The Twilight Saga

Loves' Sorrow-story(still working on in my little free time)

The Beginning

I sighed as the never-ending pine trees blurred outside the car window. I saw guys in their hooded jackets and baggy pants checking out girls across the street dressed in short skirts and leggings.I hoped they froze to death. I never understood the whole "crush" idea,I've never had a crush or even a boyfriend. I was always the outsider, the one that never stayed in one location too long. After a while I had just given up on trying to make friends, for I would move out before I even got to hang out with them. All I had to do was get good grades,blend in, and never make a scene. I stopped looking outside and looked to my left at my sleeping little brother,Kyle.Atleast he wasn't going to be in middle school with me, he still had a year of elementary left. For me I was just starting 10th grade at a school in Michigan, called Windcliff Heights High School. I was going to be an eagle. Compared to all the other mascots it was just another symbol or animal. The car screeched to a halt, as my mom tried to make a yellow light but at the last minute decided not to. I caught myself against the passenger side seat.

"Sorry guys!I really should be good at driving already." She muttered angrily to herself. She pulled a mirror out of her purse with a lipstick case and started fixing her lipstick.
"Mom, you really should keep your eyes on the road instead of fixing make-up in the car.I mean seriously mom we are going to our new home, nobody cares what you look like,except yourself. Mom and it's a green light now," I grumbled.
She quickly put the mirror down and drove gradually closer to our new home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I ripped the last box's tape off and started removing varies types of items from the box. My room was a medium size and had a light blue almost seafoam green color on three of the walls and a light cream on one wall. My bed had a darker color than the walls and a backboard that was a weaving of winding metal rods. My closet had not so many clothes hung up in it, it probably could be considered empty. In front of my bed was a small wooden cabinet that had my t.v. resting on top and a dvd player resting below in another compartment.I had a dresser to the right of the bed against the wall with a pretty silver boardered mirror resting on top. In the upper right hand corner of my room was a small wooden dresser that held an empty jewelry holder,small memory box,and a very annoying alarm clock on top. I folded up the box and stacked it outside my door into the hall. I moved some picture frames of my family and I to on top of my dresser. I grabbed some of my trophes and medals and threw them into a shoe box at the bottom of my closet. Before my dad died me and him would always play softball in the front yard, so one year he put me in softball and I got a trophy and some medals.I looked out my windows to the left of my bed and stared at the new blacktop road. Something told me this year was going to be different, but I left that idea behind and walked out of my room and across the way to my mother's room.She was of course keeping herself busy with making everything look perfect and folding clothes in a certain way. I went to her golden cream colored bed cover and sat cross-legged in the middle of it. My eyes followed her where-ever she went, she acted like I wasn't there, like I was imaginary. I broke the silence.

"Mom?" I waited until she looked at me so I knew she was listening. She has a problem paying attention to people talking to her.She looked up from a box on the floor.
"Yeah honey?" She looked back down at the box and rummaged around in it.
"I'm going to go on a walk around the neighborhood,"My mom looked up at me for a second. "Of course I'll be seeing if anyone my age is around," I added quickly.She looked relieved.
"Ok, but just don't get lost. I don't want to drive around trying to find you," She trailed off as she got absorbed right back into what she was doing.
I walked out of the room not expecting anything else to come out of her mouth. I turned left and walked through the living room,dining room, and turned right at the end went past the bathroom and stairs and out the door to the garage. I opened the garage door and walked towards the opening door. Light shined in almost blinding me. I squinted my eyes and walked out into the warm sun. I sighed and stood there letting my eyes get used to the light, I studied my arms and legs, a carmel color. I have dark skin already being Hungarian and all, but then I also get tan really fast.I am sometimes called a turd by my mom, which makes me laugh. I started walked down my driveway and turned right on the blacktop. I walked past lots of houses as the street curved towards the left. I kicked a small grey rock almost all the way down the street until it fell into a drain. I looked up and I could choose whether to turn left or right. To my right, a way down, cars whizzed by at high speeds;a busy road. I decided to turn left and followed that road,making sure not to get seen by any people;all i need is attention, being a new kid. I kept my head down as I followed this road and just walked around.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Not always does Curiosity kill the cat

I ended at a park called Rush Creek Park. A good thing was that I remembered my way back.The bad thing is that there were some people in the park that looked around my age.Good thing was,that they were on the far side of the park under a gazebo.I looked for a place to sit down and saw a good shaded area under a willow tree.I walked over to the tree and sat down, my back resting against thick tree trunk.I mindlessly picked through the grass thinking about what was to come, school and all.Being at school sent a shiver down my spine.I shook my head slightly for reacting this way.I mean it was just school right?It's not like I'm going to jail or anything.I jumped slightly when I heard someone coming this way. I looked up and saw a girl walking towards me, slowly, I guessed she was a little shy.Behind her a couple meters was the rest of them. The girl had blonde hair, natural as I could see, and she was quite short,probably a foot under me.Also she had light blue eyes, that reminded me of ice. There were three others behind her. One of them was another girl with dark brown hair down to her shoulders which was straight and she had emerald green eyes.She was taller then the girl in front of me by a half of a foot I guessed. The two others were boys which were tanner than me, which is hard to believe because I'm usually the tannest one out of everyone. One was pretty natural looking with short brown hair laying in place.He was taller than me but the boy beside him still had a couple inches on him.The tall boy was not as average as the other one. He had dark brown, almost black, spiked hair.What was unusual was that he was really muscular but yet he wasn't too buff and he looked slightly not as ease as the others. He seemed to lean away from them, as he already stood individually, a foot away from the others. Finally the girl stopped a couple feet from me.She smiled warmly as she started to talk.
"Hey I'm Samantha Wilson,I live around here.You don't look familiar, are you new around here?" She looked at me up and down and her eyes burned with curiousity.
"Um no I'm not around here.And my name is Emily.I'll be going to school around here, Baldwin something...."I tried hard to remember the name of the school.
"Oh, cool. Um like I said I'm Samantha, or Sammy for short.Behind me is Taylor,"She pointed out the other girl, and the girl waved."And this is Zack,"She pointed to the sandy brown haired boy and he smiled warmly and did a little wave."And this is...."She stopped in thought.
"I'm Alec, and it's very nice to meet you Emily," He answered for her.I blushed at all this attention, I didn't care for a lot of it.I looked down to hide my blush.
"Well we are going to Baldwin too, 8th grade I'm guessing you are going in like us."She talked to change the ackward mood.
"Um yeah. 10th grade."I mumbled finally having the courage to look up.
"Cool, well I hope we have some classes together."She said encouragingly.She took out a phone from her pocket and her face soured."Well I'm real sorry Emily but we have to go."
I tried hard not to show my happiness that I was going to be left alone."No it's ok I'll see you at school or something."I tried to sound up beat like her.
" 'Kay bye!" She turned and started walking away towards the entrance.The others followed.The boy named Alec with the spiky hair paused and turned around.
"It was nice meeting you once again Emily.I hope I see you soon," He smiled at me and I nearly fainted.His teeth were perfectly white and flawless, and his smile was breath-taking....literally.His smile faded as he waved and walked away, towards the others.
I stood there dazed for a while, not really thinking about anything.I was reminded by my stomache that it was time for dinner and the sun was also going down.I sighed and started walking home, thinking about Alec the whole way.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Creeper,or a couple of clutz's?
Tired and sweaty I trudged in through the door and sighed.The air conditioning felt lovely.My mom was making dinner for I could hear the bubbling of water boiling and something in the microwave.Apparently I wasn't home late, just perfect.I walked in and went to my mom immediatly.I grabbed my pink diary and scribbled in today's events quickly.Soon after I was done I heard my mom say that dinner was ready.I shoved the diary under my matress and skipped to dinner.I ate my food quickly and just answered my moms questions with the most casual answers I could get so we wouldn't get into an actual conversation.I washed my plate and walked out into the garage, relieved to be alone from my mom. I went and sat cross-legged in the middle of the lawn and picked through the grass. I picked a long piece of grass out and tied a knot into the middle of it.I through it away and layed back, onto the cool damp grass.I sighed and closed my eyes, as the birds chirped and the light breeze rumpled my golden brown hair.I smelled the earthy smell of the grass,the slight smell of christmas trees from the pine tree on the other side of our lawn, and the sweet powdery smell of flowers.I heard the sound of a bike riding by I rolled over to see who it was.I was suprised or I don't know shocked.Alec was riding his bike by slowly studying the house, apparently he didn't see he was about to run into a tree.But sure enough he ran into the pinetree in my yard, I heard him huff as he landed on the ground.I ran over to the tree and looked in through the branches, making sure not to touch the sharp points. He sat in there laughing, almost crying his head off. I sat down in front of the tree and laughed with him.Once we stopped laughing, we just sat there staring into eachother's eyes. His eyes were brown but had a beautiful gold tint, I was jealous.I broke the silence.
"So, what were you doing around here?"I eyed him curiously, double checking if he was ok and if he was going to lie or not.
"I was curious to see where you live,"He answered smoothly.My heart thumped unevenly, he wasn't lying.
I noticed a slightly deep cut on his left wrist."Oh you have a cut!"I got up quickly before he could refuse anything.Apparently guys don't like bandaids.
I ran inside grabbed a bandaid and some ointment stuff.I ran back outside and ran just as fast around the tree.I saw he was still there but outside of the tree, and just a little closer than I thought.I tripped over his knee and flew onto the grass behind him. I landed on my stomache and huffed as the air was blown out of me.I flipped over struggling to find my breath.
"Hey! Are you ok?!"He was suddenly sitting next to me, leaning over to see my face.
""I was still trying to get air in.His face calmed as he waited for me to catch my breath.Finally I could breath regularly and I slowly sat up.I was suprised that I still had the bandaid and ointment in my hand, I opened the box and found a bandaid that fit perfectly on.I took the wrapping off,put the ointment on, and held my hand out for his hand.He put it in my hand and I stuck it on his wrist.His hand was suprisingly warmer than mine,I'm always warm, and his hand was soft.I let go of his hand and struggled to get to my feet.He stood up faster than me and held out his hand to help.I grabbed it and he practically did all the work getting me up.
"Thanks,"I finally said when I got up.
"Yeah,no problem,"He answered back.He glanced down at his watch that was on his right wrist, his face soured just like Sammy's did."Um, I have to go.Thank you for playing doctor on me,"He smiled at his own joke.I scowled at him.He grabbed his bike that was still laying on the grass and rolled it to the street.He got on and waved as he rode down the street.I waved back.When he was out of sight,I patted my shorts so they were free of dirt and random pieces of grass.I noticed that it was almost dark and I was pretty tired.I skipped inside the garage and hit the button on my way in.The garage noisily groaned closed as I closed the door.With mother nor brother in sight I sprinted to my room and quietly shut the door.I grabbed my diary from under my matress and once again scribbled in the rest of my day.I shoved it back under the matress and got dressed in Aeropostale pink pajama capri's and a white tank-top.I burrowed under the covers and rubbed my fingers on the silky soft material.I sighed and sank deeper into my sleepy trance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Runaway Mail

