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I awoke. Silence. Where was I? Whowas I? I didn't know. I strained my ears for some sign of life. There was none. After a few minutes, music started to play softly, but I couldn't recognise the tune. Suddenly, a loud voice spoke, making me jump "Hey boss, I think she's awake." then i was picked up in a fireman's lift and carried bodily into a painfully brightly lit room. Then i was set down in a chair. This was so confusing! "Who am I?" I dared to ask. I immediately regretted speaking, as the man who carried me gave me a frosty stare. "That doesn't matter. What does matter is who you are now. You are Willow Zane, and you are 17 years old" came the answer, a blank monotone from the guy who was reffered to as 'boss'. Something about him set my teeth on edge. "So, uh, where am I? why am I here?" I pressed. All was silent for a moment, then 'boss' answered. "Again, unimportant. But what you do need to know is what to do next. Okay, I'll get straight to it. Our kind, and now, your kind, are not welcome in this part of the city. I will give you but this map, and point you in the right direction. Now. If anyone asks, what is your name?" This came as a huge shock. I had no idea where I was, or who I was, or how to get anywhere... It was all i could do to stutter "Willow Zane.". He nodded, then guided me towards a door. "Travel in that direction until you meet a girl about your height, with short, black hair. She will be waiting for you." He whispered, pointing a finger to the left. Shutting the door, he left me abandoned in the outside world.


I was tired, hungry, and sick of looking for the girl with black hair, who had begun to seem non-existent. I was about to give up and find somewhere to sleep, when a voice said "Hey!" and a girl with short black hair stepped in front of me. I swear, it was a minor miracle. "You're the girl I was supposed to be waiting for, right?" she asked. I nodded, not really sure what to expect. "Cool!" said the girl "I'm Acantha. And you're Willow? Great, you can be my new best friend!" I half chuckled, wondering wether or not she was joking. "You don't say much, do you?" Acantha stated. I swallowed. Her happy-go-lucky personality was a little overwhelming. "Sorry. It's been a long day, y'know?" I said. she nodded in approval "Ah, so it can talk!" she joked. Well. At least I think she was joking "I can be a bit too much for some people to handle. If you want me to shut up, just let me know" she said cheerily "Come on, Hank wasn't just sending you on a wild goose chase you know!". "Hank?" Acantha seemed to have forgotten that I didn't know a whole lot of people. "Oh yeah, sorry, Hank is that guy who gets called boss by the fat one, Dave." She explained. I nodded and we kept walking.


"You look tired." Acantha commented as we passed a bus stop. "I am." I replied. "Dead beat." I really wanted to stop and rest for the night (it was already 11:40) but it didn't seem like the right time to ask. We walked in silence for another couple of minutes, when I finally said "Can we find somewhere to stop for the night?" She just laughed and said "I thoght you'd never ask!"  She then found us a rather nice tree house in someone's back yard. "This'll do." said Acantha. It looked like we had found a good place. whoever owned this thing clearly had sleepovers in there. there were two inflatable mattresses, already inflated, two sleeping bags, and a table full of snacks. We scoffed the food, then crashed out on our mattresses. Today had been the first day I remembered having, it was also the best, the worst, and the only. I just hoped tomorrow would hold some answers to the questions that were buzzing around like bees in my mind.


This is where YOU come in!

Willow will meet another character on the next day of her new life.

Who will it be? Winner gets their character put into chapter 2! Design one and comment below (Their name, age gender, additional info)

Emma xoxo

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Comment by Becka Chapman on February 21, 2012 at 2:31pm
Yeah that would be great! I'd love to help, message me with and queries and thanks for reading mine xoxox
Comment by Emma Smith on February 21, 2012 at 12:27pm

okay, thanks for the character idea. We should help each other out, I could do with a little help when writing. I will read your blog now. xoxo

Comment by Becka Chapman on February 21, 2012 at 8:59am
She should meet someone called zack a few years older than her, he should be really elusive,tall, dark and handsome. He could maybe be related or attached to hank. Willow should have like some kind of connection to him and well toucan do what you want from there........ Xoxoxox please read my blog with the first few chapters of my book on. Maybe we could help each other out??? Xoxox
Comment by Emma Smith on February 18, 2012 at 3:40pm

Please comment xoxo

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