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What if it never happened-Chapter 7-Faith and hope are two different things

I sat behind the counter. The store was quiet today which really didnt brother me. The quiet was nice. I closed my eyes thinking about the kiss. A shy smile crept up on my face. My lips still tingled and i had butterflies exploding in my stomach like they were emerging from their cacoons for the first time. "Hey." Seth whispered. I opened my eyes my smile widened. "Hi." I said. Seth stared at me for a good ten seconds before speaking again. "Do you think after you get off we could hang out?" Seth said quickly like he was nervous. I looked at my phone and spoke before i could think. "Sure, i get off in like 10 minutes." I said. Seth smiled. "I can just wait." Seth said. "Okay." I said. "Did you see there making Killians into a movie?" Seth said. "Yes, finally." I said. Seth nodded. "I heard it's coming out this summer." Seth said. "I know i think they should cast unknown actors." I said. Seth smiled and nodded. "I think they should do that but then again they might pick we'll known people too so people will want to see it." Seth said. I nodded. The ten minutes flew by and before i knew it me and Seth were on the back of his bike. He made me put on a helmet. He started off slow and then i urged him to go faster. Soon his bike was racing down the street. The blood in my viens was going straight to my heart and making it pump faster and faster. But i wasnt afraid i was actually enjoying myself. Seth started to slow and i looked around me at all the little houses. They looked like little old play houses. I smiled. We turned and parked in front of a small yellow house. Seth helped take off the helmet. I was happy i decided to wear my hair curly that day with two braids down the middle with my big pink bow pulling it back. I heard noise and my stomach clenched in nerves. I looked down at my outfit. Nothing fancy just a chanel sweater i got from the thrift store and some leggings i also found. I looked up and Seth was watching me. "You look amazing okay." He said with a sure smile. I smiled and felt better. He stepped closer cuping my face. His hands were warm and they sent warthm through my body. He bent in closely. His breathe sweet and warm reminding me of cinnamon. "There going to love you." He whispered barely touching my lips. I wanted to close the gap but i heard someone come out. "There you are Seth were we waiting." I heard someone say. Seth smiled and pulled away.  "Hey Janaila?" The man said with geniune surprise and happiness in his voice.  I nodded and smiled and waved taking Seth's hand walking towards the house. "Janaila, this is Billy."Seth said with a smile. I smiled and spoke a quiet hello.  Seth squeezed my hand as we walked into the small house. It seemed like everyone was talking and then it got quiet as soon as we walked in. I felt my nerves unclench and then explode. "Everyone this is my friend Janaila." Seth said proudly. I looked up and found him staring back at me with his beautiful smile. Billy cleared his throat and i looked down embarassed. Seth squeezed my hand and i looked up. I looked at everyone and they were all very handsome. "Hi." I said quietly. It seemed like it went from extremely silent to everyone was speaking all at once. I felt relaxed. Seth walked us over to the table and pulled me out a seat next to him. I sat down. A pretty woman with scars on the side of her face handed me a plate. "Hi, Sweetie i'm Emily Uley." She said with a soft smile. I smiled back. "Everything smells great." I said. Her smiled widned. "We'll you see have to feed an army." She said with a small laugh. I nodded. "I can teach you some of Seth's favorites if you want?" She said. "Emily." Seth said in a warning. I looked at Seth. "No, that would be really nice." I said turning back to Emily. She smiled. "Okay." She nodded and walked to the end of the table. "Hi, im Quil." He said with what seemed like a knowing smile. I smiled back. He was cute. He was the same color as Seth. A little bit bigger and had strong masculine features. Someone else spoke up. "Hi, i'm Embry." He said with a small smile. He wasnt as big as Paul and Seth but he was still built and he had more of an almost boyish look to him. "Hi, i'm Paul." I looked and saw who was speaking. I smiled. Paul was about the same size as Quil and he had this look of being the "Bad boy" out of them. "Hiya yeah over here I'm Jared." He looked to be bigger than the rest of them. He was all man but had this laidback look to him. I smiled.


"I'm Sam Uley." An older man spoke. His voice was deep and he had an almost leader tone to it. He smiled a warm smile and it almost felt like he was accepting me in a way. I smiled. "Thank you for having me tonight." I said shyly. "I'm happy to finally meet the infamous Janaila." Sam said looking at Seth. Seth looked down embarrased. "We'll i'm happy to meet all of you Seth always talks about you guys." I said quietly. They all smiled and we all ate. They had me laughing until i felt like i had to pee. I felt relaxed. I looked at my phone and saw it was going on 10. "Seth, you should be getting her home." Sam said. I smiled and hugged Emily. "So, i'll see you next sunday?" Emily said. "Yes." I said returning her smile. I hugged Sam goodbye. Seth took my hand and i waved goodbye to everyone. We walked outside and the air was cool. He helped me put the helmet back on and we got back on the bike. He drove the same speed back to my house. We stopped and he helped me off. He took my hand walking me to the porch. I stood there looking at him. The moon light shined on him giving him a beautiful glow. I smiled. Seth brought his hand slowly placing it on my heart. I felt my heart race and Seth felt it too his eyes never leaving my eyes. I brought my hand slowly tracing the outlines of his face. He bent in letting his warm breathe pan out over my face. He bent in until his lips touched mine. He tasted like honey and i never wanted to forget this taste. This feeling. His hand never left my heart and we both felt the rythm play out softly. I pulled away and smiled. Bringing my hand to his chest. I looked him in the eye feeling and seeing the rythm was exactly the same as  mine.


An- So, what did you think of the first meet of the pack? The cullens are coming. So please Comment. I really love them. Thanks for reading.


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once again i love it! i knw a web site yu could go to that can help yu broaden your viewing potential. its w it publishes and helps promote books.

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