Tomorrow was the first day of school and I was definitly not ready.I thought after traveling to many different schools that this school would be the same, but it wasn't going to be that way of course.My stomache already was full of butterfly's even though school was tomorrow.I thought about how I would atleast know four people, out of who knows how many people at this school.I already had gone school shopping and I had my alarm clock set.The good thing was that on the first day I wouldn't have to worry about riding the bus, my mom had the day off so she was going to drop me off and pick me up.But today she had to work and my brother was being his nerdy self and was playing some kind of video game in his room.
I grabbed a Pepsi out of the fridge and opened the can.I opened the garage door and walked outside.Today was cloudy and quite cool, with a pretty strong breeze.I was only chilled while other people would probably be wearing winter coats and jeans.I wore jean bermuda shorts and a teal t-shirt, with my favorite navy blue pair of flip-flops.I walked to the end of the driveway and got the mail.I sifted through the mail pile,still at the end of the driveway.Suddenly a big gust of wind came out of nowhere and the mail in my hands flew all over.I groaned and chased a white envelope down the street.Finally it fell to the ground and I stepped on it firmly so it wouldn't go anywhere.I picked it up and turned around to find the rest of the mail.I almost ran into him.Alec stood not five feet away with a smile on that took my breath away.In his hands was the rest of the mail.I finally unleashed the air I was for some reason was holding onto, into a sigh.I walked to him and held out my hand.
"Good afternoon Alec,"I said in a mocking formal town.
"How may I serve you miss?"He played along and bowed with the hand with the mail in it extended out.
"May I have my mail back?Or do I have to go to the ball with you and persuade you to give it up?"I mocked him.
"I don't think that a dance will have to be involved for mail,"He put the mail in my hand and smiled, which caused my heart to stutter.
I started walking back down the street to my house.He followed along beside me.I noticed that he was wearing shorts and a thin t-shirt.I mean I had goose-bumps but I wasn't freezing,but he acted like it was bright and sunny out, with no goose-bumps or sign of unease.His arm grazed along mine for a split second and my goose-bumps became more noticeable.He was really warm and his arms just like his hands were silky smooth.I wondered if he ran all the way here if he was this warm.But hidden beside the pine tree was the same dark blue bike he rode here yesterday.All the way to the garage we were silent.I paused to think about what to do.
"Um...would you like to come inside for a second?You must be freezing,"I scrutinzed his face to see if he was going to lie.
"Actually I was going somewhere.I stopped to help you with your runaway mail.Thanks anyways,"His face was composed the whole time.Either he was a really good lier or he was telling the truth.
"Well then I'll see you later."
"More like tomorrow."He reminded me.
I grimaced, school.His face became amused and he walked to the pine tree and grabbed his bike.I waved at him as he got on his bike,he waved back and smiled at me again.I swear my heart stop beating when he smiled, he should really control those things.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The rain splattered against my face as the bitter wind thrashed it around.What a great first day of school, i thought to myself.My light gray jacket was totally soaked and was clinging to my skin.This jacket didn't have a hood so my hair was soaked right down to the root.My teeth were slightly shivering causing a little click noise.I was glad that there was a street light on the corner because without it, it would be pitch black.Finally I heard the protesting brakes of an old bus groaning down the street.Instead of being relieved to get out of the cold, my stomache clenched suddenly and the butterfly's wildly fluttered around.I actually wished to stay out in the cold than go to school.The bus turned the corner and stopped with a high pitched squeal in front of me.I walked up to the doors and trudged up the stairs.I realized with a spasm of fear that every seat was taken, lucky me.But my mood lifted when I saw Alec wave to me from the back of the bus all by himself in a seat.I quickly walked to the back and scooched in beside him.I felt even better when his body heat radiated from all around him causing me to defrost slowly.I ignored the eyes that were piercing me and turned to look at Alec instead.
"You should have told me you were going to ride the same bus,"I almost whispered, self-contiously.
"Yes I should have.The thought probably should have popped up around the time I ran into your pine tree,"He said amused and innocently.He chuckled.
I scowled at him and crossed my arms, as I glared at the grey leather seat.
"You aren't mad at me are you?"He peeked at me in the corner of my eye.His face was in a frown and his eye brows slanted down, saddened.
"No I'm just a little irratable today,"I composed my face into a normal, flat face.I looked at him.Once again a smile almost showed itself, but he fought hard to keep a straight face.
"Hey don't worry about school, no body will beat you up or anything.I mean the worse thing that could happen would be for someone to get your name wrong."That last part I could tell was a lie.There was something or someone that caused problems.His face finally smiled and once again, I was left more than a little breathless.
Suddenly the bus stopped and kids started getting up from there seats.I looked around confused,outside was a brick building and loads of kids running in the doors,to get protection from the now pouring rain.I got up quickly and cut in front of another person and left room for Alec to get out.As he got up the kid behind me bumped sharply into me and bumped me forward.I struggled to get my balance,but finally I caught myself on a seat.I saw the bus driver glare at the kid, I turned around to glare at him too.I was caught off guard when I saw that Alec had the kid(a boy of course)by the collar in the air.I gasped and rushed back to them.
"Alec put him down!"I yelled.His arms were shaking violently,he was so angry.He quickly glanced at me and the anger evaporated.He put the kid down gently and his arms stopped shaking.The kid glanced warily at Alec and then he rushed by me.
I was infuriated with Alec and just as fast as the other kid I bustled out of the bus.I knew Alec was following me but I didn't care.What he did to that kid was not right, he should control his anger or someone was going to get hurt.Suddenly a warm hand locked around my wrist and it gently turned me to face him.His eyes were full of sadness.
"I'm sorry,"His eyes melted so that he was dreamy eyeing me.I shook my head because he was being stupid and to clear my foggy head."Really, I am...I don't know what came over me."
I sighed."You should have thought of that before you picked up a kid and scared him.You probably were thinking of punching him,"I saw his face deepen in sadder as I picked out what he was thinking perfectly.
I sighed and turned away, practically marching away from him.This time he wasn't following me,and I was glad.What a creeper I thought to myself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

School wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.People showed me around and acted nice too.The teacher's didn't make me stand up and recite my name, but they introduced me themselves.Right now it was time to eat lunch and the large cafeteria was giving me chills.I grabbed a blue tray and worked my way through the line.I got done paying for my lunch and looked around for a seat.I saw Alec sitting with some guys by me,he looked up at me but I quickly looked away and rushed to an open seat at the total opposite side of the cafeteria.I grabbed the apple off my tray and took a juicy bite out of it.I wiped the juice from my face and clothes as it sprayed me.I had just finished the apple and was going on to my Caezar Salad when someone sat in the seat next to me.I looked up from stabbing my lettuce only to see it was Alec.I looked down and angerly stabbed a piece of chicken with my fork.
"Don't act like I'm not here, Emily,"He said next to me.
I looked up."I'm not, I think I am acting pretty normal,eating my food at lunch like a regular person,"I said innocently.
His eyes melted dreamily and I worked very hard to stay sane."I am really,truly sorry.I don't know what came over me this morning.I just....I just...felt the need to protect you."
I stared blankly in his eyes.I didn't know how to react or even say anything about this.Flustered I ate some salad.I could feel his eyes scrutinizing my face.I looked up finally thinking of something to say.
"You're forgiven,"I said out flat.
He smiled and embarressly I lost my breath.His smile faded as he heard or saw someone or something coming.He almost looked frustrated.
"I'll see you later,"He smiled quickly and got up.
"Without a doubt,"I said returning the smile.He walked back to his table and sat down.I heard someone come up beside me, I looked up.I didn't recongnize this girl.She was about the same height as me and she was pretty skinny.Her hair was a midnight black veil around her pale face.She was quite pretty or maybe even beautiful, like a model.Except she wasn't giant height like one.Her lips were in small shy smile.
"Hi"Was all she said.
So this was how she was going to play it.I responded back with the same shy smile."Hello."It took all my concentraton not to laugh.
She sighed and sat down next to me where Alec was sitting earlier."Well I'm not very good at introducing myself but....hi I'm Ashley."She looked kind of awkward as she introduced herself.
"Hi Ashley I'm Emily"I smiled politely and held out my hand like a business woman.
She laughed and grabbed my hand."Nice to meet you Emily."I joined in with her still going laugh.Her hand sent a jolt of electricity or something through me.It didn't hurt but it sure did surprise me.I finally understood why I had been shocked, her hand was ice cold.
"Wow your hand is real cold!Were you just outside?"I blurted.I felt the heat rising to my cheeks shortly after.
Once again she looked awkward."Um,noooo, I just have cold hands today,"She stretched the word no out longer for some reason.I started to feel awkward too.
"Well I have to go put my tray away.It was nice meeting you,"I smiled and got up.She got up too.
"Same to you,Emily."She walked away.
I dumped my trash into the big trash tub and put my tray on top of a stack of others, on a rolling cart.
"Boo!"Someone whispered directly by my ear.I jumped almost two feet in the air and squeled embarressingly.I turned around quickly with a hand on my heart, feeling my pulse slow down a smidge as I saw Alec laughing crazily in front of me.I slapped him on his arm."That was so not funny,Alec,"I couldn't help but smiling though.
"You know that was totally funny!"He said still laughing.
I gave him the what-ever look and rolled my eyes."You know you're going to give me a heart attack if you do that again, and then it won't be funny no more,"I accused.
He sighed and slowled his laughing until it was no more booming around us.His face just turned into his sweet-filled smile that crinkled the edges of his eyes a little.His golden brown eyes glimmered and reflected the bright lights of the cafeteria.I lost my train of thought for the first time and time passed much slower,people around me disappeared until it was just me and him, even though the people were really there.His smile went flat and his eyes got intense.He started to slowly lean closer to me, my breathing kicked up a notch and I stood still.When he got within two inches of my lips, the spell was broken by Ashley, the small black-haired girl who was yanking on my arm.
"Earth to Emily!"She practically yelled."You got two minutes to make it to your next class!"She warned.That's when I snapped out of the trance.I shook my head and she dragged me away from Alec.I dragged my feet to give me time to wave goodbye.I turned and waved at him with my eyes showing sorry-about-her-we'll-talk-later look on them.He smiled and waved as he stroded to the hallway to the right, which led to some computer classes and a door outside.I turned around to keep from tripping the the still hustling Ashley dragging me down the hall.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I trudged onto the bus and walked down the, what seemed to be longer aisle.I came to an open seat giving me atleast one seat away from the never-ending jabber of other 10th graders and plopped down.I sighed as I slid my heavy backpack off my back and stretched my shoulders and back out.I dug through my tightly packed bag for something to eat.I was so engrossed in finding food that I jumped when Alec sat down next to me.
"You really should pay attention around you, you are always jumpy,"He accused.
"Well maybe you should atleast cough or make some kind of noise so I know you're there.You're so dang quiet!"I accused right back at him,going back to digging through my backpack.
He rolled his eyes and looked at my bag."Did you forget to pack your bed?Or can't you find the mall you stuffed in there?"He joked.
"Ha ha, very funny.No I'm actually trying to find something to eat.But now I give up."I said in a sigh.
He laughed and that's when I first noticed that no one was sitting around us,but cramming an extra person in a place where not even half a person would fit.I sighed and looked down, I saw from the corner of my eye that his mouth turned to a frown as he noticed this too.
"People in this world,"Is all he muttered under his breath.
"Ditto,"I agreed.
The bus started to move with a groan as the buses ahead of us groaned forward also.I looked back up,relieved we were finally moving.I looked at Alec and he too seemed to be in a better mood.As he felt my gaze on him he looked at me.We stared into eachother's eyes for an immeasurable amount of time.I noticed vaguely that we were almost at my stop and Alec saw that too.I broke my hold on his eyes and felt the heat rush to my cheeks as I blushed.I thought I saw him smile next to me and I blushed warmer.The bus squeled to a stop and Alec got out of my way as I got out of the seat,I was happy to escape before he made me blush more.I rushed down the aisle and as I got outside I shivered, as a gust of wind flung my hair behind me.I grabbed my hair and held onto it so it didn't turn into a tangled mess.I was suprised as rain started to fall out of the sky, I dead out sprinted home.I opened the garage door and sighed as the dry dusty smell of the garage surrounded me.I walked in the door and noticed a note on the counter.I grabbed it and read it.

I'm out picking your brother up from elementary school
so he can go to his 3:30pm appointment at the dentist.
Love You,Mom

