBay is a good place for used books. Thanks a lot for the info. Also, I know you must have your hands full with two boys. What ages are they? Boys are a handful no matter what age and that includes the supposed grown men who are actually just little boys stuffed into men's bodies! I think our world would work much better if women could get the chance to run things for a while. We are not the emotionally crippled people men say we are. We are mostly organized, hardworking, not afraid to jump in where angels fear to tread plus we know the value of true justice. Maybe the future will have a place for more women in government because we have much to give.


It is a real pleasure talking with you, and hope to hear more from you later. Here is a link to my Etsy shop when you have time to look out there:


I have much more to put in it like tons of vintage fabrics that are out of print and impossible to find. Time is the only thing holding me back. I'm also getting some things organized to make jewelry items and pendulums. I'll also have some boxes to put tarot cards, jewelry, playing cards and other treasures into. I'm in process of designing how to decorate them. Check back into the shop often as I'll be having lots of new things in there this year. If you see anything in there, ever, that you like, write to me using Etsy's communication method, and I'll give you a 10% discount on any and everything.


Sincerely Yours in Peace,


Comment by tammy burdick on February 23, 2012 at 11:01pm

well i have 11 different series in the works my self i read the blood coven vampire novels by mari mancusi , the immortal series by alyson noel , the vampire academy by rachelle mead, the house of night series but p.c cast and kristen cast, the blue bloods by melissa de la cruz,  the mortalinstrument and infernal devices series by cassandra claire, night world by l.j smith ,rick riorden persey jason and the lighting thief series,the morganville vampires by rachel caine,and the sisters or iris by lynne ewing, the iron series iron knight ,ironking , iron daughter , iron queen by julie kagawa  i love to read and there are plenty in they series to read  they are all magic love and vamipre, werewolf, fairy all mixed i dont like people to get hurt so i say away from them that are to gross.

i am also a single mom with 2 boys   

Comment by Linda Grindstaff on February 23, 2012 at 8:18pm

Tammy, I've finished the saga though I'll go back later and reread them. I read fast and miss things which I pick up next time around. As it worked out, Bella loved both and only one was meant to be her one and only. I was young once, and it is easy to love two men at the same time, though did have to choose eventually.


I'm now reading Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night series, and they are great! There are plenty of them to read too, so am happy for now. I have always been fasinated with the Vampire lore and wish they were real and that I had been turned around the age of 25-30 when I finally knew what I was doing with my life. To live forever with "people" who are as gifted and intelligent as vampires are portrayed would be heaven on earth! Oh well, can't cry over spilt blood now can I?


Thanks for your comments, and I wish you a life filled with bountiful compassion, love and peace.



Comment by tammy burdick on February 23, 2012 at 7:39pm

hey bella loves jacob and edward but eward and her cant be apart it almost kill them a couple of times jacob is a good friend  well if you want more messege me


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