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I never really thought you-Chapter 2-Summers over,Welcome Fall

"Lily, Come on." Matt said tugging on my arm. "No. I have to get her." I said pulling away from him. I ran to my sister on the floor. "Deliah come on." I said tugging on her. She was too heavy. The smoke was burning my eyes. My skin started feeling like it was on fire. "Please, Deliah get up." I said screaming. My lungs were screaming for air. "Deliah looked at  me. " "Go, Lily." "Go,Now." She said. I looked at my sister. I kissed her lightly. "I love you." I said in a whisper. I felt someone grab my arm. I looked to see it was Matt. We ran through the house. I fell to the ground. Matt covered me. I heard the explosions.  A jolt of pain ran through me. I knew she was gone.


I woke up with a sweat and tears running down my face. "Tap,Tap,Tap" I heard rocks hitting the window. I walked over already knowing it was him. I knew opening the window was wrong. But i needed him. Just to see him. I opened the window. The cool summer air hitting me. He climbed up letting himself in. I looked at him my heart just fluttering from him standing in front of me. I saw the anger in his eyes but i also saw the pain. "So you and Summers Hun?" He said anger in all traces of his voice. "Back to Natalie hun?" I said in the same tone. Matt shook his head. He walked closer to me. "You know she's not important." He said. I looked at him. "Am i important Matt?" I said in an angry tone. But i could even hear the pain in my voice. "I love you Lily." Matt said closing the distance between us. I let the tears fall. "But your not in love with me." I said letting the pain show. "Leave, Matt." I said laying and turning away from him. I felt his warm body curl up to mine. I smelled him. I let the tears fall. Knowing tommorow he wouldnt be mine. Knowing summer was fading and fall was apporaching. Taking Matt away from me.



He climbed through my window. I laid down. He climbed in the bed next to me. His scent was invading everywhere. His warmth welcomed. We fit perfectly together. I closed my eyes. Welcoming sleep. I felt his breathe on my ear. "I love you." He said. I smiled. "I love you too." I said in a whisper.


I woke up. My bed cold. My heart broken even more. My eyes puffy. I hated when i let myself think about him. I got up. I took a hot long shower. I got out. I went to my closet. I decided to wear some rainbow paints. I yellow tee. I plugged in my flat iron and flat ironed my hair. I brushed some gold eye shadow across my eyes. I looked at myself. I looked at my jewlery box. I grabbed my rings. I slid one on each finger. I looked at the last one. My eyes welled with tears.



"The stars are beautiful." I whispered in awe of the beautiful night. Matt rubbed my back. "There not as beautiful as you Lily." He whispered in my ear. I looked up at him. "I'm not beautiful." I whispered. Matt sat us up. He pulled me into his lap. "Look at me." "Lily Marie Stills." "You are the most beautiful person i have met in my 17 years." "You are beautiful inside and out." "You feel every emotion." "Your strong but shy at the same time." "Your funny,strange and Sweet." "You have shown me truly what beauty is inside and out." Matt said looking at me seriously. I let the tears fall. Matt wiped them. "Thankyou." I said in a whisper. I bent in whispering on Matt lips. "Thankyou." I whispered. Matt pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away looking at me. I watched his hand go in his pocket and pull out a light green box. He opened it. It held a pretty green Jeweled ring. He slid in on pinky finger. It fit perfectly. I let the tears fall. Not knowing what to say. I pressed my lips to his. He pulled away. "I love you Lily." He whispered agaisnt my lips. "I love you Matt." I whispered.


My phone vibrated. I knew Suzy was here. I grabbed my stuff and ran outside. I got in the car. I looked at Suzy. She smiled. I looked at her outfit. She had on some blue jeans with pink lace. With a black rainbow buttondown. With some pink booties. Her hair was pulled to the side with full curls and a straight bang. "You look amazing." I said. She looked at me. "You do too." She said giving me a nod of approval. She pulled out of the driveway. "I'm so happy." "It's friday." She groaned. I smiled. "Me too." I said. "Were going to party tonight." Suzy said turning the corner. My stomach dropped. "Suze.." I groaned. "Hey i was gone all summer we need to at least go to one summer bash before summer is over." Suzy said with her puppy dog face. "Okay." "So i'll come over at 8 and well get dressed." I nodded. We pulled into the school parking lot. I looked and met eyes with Matt. He looked amazing as always. Suzy parked. I turned my attention to Ian who was walking to the car. Suzy looked at me smiling. Ian reached the car. "Goodmorning lovely ladies." He said opening my door. "Goodmorning handsome." I said smiling. He took my hand helping me out of the car. I looked down his hand warm. He pulled away quickly. "Here let me take that." He said grabbing my stuff. I smiled. "Hey Lil i'm having lunch with Johnathan today." Suzy said giving me a hinting smile. I looked at her giving her the shutup look. "Okay, Suzy i'll see you later." I said. I looked at Ian. "I can hold my stuff." I said shyly. I grabbed my bag. But he held on to the books. "I'm fine." He said. I smiled. "So since Suzy has lunch plans did you maybe want to have lunch with me?" Ian said nervously. I smiled. "Like a date?" I said. Ian looked at me smiling. "Yes." He said a little more confident. "Yeah, i would like that." I said smiling. We walked into class. Matt was sitting. He was reading but i knew he was listening. Ian set my stuff down. "Thankyou, Sir." I said smiling. "You deserve a tip." I said smiling. "Im sure i could find a way for you to repay." Ian said stepping closer to me. My stomach dropped but my heart was fluttering. I smiled. "Icecream?" I said breaking the moment. I felt Matt's eyes burning into me. Ian laughed. Ian bent down and kissed me lightly on the cheek. His hips were soft. I smiled. He looked at me before going to sit down. I smiled. I sat down. I could feel the anger and jealousy coming off of a Matt's body. Class started soon after that. Mr. Roberts started. I felt a nudge in my leg. I saw a piece of paper in my lap.


"I dont want him touching you Lily." Matt scribbled handwriting said. My heart filled with love but also filled with pain.

"Summer's Over." I wrote back.

I felt Matt's eyes land on me. His eyes held pain. My eyes filled with tears. Summer was over. Meaning so was I and Matt.



I hope your enjoying this. Yes it has a twilight connection. So thanks for reading. Please comment.


Songs i wrote/inspired me:



Natalie Walker-Right here

Ingrid Michaelson-

Giving up

The Postal Service-

The District sleeps alone tonight

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Thanks:) I'll try....
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This is awesome!!! Please write more soon, LUV it!!!

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