I put the note down and went in my room.I put my back back down on my bed and layed on it for a couple of minutes.My eyes drooped closed and I fell asleep quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The shrill ring of the phone woke me up.I was disoriented as for my room was completely dark.I looked at the clock it was 8:30pm.I sat up and grabbed the phone, my eyes still half closed.
"Hello?"I said in a rough sleepy whisper.
"Hi is this Emily?"A man's voice asked in a deep formal tone.
"Yeah,who is this?"I answered.
"This is Officer Martin, and I have some bad news to tell you."His tone turned saddened.
I kept silent waiting for him to continue.
"Your mom's car that had your brother in it was hit by a semi driver who was drunk this evening.The car was crushed and it flipped off the road.We got a call and rushed to the seen, but both your brother and your mom were killed instantly at the crash."His voice was monotone and saddened.
I was frozen, my eyes wouldn't close, my ears stopped listened, and I stopped breathing.All the information suddenly exploded in my head and I burst into a sob.I dropped the phone and curled up in the corner of my room, and cried nonstop.My body shook and shook with sobs, my shirt was soaked with salt water , and snot ran out my nose.I rocked back and forth, crying and crying.My mom was gone, she was never coming back.My annoying brother who I still loved was never going to annoy me anymore.I didn't see nor hear anyone come in but a set of a man's arms picked me up and hugged me.I opened my eyes and saw it was an officer, by the brown shirt and set of objects on a belt around his waist.I cried and cried, soaking his shirt.He picked me up and carried me to his car and laid me in the passenger seat.
I curled up closer to the warm, soft seat.I was really cold and my body felt numb. My body shook with each sob that choked through my throat.Officer Martin started the car and it quietly pulled out of the driveway.He was whispering to me that it was going to be okay and other reassuring things, but I knew it wasn't going to be okay and I burst into another burst of sobs and a never-ending stream of tears.After a while of the officer's reassuring talking I just stopped listening.My mind locked me in my own mind, somehow to block the pain from crushing me.It made me feel number, if that was possible, and that was better than the agonizing throb of my heart and the relentless sadness that was drowing me slowly.I lost track of time and what was happening around me.
I don't know how I came out of the thick fog in my head but I found myself sitting in some kind of lounge. It had welcoming cool blue walls with cream love seats and chairs positioned around the room.I was sitting(more exactly slouching or laying) on one of the cream love seats,close to the light colored wood door.I heard a soft knock at the oor and a sweet looking lady came in.She was short with a heart-shaped face, and her hair was a natural dark brown that seemed to curl around her face perfectly.And to top things off, her eyes were a sweet chocolate color that seemed to sparkle even though the room wasn't really bright;only one big window that was securely closed with thick curtains.She crossed the room witha clip boeard in hand, that had several papers clipped to it. She gently sat next to me when I sat up slowly, to give ehr room. My body felt awful,it felt tattered and worn to nothingness.My face was tight from my tears and my eyes were dry, and sore around the edges.I was confused because I never remembered stopping crying, gettingout of the car, or even getting in this room, the fog must have been really thick at that time.
I paid attention to the heart-shaped lady in front of me.He eyes were as carefully composed as her face was.She was of course dealing with me, a crazy, about to break...orphan.Yes, that was whatI was.An orphan.I kept teh burning of tears back so the woman could talk.Finally when she saw me get control of myself she started.
"Hi Emily,my name is Ann Mclaire.I'm a social worker and I'm here to help you.But to help you, you have to help me.I need you to control yourself as well as you can.I know this is hard for you but if you cooperate it will go much smoother.Do you thing you can do that?"She talked to me in a very careful, gentle voice.
"Yes,I-I think I can."I stuttered because my voice was only a whisper and hoarse.
"Ok good.Now please fill out these papers and I'll be right back when your done."She handed me the clipboard,patted my knee, and walked out the door, lightly closing it.I mindlessly looked at the papers and started filling out them.All the question were normal, name,age,gender,ect.Nothing really out of the ordinary.I was just finishing up the last papaer when the social worker,Ann, came in.I handed her the clipboard when she came over to me.She scanned over the papers,making sure everthing was done and sat down next to me.
"Remember Emily to control yourself.What I am going to say might hurt a little but you have to keep yourself under control."She looked at me and I nodded my head absent-mindedly."Emily, since you have no parents, we have to either give you to a relative or put you into adoption, since you are not 18 yet.Right now we are working on getting a hold of your relatives, but since it is such a early hour,none have called back yet.Because of that we are just in case working on some adoption papers.Right now we are going to send you home for a couple days so you can, well, repair yourself or get ahold of yourself.Officer Martin will visit you everyday, he might even take you to school , if you want to go that is."She finished off on her discussion.I numbed my mind thoroughly before she told me this, because I knew it was going to hurt.So I would think about it later, when I wasn't in public.I nodded, not trusting my voice.She smiled that this was going smoothly she got up and pulled me up with her and hugged me friendly like.I paused for a second then gave her a full blast bear hug.I knew that I wouldn't get much of these, that thought sent me into a few tears that I had left to fall down my face.I locked the sobs up so I could give my lungs and body a rest.I backed up and followed Ann out the door when she motioned me to follow her.I followed her through the maze of halls until finally I came out a door to a small room, a waiting room I could see from all the chairs and magazines.Officer Martin was waiting for me by the door his face sympethetic.I walked up to him and walked out the door he held open for me.The chilly outdoors didn't bother my already hollow cold body much, atleast from what I could tell.When I got in the car Officer Martin rummaged around the back and then swiftly threw at blanket on my lap;he must have seen my goosebumps that I couldn't exactly feel.I numbed my mind again, it was amazing how it helped everything, speeding time up and helping pain.I felt like a vegetable person, locked in my own mind unable to talk or think.I knew that it wasn't healthy for my mind, but who cares what do I have to live for?Officer Martin spoke my name and I came back to reality.I saw I was at my house and sighed in my head with relief that I could finally be alone.I opened the door and stepped out.I started walking away but I heard the car window roll down.I looked back and the officer was leaning towards the window.
"Take this....for just in case you need me."He handed me a small white business card and smiled at me a little.I smiled as best I could and walked to the garage door.I plugged in the right code for the garage opener and walked in the garage came to the entry door and immediatly closed the garage door without looking back.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I sat in my living room in a corner,not doing anything.Only one thing, and that was crying...not the usual crazy sob crying but more just tears letting loose without my command.I stared blankly at my front entry door.Watched the sun show through the clouds once in a while, shining rays of light in the little windows that panneled the door.I clutched my knees closer to my stomache, like they were giving me a big hug.I rested my chin on my knees and wiped the tears away mindlessly.
I lifted my head a little suprised and alot of shocked, only that alot was very small for the fog blanketed all my emotions VERY well.Suddenly Alec's face was at my front door, oh great now I'm having hallucinations.Great now I'm crazy, that thought sent me into a burst of histarical tears.Alec's face was blurred from my vision but I saw his saddened face go worried.He motioned me to open the door, after he tried opening it.I heaved myself up and trudged to the door.I sighed quietly and slowly opened the door.After the door was slightly cracked Alec pushed through and hugged me tightly.I hugged back and cried at the same time.I sobbed as I suddenly cracked through the thick fog that clouded my head.I never new how tall Alec was until I found myself looking in a reflection and seeing he was two heads taller than me.He also had his head resting on top of mine swaying me side to side, comforting to me.
It suddenly occured to me that I'm loving someone after the rest of my family had just died.I knew I shouldn't be loving anyone, I should be depressed.Quickly before Alec could react I shoved away from him and shot through the door.I sprinted out to the road and found his bike laying in the grass.Without thinking I grabbed it hopped on and sped away from my house.I heard him run out the door and run after me.I heard him call for me to stop but I blocked out his voice until he fell behind and I didn't hear him anymore.I don't know where I was going but I ended up at Rush Creek Park again.Not wanting Alec to find me, I rode to the far side of the park by the woods and hid his bike under some dead leaves.I ran into the woods along a trail at first, but then I started to follow the creek that flowed through the woods to guide me deeper into them.I wanted to get lost, to never have to remember people or feel emotion.I don't know how long I was running but the sky darkened into a deep violet and it was suddenly pitch black.I had stopped running at that point and was going for a jog\speed walk thing.I collapsed from lack of breath and fell onto the damp,moldy smelling leaves.I gasped in breaths quickly as I cried and shook with familiar sobs.I looked up through the tree branches where an opening showed the clear black sky.A cresent moon was centered between the branches with sparkling stars dancing around it.I momentarily stopped crying and wiped the tears off my cheeks to see the sight more clearly.
After a while my eye lids started to droop and that was when I figured out I was shaking and had goosebumps.I curled up into a tight ball and put the hood of my jacket up, and closed my eyes.I heard sounds of animals scurrying around and the light breeze blowing leaves to the ground.The noises kind of got me nervous so I focused on my breathing and the heat of my breath warming me.Then I was dragged in to a deep slumber.
I hadn't thought about recently expierencing something bad and that I was going to have a nightmare, but I should have.In my nightmare I was in the car with my mom and brother and we were all chatting, our mouths were moving but no noise was coming out.I recongnized we were on the way to the dentist but I realized this too late because my mom turned around to look at me and smile and then I saw a semi's lights brightly shine in my eyes and...,I woke with a start.Tears were streaming down my cold cheeks, warm strips running down my face.It was still dark and it had got colder, I could see my warm breath fog in the air in front of me really well.I rubbed my arms together and any part of my body together to get warm by friction.I started to feel a little better but I still felt cold both inside and out.I froze for a second when I heard many people calling my name, but that only lasted a second when I shot up quickly to my feet.I didn't want to be found, I got up to fast so I stumbled a little, my vision whited out.When I got my vision back I started to sluggishly sprint the opposite way of the voices.My breath steamed out of my mouth like a train with smoke flowing out the top,like a foggy trail of my breath to lead the people my way.But to my relief it disappeared after a second of coming out of my mouth.I don't know how long I had sprinted but I stopped and leaned over on my knees gasping in breaths.I listened intently hearing if I could hear anyone but all I heard was the wind blowing the trees.I noticed I could see better and looked up, the sky was turning from dark blue to a medium blue;morning.I felt the rumble of a growl coming from my stomache and I was parched.How could I get some food without being found?I thought about going to my house, but then police could be there or Alec.That thought got me on another train of thought.What was I going to with Alec?I mean I liked him and all...I shouldn't be thinking about him right now I scolded myself.I mean I was going to live in the woods and never come out, so all my problems and questions solved.My stomache reminded me that not all my questions were solved.I started planning out what to do about this problem.Another problem is figuring out exactly where I was.I looked around but all I could see was woods.Then I heard something big walking close by around me.I started to hyperventilate and I hid behind a big tree trunk and sat down, leaning against it.I breathed in short quick pants, trying to control myself and to keep quiet with my eyes sqeezed shut.The big thing walked right behind my tree and paused, then something warm grabbed my arms and pulled me to it and hugged me.I screamed a blood curdling scream, but then it stopped when a warm hand clamped onto my mouth.
"Geez Emily!Shhh be quiet, someone's going to think you're dying."He whispered.
I opened my eyes and saw a loose black shirt, I looked up and saw Alec's face looking down at me.He took his hand off my mouth and I shivered.I was freezing and I greedily pushed up against Alec harder absorbing his heat.He hugged me with one arm and rubbed my arms with the other.
"H-how d-d-did you f-f-f-find m-me?"I stuttered, with cold lips.My head felt heavy like a giant icecube on my neck.I swayed unsteadily.
"That doesn't matter right now but we have to get you to a doctor right away.Emily you're lips are turning blue and you have goosebumps everywhere.What were you thinking!?It's almost winter, for god's sakes.Atleast wait until it's warm to run out and camp in the woods!"He was suddenly yelling and his arms started shaking.He noticed this and he closed his eyes and took in a couple deep breaths.His arms stopped shaking and he opened his eyes."I was really worried about you."
"I-I-I-'m r-really s-sorry,"I mumbled and looked down.When he didn't say anything I looked up and saw him thinking deeply.
"Emily we have to get you to the hospital or something really fast,you look terrible.I have a way of getting you home very fast, but it is very risky.Do not freak out when I do this ok?"He looked deeply in my eyes.I nodded mindlessly.He mumbled something under his breath and then he let me out of his hug."Stay here."Was all he said.He walked behind a tree and I heard him take off his clothes.I was a little bugged out so I walked back a couple of steps.Then I heard something quietly rip then I saw something I couldn't believe.An absolutely huge dog, or I should say wolf walked out from behind the tree.It was the size of a horse and it was a dark tan color.It's eyes were brown with a little gold that tinted them,just like the Alec's.I gasped and stepped back a shaky step, I felt the blood rush out of my face and my knees were weak.My vision was suddenly black and I felt myself falling to the ground,as my knees buckled.I was out, before I even hit the ground.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My head was spinning and it didn't feel very good.My stomache sickenly churned,I swallowed to keep my stomache calm.I was still on the ground,but I felt that I wasn't alone.I was laying on the ground, the damp leaves clinging to my backside and my arms were laying at my sides.My head wasn't only spinning but in one spot it ached, like I landed on a rock when I fainted.I took a deep breath and moved my arm up to my head and rubbed the spot where it hurt.I winced as the pain increased when I touched it.I opened my eyes and looked at the unknown.Grey clouds covered the sky and dark grey clouds were threatning to rain on us, very soon.But who was the us?Trying to be sneaky,I rolled on my side to where I heard very,very quiet whispering coming from.I closed my eyes but kept them a little opened, and peeked through my lashes.First I saw Alec, his back was facing me and he was leaning against a tree.Then I saw the guy talking to him.He was amazingly taller than Alec and his muscles were definitly visible.They were almost to buff.His skin was tan like Alec's and his hair was black and was a little longer than Alec's, and was a little wind-blown, making it look poofed up.He had the same eyes as Alec except they were more wise and yet a little furious at the same time.His whispers weren't any longer calm they were angry abrupt whispers, and his arms were shaking ever so slightly.What's hard to say is that he was handsome but he was maybe a couple years older than Alec.I decided to play asleep and listen to their conversation.
"Darren, we can't argue about this for long.She is still a weird blue color,it's going to rain or snow very soon, and to make matters worse she might have hurt herself when she fainted."He whispered a little annoyed.
"Yes I know those problems and she will be taken care of soon, but what you did was uncalled for.You are not supposed to phase in front of a human.And I don't care if you like her or not!I will talk to you about this later, but we do have to take care of this girl,"He spat out the name girl, like it was a dirty word.I mentally winced at his hostility.I also felt a bubble of anger bubble inside me, who did he think he was for talking about me like that?And to Alec, that was soooo not called for.I thought about getting up and yelling at him for myself but then that wouldn't help anything.I decided to play innocent and I sighed and stretched a little.I opened my eyes again, slowly this time just in case anyone was watching.Alec was kneeling down beside my face, with a carefully composed face.I rubbed my eyes and sat up.My head spun a little and I closed my eyes and concentrated on the still ground below me.When the spinning decrease I opened my eyes and Alec was still there, but sitting cross legged now.He smiled at me and I smiled back.I thought about what happened before I fainted, and that wiped the smile right off my face.How did he do it?What was he?I had so many questions but there were too many to think straight.
"What?"Alec asked as he saw my face go into a deep thought face.
I stared into his eyes for a second and sighed to keep myself sane."H-how?"I asked stuttering and I figured out I was still freezing.I shivered.
He looked down and mumbled to himself.He looked up and sighed."Ok...well lets see here, how do I start?I can change into a wolf and I don't know why.But all we know right now is that it's random.I mean its all boys if you count that.You might say that I just came out of the Twilight Series, but we aren't really considered werewolves, like they said we are more like shapeshifters, only we go into the shape of wolves.So it sounds better if we way werewolves.I am huge for a wolf but that's also unknown, and we can go real fast.We haven't really tested how fast we can go, but it is definitly faster than a ferrari or any racecar for that fact.Everything what the Twilight Series said is true, the healing,the temperature thing, and the speed like I said. But a couple of things that the Twilight Series forgot was that each wolf has a unique feature.Like..."He trailed off when he looked at my face."Ok we'll talk about this later, but you are in worse shape than before and this time do not pass out.I think you'll actually like it as long as you hold on."He smiled excitedly."I haven't tried this before."
I watched him walk behind the tree and strip off his clothes quickly and the sound like overstretched fabric tearing.Then the same dark tan wolf came out from behind the tree.I steadied myself as he came closer.His face was above my head if he came really close, and his chin would still be a couple inches above my head.He was absolutely humongous.He came five feet in front of me and leaned down so he was crouched on the ground.I looked at him confused.He gestured his head at his back and then at me, then back at his back.I finally understood, he wanted me to get on his back.I walked up to his huge mass and climbed up on his back.His fur was a little course but on his neck it was softer.I leaned down so my head was resting on the back of his neck and wrapped my arms around part of his neck.He stood up slowly and started to walk which was like a jog for a human.When he saw I wouldn't fall off he went into a trot which was a little faster, and soon we were flying through the forest.He ran with such grace, I didn't slip at all.I watched as trees flew by and then we leaped over the creek.I smiled and leaned up a little letting the cold wind slap at my face and my hair whip behind.Such an adrenaline rush, and I liked the feeling of it as it rushed through my veins.He seemed to enjoy it too because he cut it close to trees and leaped over the creek more than he needed to.He seemed to dance and prance around with such fun.I leaned down again to get warm, because he was like a huge heating pad.I pushed my face against his soft fur on his neck and rubbed the side of his neck.He made a sound of contentment in the back of his throat and I giggled at the noise.I listened to his heart beat as it kept a steady beat, like a drum, and his breathing, deep and even.Then we were slowing into a walk and I sat up.I saw the edge of the woods ahead of us.He stopped and crouched down so I could get off.As I got off I noticed something on his back leg, I looked closer and saw that a couple winds of string were holding his clothes on his leg.So that's how he did it, I thought to myself.
I stepped a couple steps away and felt the cold air finally touch me.I shivered,but covered my eyes to give Alec some privacy.I heard him still in his wolf form, do a chuckle which was like gravel grinding together.After only a minute someone grabbed me around my waist and put me on his shoulder.I opened my eyes and laughed, Alec was carrying me on one shoulder.It felt good laying down with him being warm and all, plus I was pretty tired.I sighed drowsily and rested on him.My eyes drooped closed and my whole body relaxed into a limp mass.The last thing I remembered was being repositioned into a cradle in his arms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My dream didn't make sense.It was just a jumble of swirling colors.But then the more I looked at it they started to come out more clear, Alec smiling,Mom packing in the house, my brother on our way to Hudsonville. They started to get more violent as I saw Alec's sad face at my front door, him yelling at me, Darren yelling at Alec, all of them seemed to hit me again and again.I fought to get out of this torture and was relieved as I started to feel the reality come back.
A consistant beeping was coming nearby and it was starting to get annoying.I also felt something squeezing my ring finger with the lightest of pressure and the uncomfortable feeling of something sticking in my arm.And to top things off I was layered with alot of blankets, and it was getting really hot underneath.I also felt something under my nose and cool air going up my nose and also something cold laying on top of my head.Probably ice on the spot where I hit my head on the rock.I slowly opened my eyes.I was in a pure white room, I mean PURE white.The walls were white, the tile,the curtains,etc.,I must be in the hospital after I looked around for a second.Then I heard someone snoring, I looked to my left and saw Alec with his head leaning against the wall, sleeping in a plush white chair.I stopped a giggle from coming out of my mouth so I wouldn't wake him.I stomach gurgled unhappily at the emptyness that filled it.I looked around until I found a red button on the wall behind me that said "Push for Assistance".I pushed it and soon after, a short lady with lavender scrubs walked in.
"Hey hun' how you doin'?" She asked me and scribbled some stuff on the clipboard she was holding.
"Tired, but I was kinda wondering if I could get some food or something. I'm kind of hungry," I said in a quiet voice. My throat felt rough and dry, kind of sore too when I think about it.
"Ok,hun', I'll send someone in to give you your...."She glanced at her watch."Breakfast."
I watched her leave the room and looked around for a clock. I saw the one on the wall and saw it was 3 o'clock in the morning. Then I felt my eyes droop heavily and I was asleep even before my breakfast came.

I woke up feeling much more awake and definitly starving. My stomach felt like it was eating itself and that didn't feel so good.I opened my eyes and looked around. I gasped as I saw Alec's face right next to mine to the left, he had pulled the chair up next to my bed and had his head laying on my pillow. He started to laugh and I laughed right with him until my stomach growled so loud I heard over my laugh.I sighed and rubbed my stomach.
"Hungry?" He asked
"No I'm Hungarian,"I laughed.
He laughed with me and then sighed."What do you want?"
"Hmmm....what do they have at this lovely restraunt?"
"I think I saw an old guy in a wheel chair eating chocolate pudding....though I think you'll eat it better than him. He kind of shared his chocolate pudding with his lap, not quite making it to his mouth," he laughed.
"Yes chocolate pudding does sound really good. Can you go get me some?" I said quickly.
"Yeah,sure be right back." He stood up and walked silently out the door.
I leaned up and started stripping blankets back until I had about two out of the six left on.I sighed and leaned back.All better.I looked at the clock and saw it was now six-thirty.I yawned and sat up straight when Alec came in with about six cups of chocolate pudding.
"Geez I'm hungry,but six cups?"I laughed.
"Hey your not the only one who's hungry," he accused.
I sighed and reached my hand out. "Gimme, gimme"
He rolled his eyes and gave me two of the cups with a spoon. I tore the top of one and shoveled the pudding in, the spoon overflowing with pudding.He looked at me and laughed.I smiled at him, pudding still in his mouth. He pretended to gag, and I rolled my eyes swallowing the glob of pudding down.I ate the rest of the cup in about four bites, then licked it out with my tongue.I kind of made a mess at that part and ended up getting chocolate pudding all over my face.
"It's a good thing I grabbed some napkins,"he laughed. He wiped my face getting the pretty white napkin brown smeared.
I rolled my eyes when he was done and moved on to the next cup making less of a mess. By the time I was done with that pudding cup all the rest had disappeared. I looked around, but came up empty until I saw Alec quickly shoveling in the rest of a pudding cup. I glared at him.
"What?" He said innocently.
"Aww, nothing..." I sighed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Winter Break(a couple days later)

The snow crunched under our feet as Alec and I went on a walk down my road. Our breath fogged out from our mouthes. I rubbed my hands together,which I regretfully forgot to put gloves on. Alec grabbed my hands and rubbed them in between his. His hands were almost painfully warm as my cold hands were heated up.
I smiled at him. "Thanks."
I looked up at me. "No problem, just helping a lady as much as I can," he smiled.
He let go of one of my hands, which I shoved in the pocket of my winter coat, and held the other in his hand.

We ended up at Rush Creek Park where we had first met, and that sent me into a smile.We headed toward the forest, which Alec seemed to know better than anything, and stroded along the trail.I looked around at the frosty,white pine-trees that lined the trail. I touched a needle and a small piece of ice dropped from the tip. We walked along this trail until we came to the end where there was vast woods around. We were turning around to head back when a low growl came from behind us.
Alec spun around shielding me from whatever was hiding. Two large wolves loped out from behind a large tree, definitly other werewolves. Alec's arms seemed to shiver as if he was cold as they moved closer. The largest one on the left was a dark silver and the smaller one on the right was a chocolate brown. Both wolves growled at the same time and crouched low to the ground. Then things seemed to be set in slow motion, as the large wolf leaped towards us. Alec pushed me us to the ground and the wolf sailed over us and fell against a tree. Alec jumped up and sprinted towards the chocolate brown wolf that was approaching us. He fell foward shivering and then the dark tan wolf was sprinting towards the brown wolf. Alec's clothes fluttered lazily towards the ground as I stared in horror at the dark silver wolf walking my way. First I saw Alec throw the chocolate wolf into a tree then he rammed his shoulder against the silver one as it tried to reach me. Alec ran to my side and kneeled down low enough for me to climb on. I scrambled to my feet and hopped on his back. Then we were racing by the trees, as fast as I have ever been in my whole life. I heard following growls and large paws thudding against the ground, racing behind us. I turned my head and saw the two large wolves sprinting right at our tail, literally. Just then Alec took a sharp left turn and I had to grab on to a couple tufts of fur to keep on.I positioned myself better on his back and held on for dear life.Then I suddenly was whipped off when Alec disappeared from under me. I crashed hard to the cold ground and slid to a stop, missing all the trees. I turned to see Alec being thrown against a tree by the large silver wolf, with a crack. Then I saw the other wolf loping towards me with an evil look on its face. I scrambled to my feet and started running away from it. I knew that it would catch me easily but I ran, weaving in between trees. The wind was knocked suddenly from my lungs as something knocked me flat to the ground. I turned over just as a large brown paw laid itself on my stomache. But it didn't stop there. Little by little it started to crush me. I gasped for air and fumbled to get the paw off me. Black spots started to block out my vision and my arms fell limp. I heard the yelps and growls from somewhere close by, but the sounds started sounding like they were coming from the opposite end of a long tunnel.Just then something large crashed against the chocolate brown wolf, allowing my crushed lungs to fill with air. I got a few gulps of air and then everything went black.
I was first aware I was awake when I heard voices humming around me. At first I couldn't understand them, but I concentrated a little harder and I started making out what they said.
"It was a good thing you guys came at the time you did. I don't think I could have held them by myself much longer,"Alec murmured.
"Yeah I don't know what they were doing all the way over here.I mean they came from far north in the Upper Peninsula.I can't quite figure it out still,"An unfamiliar voice murmured back.
"Well hopefully Zach,Darren, and Caleb can catch up to them and knock some sense into them,"Alec murmured back hopefully.
Tired of listening to them talk for the brief time I groaned annoyed.
"Emily!?How do you feel?Are you hurt?"Alec said when I opened my eyes.
I smiled and sat up."Oh chalax I've been worse. Just my stomach ache's a little,but otherwise I'm good.Except I could use a better coat,"I murmured rubbing my hands together.
"Here let me help you up,"Alec said standing up.
I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up with ease.I noticed another guy about my age leaning against a tree not far away.He was not much shorter than Alec and he had nice mahogany brown hair that was cut at a decent length.Plus his skin was the same copper brown as Alec'sHe was looking away towards who knows what until he seemed to notice me looking at me. He turned his head my way and his pretty emerald green eyes bore into mine. I gaped at him until he smiled and I looked at the ground quickly to hide my blush of embarressment.Once my face felt less hot I looked up but this time in the direction of Alec.
"So when are we going to get out of here? It is kind of cold for a human compared to werewolves,"I pointed out.
"Oh, um...yeah." He looked at the mahogany-haired boy."Hey I'm going to take Emily to Darren's. When the others get back will you tell them to meet at his place so we can figure out all this nonsense?"
"Yeah,sure." He waved at us as Alec turned to go.
After we walked out into the forest, well out of werewolf hearing range,I looked up at Alec as we walked.
"So, who was that boy?"I asked.
He looked down at me. "Oh, that was Quinton. But all of us just call him Quin.He and I practically grew up together, so him and I are pretty close."
"Cool,"I answered back as I processed that.
As I was starting to get cold, the woods suddenly opened up into small clearing, where a small house was centered in the middle. The sidding was a sky blue color and the roof was black and shaped in a triangle. The house had a couple of small windows and a welcoming wood door so it was just like a normal home. Well except the face it was practically in the middle of the woods.
We walked up to the house and Alec opened and held the door open for me. It took me a moment to see in the dim lit house but after a minute I could see around better. I saw that it had about 5 rooms, counting the dining room in front of the kitchen and the living room to the right. For I was standing in the kitchen and to my right was a hallway off of the living room that had two doors connected to it. I guessed one was a bedroom and one was a bathroom. I walked up to the counters and ran my hand over the smooth yellow surface. The yellow matched the checkered yellow tile and the yellow fridge, so it gave me a warm sense of home. Then a thought suddenly hit me.
"Wait a sec. You said this was Darren's place...he's only like what....16 or 17?" I questioned Alec.
"Well it isn't actually his. It's his very rich and generous gift from his parents,"he answered back smoothly.
I thought about that for a minute.
"So are his parents in on this?"
"No...they don't know that he's a werewolf or in that fact all of us are. They thought it was....a...well, like a tree house, you could say. Except it's on the ground and all," He tried to explain.
"Oh. Well I guess they are quite generous," I said looking around again.
The place wasn't very shabby. The living room to the right had a nice sized couch,lazy boy, and t.v. in it and the dining room had a large dark wood table and chairs centered in it. Definitly made for a bunch of werewolves, I thought smugly.
"So...when are the rest going to get here?"I asked, a bit impatient.
He grabbed my hand and led me into the living room and we sat on the couch. He looked expectently at the door. "About now."
Four tan,symmetrical boys walked in the door. Two I vaguelly recognized, two I did not. They walked in and walked to different places. The boy from back in the forest,Quin, walked and sat down next to Alec. The others mostly milled around the kitchen and dining room area. Then Darren walked into the living area and sat in the chair opposite to the couch.The rest of the...pack, came into the living room and sat next the Quin and Alec. I scooted over so there was enough room for everyone. Then the attention was centered on Darren.
"So we have recently discovered that two Upper Peninsula werewolves have decided to come down into our territory for whatever reason they had. It was fine until they decided to assault us in an unfriendly manner. So it is our job now, to figure out what their reasoning was,"he started off in a deep, formal tone.
Alec cleared his throat and Darren looked at him expectently. "I have a theory. When those werewolves attacked Emily and I, they didn't seem to be going after me. I think...they were going after Emily. I don't know why they were going after her, but I think that was their main idea."
Darren comprehended that and nodded. "Now that we know, or think they are going after, we have to figure out....why."
They all looked at me, trying to figure out how I might be different or valuable. I mean I don't think they would find anything. I'm just a normal 13 year old girl in Middle School. I'm no werewolf with super human strength, nor can I shape-shift into a horse-sized wolf.
When Darren came up with nothing, he ended the conversation.
"Well, now that we've run them far off our territory they aren't a concern at this time. Quin and Alec we got some info on these wolves you might want to know. They both come from a pack about the size of ours in the Upper Peninsula. They are called the Upsula's. We have encountered issues with this pack in the past, but they haven't made problems for about twenty years now. So they have an all new pack, which probably is better and stronger if they are going against us head-on."
The werewolves processed that for a moment and then they got up and raided the fridge that was stuffed with pop and all kinds of junk food. While the werewolves ate very noisily and boyishly around the house I walked out the door quietly, into the crisp winter air. Just what I needed, fresh,cold air. I blew a warm jet of air out and watched the fog float upwards. I walked around the house and came up to a snow covered tire swing under a large oak tree. I wiped off the snow and sat on the tire. I swung back and forth thinking,just thinking.
So...a large group of werewolves whom I didn't even knew existed are after me and so far it looks like they want to kill me? I sighed a gust of air in irritation. Why me? I mean ever since I met Alec everything has gone downhill. My mom and brother die on the same day,I run away,I end up in the hospital,I run away from the hospital and now I'm a missing child, and now a group of stinking horse-sized wolves is after me while another group of horse-sized wolves is protecting me! I am a regular mortal human and all this crap about werewolves was giving me a nasty head ache. And I have no one to vent to....not even my mom...or dad...or even my brother. I leaned my head against the thick,coarse rope and let the tears roll down my cheeks in irritation and despair.I stayed in the position until a familiar warm hand touched my shoulder.I looked up and Alec was standing there looking at me with a face of guilt and sadness.
"I'm ruining your life." Is all he said simply.He looked down at the ground and kicked at the snow.
I sighed and my tattered emotions strained against his statement.
"Alec--"I rubbed the sides of my temple."I can't do this right now."
"Why not,Emily?We both know it's true and it is hurting us both. I look in your eyes and I see your regret and suffering but I see you fighting just trying to make this work," He looked me squarly in the eye."I want you to know that I'm trying hard to make it work too. I feel emotions for you that I can't be without. Just thinking about being without you makes me feel sick."
The idea being without him made my heart cry out but it came as tears. I wiped at the relentless tears that washed down my face.
"This is ridiculous,"I said in a tear tinged voice. I untangled myself from the swing and buried my face into his shirt, wrapping my arms around him. He hugged me tightly to him. My tears soaked his shirt as we stood there,his head resting on my head, swaying side to side.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hmm I get the grand couch as my bed. My favorite,"I said with heavy scarcasm.
"Hmm well you're lucky to get the couch. I get the grand floor thanks to you,"He teased me from on the floor next to my couch.
I rolled my eyes and cacooned myself deeper in the covers so the blankets covered my nose.
The silence dragged on and soon Alec's breathing deepened and he started to quietly snore. I closed my eyes and a few moments later images played in my eyelids.Mostly they were of Alec, him at the park, him smiling at me, him in my pinetree,and so on. Then the images started getting harsher. The cold voice of Darren in the woods,the yelps and growls of the enemy wolves, and then the incident with the wolf crushing me. This one lasted the longest. It crushed me slowly and sneer growing on its face. I gasped for air and choked. Blackness was creeping up on me,suffocating me. I clawed at its paw and then it was gone. Then it was the Alec wolf and the silver wolf crouched with their teeth bared at eachother. Before they even lunged at eachother I knew what was going to happen. I screamed at them to stop and ran toward them. But my legs wouldn't move fast enough. The silver wolf lunged at Alec's side and Alec turned his body, but the silver wolf had a plan. The wolf twisted his head and grabbed hold of Alec's unprotected neck. I screamed and fell to ground crying as the silver wolf brought Alec to his last breath. Before Alec died his eyes caught mine and his wolf mouth said one last thing.
I love you.
His eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fell limp. The silver wolf lifted its bloody muzzle and let out a victory growl. His dark eyes found me and he loped towards me. I screamed and tried to get away and then he snarled and his vicous teeth were headed towards my head and....
I woke with a start.
I looked around anxiously, confused on where I was. Then my ears caught the soft snoring of Alec and I fell back relieved. My whole body was sweaty and I was shaking. I jumped over the couch quietly and grabbed my coat. I pulled my coat on and walked out the door,quickly and quietly shutting the door behind me. I shoved my clammy hands into my pockets and started off towards the woods. I knew it was dangerous to be out in the woods with those werewolves on the loose,but the woods gave me a feeling of...peace and quiet. I walked and walked until I reached a break of stream of the main creek.I walked up the the gently moving water and looked in. The clear cold water magnified the collection of pebbles that lay on the bottom while the almost full moon illuminated the water with an eerie glow. I leaned down and dipped my hand in the water and retrieved a pretty dark blue rock and lifted it up to my eyes. It was irregularly shaped and had small grey dots spotting on it.
"Nice pebble you got there,"An unfamiliar voice sounded from behind me.
I turned quickly and narrowed my eyes in the dark. The moon gave little light to the shadow a couple yards away standing by a snow-covered pine tree. The figure walked a couple of steps towards me and I stepped a steps back along the side of the stream. Now that the person had walked out of the shadow of the trees I saw his features better.
He had short black hair and had a grey t-shirt and a pair of dark black jeans on. His eyes were shadowed under his eyebrows and his white teeth gleamed menacingly.
"Who are you?"I whispered shakily.
He laughed in a harsh way and started arcing around me.
"Hmm I guessed you wouldn't recongnize me but I'm Elliot. You may know me better by that nice big chocolate brown dog?"
I took at startled breath and started to stumble away from him. I looked around trying to find and escape route but the stream curved around and surrounded me on both sides. Plus Elliot was blocking my only way of escape, ahead. I backed all the way back, until the water lapped up on the backs of my shoes. Trying to make him hesitate on whatever he was going to do I started talking.
"What do you want?"I said in a little shaky voice.
He stopped walking and looked me in the eyes.
"You."He said simply.
I growled under my breath and tried again.
"What about me? I already have a complicated life with you werewolves."
"That may be, but you are in deeper than you think.You see, our pack and "your"pack are not in good terms with eachother.It may be that you have nothing to do with us werewolves,but I feel to get back at "your"pack that some people they love are going to have to get hurt for what they've done to us."He glared.
"What did "my"pack do to your pack,huh?"I said coldly.
"Oh, so they didn't tell you?"He smiled eviley."You see, not so long ago Darren and I were best buds,believe it or not. We were normal fur,no claws.We were next door neighbors too. As best buds we spent a lot of time with eachother blowing up things,and such. We were also together when...he changed. We were 11 at the time together,and we were at the park,playing on the playset. He was complaining about feeling "funny" and he had a stomach ache but we still played like nothing was wrong. Then, we were on the monkey bars and he suddenly just fell to the ground and crumpled up on the ground. He was vibrating and he was making weird animal noises. I was starting to run to get our moms when he exploded. He was a giant,black wolf and he was staring at me. I screamed and started to run."He closed his eyes and then opened them after a moment.

"Not long after the incident, he disappeared. The searching parties tried their best but came up with no clues. I grieved for my friend and with the heaviness of the emotion I ended up with fur and claws like him. After I changed a group of them came to get me. I refused and I started off by myself. They followed me and then Darren got too impatient and tried to use force to get me to join the pack."He frowned and lifted up the side of his shirt.

I gasped as I took in the white marks on the side of his ribs. Scars lined all over his side,traveling all the way to his back until I couldn't see them anymore.

"I escaped with my life. They thought I would die and left me to fend for myself. Another werewolf fixed me up when he found me later and then the pack just grew from there."He sighed.

I stood frozen,comprehending all of the information.

I couldn't believe what he was saying...I wouldn't...I couldn't. I started shaking my head in denial.

"I'm not lying. All of it fits in place and you know it. Your "pack" of yours aren't the angels you may have known them to be. I'm am not the only victim of them you know,"he spat at me.

"Be quiet,"I whispered coldly at him.

"What you don't want to know the truth? Yes the truth hurts but you have to know what kind of pack of mu-"

"SHUT UP!!!"I snarled at him.

I leaped at him punching at every piece of him I could. I swiped at his face and got a good slap but his hand grabbed my wrist and wrenched it behind my back. He turned me until my back was to him and I was looking out over the water.Something thin and cold was laying just under my chin on my neck. I knew for sure it was a knife. I froze under the touch of it and he laughed.

"Strong,little lady,you are,"he taunted."But not strong enough."

He walked me over to a tree stump,quickly taking something off the top and strapped it around the wrist he held, and then cranked my other arm back and wound it around that one too. I winced and hissed in pain.

"Shut up,"He growled at me and threw me on my knees.

My knees hit the hard packed snow and I slid to my side. I struggled to sit up. His foot crushed against my face, and my head slammed against the ground. I remember a sharp,stabbing pain in the side of my head and my sudden scream of pain. But I don't remember the end of the scream when everything went dark.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Upsula Pack

I was first coming to it when I felt something warm and fuzzy,running underneath me. I mumbled sleepily and winced at the monster of a headache that was brewing in my head. My body ached from the odd way I was laying;I was laying on my stomach,my legs dangling of the side,bumping against whatever was underneath me,and my head was dangling of the other side,bumping into the side like my legs. I was too combobulated to figure out what exactly I was on, so I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes were a bit blurry at first but I blinked a couple of times and they became clear. My head was bobbing against the side of something chocolate brown and furry. I tried to reach out and touch it but my hands were strapped behind my back. Then everything started to come to me. I suddenly became panick-stricken and I started to wiggle,trying to loosen the strap on my wrists. I also noticed my ankles were bound in the same fashion as my wrists. The wolf underneath me,which I guessed was Elliot started to slow down. Then suddenly he stopped and I flew forward rolling over his neck and then flying of the top of his head. I flew towards the ground,but something caught my belt,and I lost my breath. I was hanging in the air,a werewolf biting my belt,my hair touching the ground, and I was getting a little bored and I was getting a major head rush.

"Do something already!"I hissed at him.

He released his grip on my belt and I thudded to the ground.

"Gosh you stupid werewolf,I didn't mean that,"I groaned,straining to sit up.

A grunt escaped his mouth.

I sighed and looked around. Oh great,I thought to myself. All I could see that was around me was trees,rocks,and well,more trees. Also I could see we had stopped by a small stream,with pretty little waterfalls.

He picked me up by the back of my coat and dropped me by the water. I was inching towards the water when he walked away and went behind a tall spruce.

I had finally made it to the water when he came to the stream.He didn't say anything and just slurped up water in his palms.

I held my face over the water and tilted my head slightly and slurped up the water. I was taking my last drink when I sucked water up my nose. I blew out my nose,spraying a combination of water and snot into the water.

"Oh,nice. That's absolutely nasty,"Elliot said next to me slurping up the rest of the water in his palms.

"Well maybe if you hadn't cow-tied me I wouldn't have to spray snot into the water,"I shot back.

He sneered."It is for your own good."

"And how would you know my own good, huh?"I remarked.

I looked at me confused.

"Exactly."I wiggled and got myself into a seating position.

I moved my legs until they were underneath me and struggled to get to my feet.

I glared coldly at Elliot as he started to put his arms out to help me up.

"Do NOT touch me or I SWEAR I WILL bite a finger,or MORE, off YOUR hand," I growled at him.

"Whatever,"he said unattachedly. But he backed off.

I was managing to get to my feet when I heard branches snapping and the rustling of plants coming from the opposite side of the stream. My heart swelled with hope, wishing it was Alec coming to safe me.

But my heart thumped sadly as a dark silver wolf loped out into the clearing with two wolves trailing behind it. The two wolves behind the silver one paused and walked behind a large evergreen,where I guessed they were phasing. I silver wolf nodded its' large head at Elliot and started coming my way. I started wiggling backwards, when in a split moment a boy stood before me. Startled, I lost balance and started to fall backwards. The boy's hands shot out at an amazing speed,snagging the front of my coat. He gently lowered me to the ground,before he released my coat. He turned towards Elliot.

"This is the one?" he asked in bewilderment.

I growled to myself about why he would me fools gold being compared to some giant diamond.

"Yep,"Elliot murmured with quiet pride. "I figured out that Darren wasn't dating anyone,but then I found her hanging out with the second in command. So, might as well mix this up a little bit."

"Hmm...good choice,"the silver-wolf-man murmured."This should be quite interesting."

I glared at the silver-wolf-boy. He was tall and tan, I observed. But it seems like it's the way all these freaky werewolves are. His hair was a solid black and it lay in a messy manner on his head as if he had just woken up. He looked maybe a year to a year and a half older than me. He had a long hawk nose and menacing black eyes under bushy eyebrows. His hair momentarily fell into his face and he shook his head.

Just then,the two other wolf-dudes came up laughing quietly. I noticed quickly that they didn't mind about bare chests. They were only wearing loose vans shoes and knee long shorts....and it is winter. I felt embarassed at the fact and looked down,managing to play with my fingers behing my back.

I felt the snow melting beneath my "bottom" and it was started to make my pants wet. I sighed impatiently.

"So leader silver-wolf-person, what's going to happen now?" I said.

"First of all my name is not 'leader silver-wolf-person', my name is Blake. Second of all it is none of your-"he was cut off by a far away howl.

The boys perked up,alert.

Blake got into immediate action.

"Phase and lets move out. Sounds like they've caught our trail."

The two boys jogged behind a tree and seconds later, a gold and a blue-black wolf loped into view. Blake removed a black object out of his pocket. I recoiled when he pushed a button and a blade popped out. He started to come towards me and I shoved away from him with my feet. He grabbed my ankles and dragged me forward,impatiently. He slashed at the rope on my ankles and it fell loose. He grabbed the rope and shoved his,now closed, knife in his pocket. He lifted me up at my shoulders and led me to(the now wolf-formed)Elliot. Elliot laid down and Blake put me on his back. I struggled to stay balanced,so Blake took the rope and wound it around Elliot's neck and tied it around my waist. I leaned forward so I was laying on his neck,as Elliot started to run at an amazing speed. A silver blur darted in front and soon Elliot was flanked with a gold and a blue-black wolf.

The running lasted for a long time. I didn't have a clock, but to judge how long it was...about noon to when the sun was almost under the horizon. I sat up for the lack of being bounced around and groaned tiredly. As I sat up my back cracked and I winced. Elliot was still walking like the other wolves, breathing a bit heavily. I curiously poked my finger in under his neck fur and was suprised of how hot it was. I shivered as the cold suddenly came to me after not being stuck to a stinking giant radiator. What caught my interest was what was ahead.

The forest opened up and some ancient boulders lay in the middle of the clearing. On top of those rocks stood more--you guessed it-- werewolves. Three werewolves stood on top and as they spotted us they jumped down one by one and walked towards us. There was a pure black wolf,a rust colored wolf, and a tan wolf with speckles on its back. As they walked they seemed to morph back into human form with each step. And by the time they reached us they were human. As I looked I saw that Blake had done the same.

They walked up to eachother and they each looked eachother in the eye and bowed. Weird I thought. They started talking quietly to eachother, the other werewolf shapeshifter people looked at me now and again. I inwardly shivered and pulled on Elliot's hair and his skin twitched.

Suddenly the werewolf shapshifters stopped talking and looked quickly to their left. The still phased werewolves crouched and backed up with their teeth showing and growls rolling out. The sun was just going below the horizon and I struggled to see what was coming.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



I saw five sets of eyes glow in the almost darkness. Elliot underneath me had his hackles up and his chest vibrated with each ferocious growl.

Then I heard a snarl from the group of floating eyes.


My heart beat loudly in my chest with anticipation. They've come for me! I felt Elliot backing away. No,no,no,no! I wanted to go towards the eyes. I struggled with the rope around my waist that secured me to Elliot. Finally it came undone and I managed to leap of his back. I sprinted towards the other werewolves,slipping on the slippery snow. Something tackled me hard from the side and I slid across the cold snow. Air was knocked out of me with an oof. I tried to get up but someone held me down. I did a human snarl and kicked and punched and scratched at my attacker. I heard him cuss and I kicked him in the privates and he fell off me. I scrambled up and ran towards the now fast moving eyes. A pair of eyes of rapidly coming towards me and I ran towards them.


We finally reached eachother and I hugged his large neck.His neck put pressure on my back in a wolf-like hug. Tears rushed out of my eyes. I felt Alec stiffen a split second before I was thrown into the air. I was flipping through the air until just before I hit the ground Alec snagged my coat. He tossed me in the air and I landed on his back. I grabbed tufts of his hair and tightly held on with my legs. I didn't realize I was saying anything until I got hair in my mouth.

I love you.I love you, my voice said.

Wind rushed by and time was put in fast forward. Blackness surrounded us and trees whistled by.

When I was almost asleep I was aware of warm arms holding me and the sounds of feet on snow.

"I love you too,"I heard Alec whisper.I opened my heavy lids and looked up at the face that felt like home to me, my savior.

I slightly smiled and then warm lips were on my own. My head swam and my body felt on fire. My hand went up and carressed the side of Alec's face.

After what seemed like forever the lips lifted from mine and I slowly opened my eyes. Alec's golden brown eyes glowed like when he was a wolf.

Angel eyes.

I smiled and he smiled back.

I felt my smile fade as my eyes close and I snuggled into Alec's arm and chest. Then the sweet bliss of sleep surrounded me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * ** * * * * ** * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * ** * *

Warm.Soft.Warm and soft. Where was I? My mind was starting to work faster as I slowly woke up. I remembered what had happened yesterday...or however long ago it was.My stomach melted and my heart beat faster as I thought about Alec. Where was Alec now? Why was it so warm?

I blinked my blurry eyes.

At first I was seeing double. Gosh, how long did I sleep?

Finally my eyes cleared and I saw normal.I was looking up at the sky. Trees blocking out the sky. I was outside on...?

Alec, I soon discovered.

He was in his wolf form and curled up. I lay against him, his tail curled up around me. Then I noticed we weren't alone.

Quin was curled up right snug up to Alec and the rest of the pack was curled up together next to them. Except I noticed, Darren.

I looked around and saw him in human form a little ways away. I somehow managed to get out of the wolf group without waking any of them and headed towards Darren.

"You okay?"I managed to whisper.

He cleared his throat."Yeah. Fine."

"You don't look fine," I said. Under his eyes were bags and his eyes were red.

"I'm just a little tired."

I sighed, giving up.

Silence followed after that.

"So...until all the others wake up you mind telling me some stuff about"I said.

Darren seemed relieved and he nodded."What would you like to know?"

"How could those...other werewolves shapeshift like that?"

"They are old and have dark magic on their side. Messing with them was definitly not on my list."

"Can you shapeshift like them?"

"Yes.But only because I'm older."

"Okay.How do you become a werewolf?"I asked,hesitantly.

He stole a glance at me but then looked straight."The usual way...bite. But the teeth have to break the skin and our saliva has to get into the bloodstream."

"Is it painful?"

"Yes. I would say so. Our saliva thickens up your blood a bit and your skin changes to a darker shade and that feels like your skin is burning. Then the whole changing into a wolf thing is a bit painful at first.But once you get used to phasing then it doesn't's just uncomfortable," Darren said.


He looked at me.

"Anything else?"

" Are the Old werewolves going to come back?"I whispered.

He sighed."I don't really know. But I don't think they are done with us yet. I guess we will just have to be on our guard. They have retreated back North so we have a while."

I nodded.

I heard a sniffle of one of the werewolves and then all of them seemed to be awake.

Darren and I turned and watched one by one they got up and stretched. Alec blinked his eyes a couple of times,noticed me, and trotted over.

His face lowered until we were seeing eye to eye. I smiled and touched the fur on his muzzle. It was coarse but it glistened. I grabbed his snout and kissed his wet nose. In return he drenched my face in slobber.

"Well,thank you,Alec. I didn't need a bath at this moment in time but it would be nice to have a regular one sometime,"I said.

Alec looked over at Darren and only then did I notice he was phased. They shared a conversation with a couple of grunts,ducking of the head, and motioning with the head.

Darren closed his eyes for a moment and then he was human again.

"Alec is going to take you to my place to shower up. It will take a little while for we are about an hour away. We will meet up with you later."Darren said.

I nodded and then scrambled on top of Alec's back and then we were off!

The wind made my eyes water and my hair whip behind my head. I smiled at the rush but soon had to lean down because the wind was quite chilly.

Before I knew it we were at Darren's place. I climbed off Alec's back and he excused himself to behind a tree.

Soon he came out and he smiled at me. I grabbed his hand and we walked inside.

"Bathroom is second door in the hallway to the right and if you look under the sink in the cupboard there should be some towels. And I hope you don't mind using cheap stuff on your hair cause we get the off brand stuff."He said.

"Yah no problem. Any shower at all is heaven at his point,"I said.

"One problem though,"He said.


"Want some other clothes?"He said motioning to my dirty clothes that lay upon me.

"Yes please."I said touching my dirty clothes.

He headed down to the first door in the hallway and soon came back with some sweatpants and a big t shirt and sweatshirt.

"They'll be big but nice and clean,"He said.

I grabbed the clothes and smiled up at him.

"I think you forgot something,"I said

"And what would that be?"He questioned.

"This."I said quickly and stood on my toes and kissed him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed me around the waist pulling me closer. We stood there for sometime until we hesitantly broke apart.

"You probably should get showered before the others come,"He said breathlessly.

I managed to nod and dizzily headed to the bathroom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The shower felt fabulous! Plus the added high of Alec's kiss made it even better. I took a long...I mean LONG shower, enjoying the warm water and the smell of cleansiness. Finally when the water became cold I hopped out. I dried my body quickly and wrapped my long hair in the towel. I eyed the clothes I left on the counter and picked them up. I held the navy blue sweatpants up to my hips and noticed that I would need to roll the bottoms up and somehow keep the pants up. I slipped them on and looked for strings to tighten the waist line. I sadly noticed there were no strings and looked around for something to tie around my waist like a belt but couldn't find anything. Holding my pants up with one hand,I managed to pull on the large sweatshirt. I pulled of the towel on my head and put it on a hook to dry and walked out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam. I felt like one of those guys who had to hold their pants up just to a gangster. I laughed inwardly to myself. I turned the corner and startled I paused.

Two of the were-guys were wrestling on the ground the others wooting and cheering them on. Alec saw me and opened his arms. I tiptoed around the growling guys wrestling on the ground and curled up on Alec's lap. I noticed that Quin and Darren were the two wrestlers and noticed that Darren was definitly winning. Quin was pinned on the ground while Darren managed to climb on him and keep him down. Quin threw a punch and hit Darren in the jaw. Darren fell sideways giving Quin the chance to tackle him. But then Darren recovered quickly and got a nice punch on Quin's nose. My nose hurt like my nose had just gotten punched the same moment it happened to Quin. The fight stopped as blood started coming out of Quin's nose.

"Oh,just great..."Quin growled as he put his head backwards trying to control the blood.

Darren got up and went down the hall. He returned with a box of tissues and he rustled Quin's hair like he was a little boy.

I just noticed then that something warm was dribbling down my lip. I put my hand up to my nose and I saw blood on my hand. I leaned my head back.

"Quin I'm going to need some of those tissues. I have a nose bleed too." I murmured to the ceiling.

The box of tissues was thrown against the couch and Alec plucked some out and held them to my nose. I took over my nose as he started cleaning blood that had trailed down to my chin.

"Weird that you two got bloody noses at the same time,"Said one of the were-guys.

After about 10 minutes Quin's nose stopped the same time my stopped bleeding. Things were getting weirder every second.

Darren offered to make soup and I happily agreed.

Some of the were-guys went outside and had a snowball fight and I agreed to do that too,but Alec wouldn't let me go outside.

That left Quin,Alec,and I in the living room and Darren busily making soup.

Quin was picking at the carpet while I cozily snuggled into Alec's chest. He was slowly running his hands through my long wet hair. It soothed me and I started dozing. I heard Darren say the soup was done and managed to murmur some kind of answer but fell asleep soon after to the sound and vibration of Alec's laughter.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I awoke slightly to an annoying pain that was going through my body. I ignored it until it started to get worse. I opened my eyes to total darkness and heard someone outside. I got off the couch to get something for the pain that seemed everywhere now and it was getting worse. I ground my teeth and opened the door just in time to see Quin punch Alec in the side of the head. The pain in my head flared and tears beaded in my eyes. I heard a snarl and saw through my blurry eyes Alec phase and Quin phase right after, ripping their clothes apart. They charged eachother with their teeth bared and collided with a large crash. Then they started clawing and biting at eachother.

Each time they scratched and bit eachother my body was sent into agony. I cried out and fell to the ground outside the house. They didn't seem to notice that I was there, let alone that I was hurting. The pain continued on as they fought and my body was going to the limits of agony that it could hold. I let out a piercing scream as the pain became to much to handle. I heard a pause in their fighting and the sound of footsteps behind me in the house. The pain had stopped but my body was shaking hard and sweat covered my body, plastering my hair to my neck and forehead. I collapsed from the position of my hands and knees and curled into a fetal position as I heard someone nearby. Hands grabbed at me and I cried out in pain as my skin felt like it was on fire where they touched. That touch sent me over the edge and I passed out.

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Comment by Kristen on December 25, 2009 at 11:41am
Lol. Funny, Paul. Merry Christmas. Loved the addition. Very cool. Can't wait for more.
Rawr, Paul.
Comment by Wolf Gal--Emily Wolfe on December 24, 2009 at 10:39pm
Ok,ok! Let's not get snippy with all this Holiday Cheer around! :P fine i'll write more :D
rawr kristen :P
Comment by Kristen on December 22, 2009 at 1:02pm
PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITE MORE OR I WILL SEND THE EVIL WOLVES ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Wolf Gal--Emily Wolfe on December 2, 2009 at 8:56pm
lol sorry i try but i'm a bit busy with a lot of other things.
Comment by Stefan and Elena Salvitor on November 25, 2009 at 3:12pm
this book is amazing. i really love it.
Comment by shaslik on October 9, 2009 at 9:47am
thx alot can't wait 4 more
Comment by Wolf Gal--Emily Wolfe on October 8, 2009 at 4:19pm
thanks :D and I will try, right now I am very busy.
Comment by Jalissa☆C.--ILoveTwilight Ѽ on October 5, 2009 at 11:26pm
Great story, please keep writing and keep me up dated please and thanks
Comment by Wolf Gal--Emily Wolfe on October 3, 2009 at 3:18pm
Yeah i guess I could make her one...good idea Kristen :D.Luv the pic!
Comment by Kristen on October 3, 2009 at 11:08am
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